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00s Supercar


I know, it won’t be a huge factor, it’ll count for very little but I want to see if they’re at least usable on the road.


Hehe I’m genuinely scared to look at my build’s drivability.


I don’t mean to rush anyone


Many cars were submitted in May/June and it’s now August 2nd. Are we going to see any results?


Yeah, about that…I judged the cars ages ago and I’ve no idea what I did with the scores. I’ll get it up when I find them.
EDIT: The score sheet is packed away with everything else for when we have the kitchen done, so I’ll re-judge if I still have all the cars, if I don’t then I’ll try and find it where it’s packed away.


Also I’m not that active on the forums anymore.


Update: I might know where it is but I’ll have to dig for it when all the boxes are moved.


So the boxsterholics refers to a love of boxes and hoarding, and is not engine-related?


Lolno, we’re having the kitchen done.


It was but a silly joke.