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1440p / 2K game resolution supported?


So I recently upgraded to a 2K (2560x1440 pixels) 144Hz monitor for my pc.
I’m using this resolution as my default Windows resolution.

Now I can’t seem to get Automation running on this resolution. It seems that Automation starts in 1080p. This looks really blurry on a 1440p monitor because the amount of pixels is exactly 2 times as large as 1080p. This means 1.5x as wide and 1.5x in height. This means that each 1,5 pixel on my 1440p monitor represents 1 rendered 1080p pixel. It is not possible to light up 1,5 pixel so this gives the blurry effect while running 1080p on 1440p.

It seems that 1440p is a very common resolution nowadays and that all new games (2014+) support it, though I can’t find any other topic complaining about this problem in Automation.

At this point the only way to have a clear image on screen is by running 1080p in windowed mode. But this offcourse is not really enjoyable.

Is 1440p not supported (yet) or am I doing something wrong?


I’m running the game on a 2560x1440 pixel monitor and don’t have any issues with clarity. Are you running in borderless window mode?


It seems that switching multiple times in a row to windowed mode and back to fullscreen mode fixed the problem. (I kept trying because I was certain of 2k support this time).

I think I had to switch about 4~5 times before it worked.

Anyway thanks for the support, I am really looking forward to July the 13th :wink:


I have seen a similar issue myself before, it was really weird but also fixed itself after multiple tries… seems to get weirded out by full-sized window vs. borderless window vs. fullscreen.