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1960's Automation Earl's Court Auto Show: Polls Part 2


The Astranti Visconte SS Prototype

Fitted with a 356bhp 4.2 litre V8 mounted in the middle of the car the Visconte weighs only 1145kg and revs up to 6000rpm. Capable of 176mph and 0-62mph in under 6 seconds through a 5 speed gearbox and fitted with large disc brakes all round the Visconte in a wild ride.

Set to appear on sale in 1965 at an estimated $16500


Godhap and Whent. Seax.That’s just the beginning.

Powered by a pushrod 1.6Lt I4 producing 44Kw, reaching 140km/h and returning 8.6Km/L. Yours for 10250AMU, with Fruinian running costs of 1956AMU/year.
If you pulled the back seats out, you could probably race it… maybe…kind of… a little (very poorly)


2017! Did you travel back in time mister?


Introducing the third generation S-PB by AB Sundets Bilar…

The new and improved S-PB with a brand new engine for the 396 SS model. A 6.5L V8 that dishes out 368 horsepower and 544 Nm of torque. The innovative engine uses a three valve SOHC system and is fed with two four barrel carbs.

All this power is fed to the rear wheels through a high performance four speed manual gearbox and propels the car from 0-100km/h in just 5.8 seconds!

The first batch of S-PBs will roll out during year 1960 and the starting price for the S-PB 311 is $1475 and for the 396 SS, just $1659 (1960 dollars)!


@BobLoblaw @Dorifto_Dorito I don’t really know how to present this car in 1967, so I’m presenting it in 2017 instead for background information :stuck_out_tongue: the car will make it’s European debut at Earl’s Court Show though.


#ADM presenting 1960 line-up

ADM is proud to present their line-up of cars for 1960 :slight_smile:
This was an important year in ADM’s life because is when they started selling cars in the whole american continent.


Starting off with The Madero (second gen) it was the sports model of the lineup (before ADM started producing the FoxHound 9 years later). Inspired in european light cars, locally it went against Meliora’s '55 Olimpo and '62 Perenne. It was powered by a 2.4L l4 with a wooping 111hp.

Stats and more info

On its 3rd iteration, the Rivera passed from a curvy flow to a square shape, more oriented to premium markets. It was the first model to use the iconic Mastiff V8-

More info and stats


The new model in the family was the Quijote aimed to the middle ground markets between the luxurious Rivera and the budget Villa. It was powered by a detuned version of the Madero engine.

Info and stats

The budget entry level car of ADM.

Info and stats

######Disclaimer: These cars were designed a while ago, stats haven’t been updated :stuck_out_tongue:


Meanwhile, over at the Erin stand, we take a look at their range as it would have appeared in 1960…

The early days of the Erin Motor Company were very experimental. With quite literally no experience in making production vehicles, they made their first attempt in 1957 with the Liama, a car that was essentially a detuned prototype racer. A few years later, and they had hired a small team to develop the Erin range (just 6 people, including CEO Dominic Erin), who had begun two lines of sports cars, with a mid-range model called the Tegra and a top-of-the-end model called the Tierza.

Both were based off of the same chassis, originally an Erin Motorsport SP3-8. In practice, this sounds great, though Erin still hadn’t quite got past the whole “road car” and “not a race car” thing…

#1959 Erin Tegra

Erin’s idea of a mid-range sports car was an interior with some features and a smaller engine than their race-cars. Powered by a 2.5l V8 which produced 153 hp, the Tegra was good with performance, capable of 0-60 in 8.6 seconds and a top speed of 121 mph. It also marked the first Erin to come with a folding cloth roof!

Driving it, of course, was manic. The hard race suspension combined with with the racing-derived gearbox made it slippy and loose, though not as mad as it’s bigger brother…

#1957 Erin Tierza

This right here is one of the earliest examples of a true road-going racer. Barely any interior, slightly less power than its race car sibling and a complete lack of road-tuning. You did get a fibreglass roof to allow you to use it in the rain if you so wished, but aside from that, this was a car that would kill you if you let it.

Powered by a 3.2l V8 producing some 214 hp, the Tierza could do 0-60 in 7.4 seconds and top out at 135 mph. What really mattered though was how it behaved in the run up to that speed though; it would slide, understeer, oversteer and wheelspin all over the place, making it a lot of fun when you could control it but pretty much unusable the rest of the time.

Despite all these very clear flaws, enough of these cars sold to keep the Erin Motor Company going in the early days. A total of 166 Tierza’s and 98 Tegra’s were built at the small production facility in Nottingham, UK. Couple with the money being brought in by Erin Motorsport, and in 1961, they made their big break; the Merna and Lagana launched that year, and so began Erin’s rise to prominence.

These cars were never forgotten though; they highlighted the strong connection between motorsport and road vehicles which continues to be expressed to this day with the continued funding of and close relation to Erin[color=turquoise]Sport[/color] that the main company has.

Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]
Erin Motor Company - New Scarlet Mk 5 and Supremacy hypercar

The tegra seems to be the best balance here…


#Summary 3
Hello once more folks, and welcome back to Earls Court. Whew! Let me tell you, champagne is one very easy drink to down when you’re in the mood. I wonder if this alcoholism runs in the family…

Let’s see what’s been going down in London these past few days!

Today’s music of choice is the wild Chuck Berry with You Never Can Tell!
Absolutely NO prices for guessing what film this is from. It should be mandatory to know this frankly. If I were in power, it’d be part of the school curriculum.

LVC showed of a concept of a thing they’re calling the ‘Land Yacht’. Unsurprisingly, it is from America, and is lavishly equipped with a plush interior and powered by a hunking great 6.0l pushrod V12. The chrome may be decadent, but boy we like sitting in it. You could land a plane on that bonnet, we’re fairly sure the time zone changes from one end of the car to the next. Will this sort of massive car catch on? Pah, of course not!

Petoskey wheeled out a soon-to-be classic today in the form of the Ventnor Premium. This lavish behemoth is a relic of the old days of true luxury motoring, harboring a 9.35l V12 under its bonnet, a hand made interior and enough leather to keep 10 cowboys happy for the next decade. One of these, the one on display, was famously owned by Dominic Bambino of the Gam…sorry, Bambino crime family in the 40s. After a meteoric car chase acorss the US, it was brought down - just - after a record 1187 bullets were fired into it. What a car!

Another car from [Cornaldie]9http://discourse.automationgame.com/t/1960s-automation-earls-court-auto-show-day-5/20534/53?u=deusexmackia) was the stunning Bonkers 195 GT. We’re not too sure about the name, but the styling is most certainly approved by us; it’s a classic 30s aerodynamic coupe affair, yet underneath, it’s thoroughly modern. 4 Bar Carbs, massive 17" wheels and double wishbone suspension put this right at the cutting edge. Truly a beautiful blend of old and new.

Rennen gave us a glimpse of one of these new damn-fangled supercars, called the Kusanagi. Powered by a 3.0l V6 that produces 223 hp, it’ll do 0-60 in ~6 seconds and tops out at 150 mph. We can expect it in 1967, by which time it’ll be as fast as the fastest cars from today. We can’t wait for the days when those looks are a standard of sports cars too. I mean for god’s sake, just look at it!

A challenger to that style crown came from Astranti with the Visconte SS Prototype, which is even more powerful than the Kusanagi, with a 4.2l mid-mounted V8 that is good for 356 hp. Its smooth, angular body means it’ll top out at 170+ mph at the top end, which will make it the fastest car in the world upon release…as in, 5 years from now.

G&W gave us a weirdly low quality image of their new family car, the Seax. The cute mini-sedan looks to be a cheap and cheerful runabout for the every man, sporting charming looks and an entire 60 horse powers! That 4 speed manual is certainly a big plus, and should make it quite fun to drive with any luck.

AB Sundets Bilar gave us the Mk 3 S-PB, which some are calling a “muscle-car”. Packing a 6.5l V8, 544 Nm of torque and 400 metric tons of chrome, this menacing coupe might be a little divisive with its looks but will no doubt impress everyone with its huge amount of power and sheer sense of grandeur.

ADM annoucned their line up for this year, announcing that they will now be selling cars across the American continent for the first time. The new Madero entry-level sports car and Rivera luxury sedan really took main prominence, both being praised for their new and modern styling. We certainly look forward to seeing how the Madero stacks up against European sports cars in its class.

Alongside this stood the new family cars from ADM, the Quijote and Villa. Although we won’t see them here in the UK, there’s no denying that they carry similar values of practicality, usability and reliability that we expect on such vehicles here in this country. The extra chrome of these American cars (because more is, of course, always better) set them apart from rival European models.

Finally, Le Mans racers-turned-road car maker Erin showed off their two current sports cars, which are availible on a made-to-order basis and are…well, quite bare by modern standards…

That does it for today’s round-up! We’ll be back again next week as we continue to see what the 60s will be brining us in the world of the automobile. Cheerio for now!

- Gordon Anderson


The rest of the IMP/Monolith portfolio:

The smallest and oldest car, the Teuton, that had been a critical success in mainland Europe now goes into its 6th year of production with a small facelift to adopt the elliptic headlamps of the larger cars. Price for the entry level Teuton 130 is £885.

The new family car by IMP to broaden our market presence, simply called the Europa. It features a brand new range of short-stroke, overhead camshaft four cylinder engines with up to 100bhp in the 1900S model. The price for the basic 1500 model is expected to start around £1200, and an Estate variant is about to follow soon.

The second generation of our L6 Flagship, the unibody chassis has been improved with a DeDion-tube rear axle and a thoroughly modern bodyshape with improved rear leg- and headroom and standard Kalt-Wert air conditioning. The familiar 3.8 Litre Inline 6 has been tuned to 190bhp, while the GM Hydramatic transmission remains unaltered.
The L6 costs £4484.

The M120 is the short-wheelbase version of the innovative M110, and also available with smaller 2.3 Litre engines, a 100bhp Petrol engine and an all new four-stroke Diesel with 65bhp.


The next day LVC presented its sports car that that will come out in 1961.
It’s called Parrot. The name is silly we know, but the car is meants to be a sports car for the masses.
The engine is a 2.1 liter inline 4, 8 valves, the engineers managed to get 100 hp out of the engine.
Power is sent to the rear wheels via a 4 speed manual gearbox, top speed of the car is 190 km/h and it can do 0-60 in 9.5 seconds. The statis may not be the best, but we think that this car is the best for the young car enthusiast who just got its driving license.


Love that front grille design


#MBS at Earls Court 1960:

Hello! Good Day and welcome to the MBS Stand! Here today is out current lineup of cars and a new concept car that we would like to show!

#MBS Monaco: Luxury Made Affordable!
So here is the new facelifted MBS Monaco! This new model features new premium leather seats, a sparkling new phonograph, silky smooth 3 speed automatic transmission and a comfortable ride. The car may be powered by a measly 1.0L i3, but speed doesn’t matter when everyone is stuck in gridlock and you’re in your car sipping your finest wine. And at only £4,000 this car is affordable for even the working class man!

#MBS Valiant: The Car for the People!
The MBS Valiant is the true car for the British public! At only £3,450, this first rate automobile is not only economical, but reliable, something that cannot be said for other British car manufacturers! Inside, you are greeted to standard interior, nothing fancy here, but look closer and you will find a that the car has not just one, but two disk brakes, something unheard of in this era. Not only that, the car has advanced safety features making this car one of the safest automobile on the road! The Valiant currently comes in 4 trims, two of which are are on display today, the 1.7L i6 Sedan and Estate, although a much smaller 1.0L i3 is also available!
Sedan i6 (Brilliant Blue)

Estate i6(Rose Red)

#MBS Vole Concept: The Car for the Future City!
And now for something completely revolutionary, the MBS Vole Concept! The brains behind this marvel of engineering is Jaqcues Bourcet from our good old friends France! This new Vole is what he describes as a ‘Supermini’. Yes this car is just as small as the Mini Cooper, faster, more powerful, more spacious and much more reliable than the Mini Cooper. So watch out for this one for it will be here soon probably! (OOC The MBS Vole Arrives in 1966…much later than anticipated)


Luke Sinistra raced towards the Earl’s Court auto show, the sharp scream of his car’s engine echoing around him. Unlike most American cars, the engine note this car was sporting was that of a V6, with single-overhead cams and multiple valves.

Looking for a spot as he approached Earl’s Court, he found one, then violently threw the car into the parking space, in a huge cloud of tire smoke. Many, many years later, that act would have been classified as drifting, but in this time, there was no such term for it, other than someone being stupid behind the wheel.

He shut the growly V6 down, opened the door on his car, grabbed his cane, and stepped out. Appearing to be in his mid-40’s, with long light-gray hair and a beard, Luke Sinistra seemed no different up close than anyone else. He looked through his glasses with sharp, ice-blue eyes, standing six-foot-four as he looked around the venue.

Luke opened the trunk of his car, taking out a bundle of fabric and a few poles, as well as a weight that was a little-too-heavy for a normal 40-year-old man to be lifting comfortably, though he managed with ease. Within minutes, he had a banner up over the car, the Sinistra Aerocoupe.

“This,” he said, his voice carrying surprisingly far, “is the Sinistra Aerocoupe. An American car from an American company, but carrying few typical American traits. Most American cars have a big V8, some 350 to 400+ cubic inches, with way too much power going to the rear wheels to even be sensible. They sit on leaf springs or coil springs out back, on a solid rear axle that provides a ride quality you’d expect in a truck. They get fuel efficiencies barely over 7 miles per gallon, and they slug down super-leaded fuel like an old drunk and his whiskey.”

“So how is our car different? We have a 170 horsepower V6 mated to a four-speed manual gearbox, and semi-trailing arm rear suspension. The front of our car rests on sporty double-wishbone suspension, which means you have fully-independant suspension. Our V6 has a displacement of 3.5 liters, or 213 cubic inches, so it’s big, but not massive. And, it will do almost 20 miles per gallon of regular leaded fuel. Mind you, this is with your fancy DCOE carburettors, nothing tricky from the United States here.”

“But why stop there? We somewhat know the future, we can see the end of Leaded Gasoline approaching. So we’ve done things to prepare. We’ve hardened the valve seats, so she’ll be fine when lead is banned. We’ve left a little breathing room in how close the fueling tolerances are, so that you can still drive it when they take the lead away. Why? Because we know you would be very annoyed if you spent this much on a car only to find out you can’t drive it anymore.” Luke said.

“So, what other features have we brought to the market? By now, you’ve all noticed the center glass panel in the roof. We’d like to say it has practical merit, but really, it’s great for letting some light in. I suppose you could say it’s our way of telling you to look toward the future.”

With all the formalities out of the way, Luke opened the hood and let the crowd get a good look at the engine.

“Most importantly, this car is for the 1960’s market, and goes on sale this year. We hope you enjoyed seeing it here. Now, I’ll be here for only a couple days, and this is the only car we’re unveiling, but I will answer questions, if they’re asked intelligently.”


Good day! As a reminder this is the SECOND TO LAST DAY of the show! If you’ve got something to show, now would be the perfect time! :slight_smile:


I’ve found the thread right now… Damn… It will be for the next time.


Sadly if there is a next time, it will be set in the 70s, so there might not be anywhere to post 60s cars


Astranti Obscuro 4.8 SS

The Obscuro had started in development after the Visconte but we kept the engine in the usual placement. With a 4.8 litre V12 boasting 365bhp at 6000rpm gives racing car speed, whilst you sit in comfort.

The interior is fitted with 2 rich black leather seats, wooden dashboard with an aluminium centre console and speedometer right infront of the driver. A sleek body allows the Obscuro to travel up to 179mph and independent suspension all round prevents the snap oversteer, that was prominent in the Visconte.

Set to park along the French Riviera in 1967 for $16300.


Petoskey is not done yet, in fitting with the trend of Nuclear-powered concepts (Which every other manufacturer has by now dismissed as unfeasible) Petoskey Motors is proud to unveil the Isotope Concept:

While other manufacturers focus on Nuclear power for their cars, we are designing ours to run on the awesome power of Antimatter! That is, once we figure out how to create and store the stuff.


AND Today is the last day. If you have anything post it now! Technically yesterday was the second to last day, Im just an idiot and i though it was the 7th yesterday, but today is actually the last day…so tomorrow the polls shall begin!