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00s Supercar


Yes, the title says it all. Make a 2002-2005 supercar.
Requirements-Must cost less than $75000 with 0% markup.
-Should ideally score 90+ in the super category
-Don’t go insane on quality- +5 is the maximum you can use.
-No V16s, I don’t have a key!
-Keep PU and ET somewhat sane too, less than 225 on each please on the trim.
-Cars must be DMed to me
-Due for 14/6/2018.
Why so long? I will need lots of time to judge as this is when things get busy.
-For the model name and engine family name these should be called 00sSC-Your automation name. Trims and variants are free.
-<98RON must be used, unleaded only clearly.
-No mods.
Will be judged in this order from most to least important:
-Economy (I’d love to see an engine as economical as my 24mpg I achieved)
Here’s one of the trims that I might use for comparison- totally not a Zonda


I dont think just accepting entries from the discord is a good idea


Actually, yeah, good point. I might just use this.


A few suggestions before you open the challenge to entries:

You should allow users to PM you their cars - the discord should not be the only means of receiving submissions.

Be more specific on whether the PU/ET limits apply to the trim, engine or both.

Specify the required fuel type(s) for this challenge.

Also, I think safety should be a minor priority.

Finally, you might want to consider each car’s performance, for comparison’s sake.


I am considering performance, and if you read I am accepting forum entries.


2005 Bogliq Ungoliant



I have an entry ready and someone else has already shown their hand - but why has nobody else bothered with this challenge?

Edit: Only the title of the OP should be formatted as a heading. Too much of it here has been given that particular format.


Because the OP shouts at me and I’m scared.

I’m just swamped in other competitions right now, including my own.


What miros said, plus the fact I’m a fairly unknown forumer.


The due date is June 14. No hurry. I’ve got one, but I’ve been super swamped at work, so I’ll have 4 Sundays to fine tune it.


Haha, you changed it :slight_smile:
Sorry, didn’t want to come across as too blunt; it was a joke.

I might still compete, depends on my time in the week of the 28th.


I don’t mean the Op bit Lmao.