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1973 Rally di Fruinia [C5-Stage1]


that’s fair enough, just wanted full understanding of the reason of the choice


For the 1600cc max category, from quick play arounds with different bodies I don’t think it’s possible to reach the min weight limit using a realistic body eg: Escort, Datsun, Manta etc without breaking the interior and safety rules.


Thank you for flagging that. I did make a test mule in that category and that worked out.

I’ll experiment further tonight.

Can you share the weight you end up on?


710KG with the morphs stretched fully on the Datsun Coupe (which is what I want for the design but others may not).

Edit: Also I’m guessing that anyone that will be using the 240Z body for something like an E-Type of Maserati Mistral might also struggle to get up to the min weight for their class.


That’s very low. I’ll check it out tonight and see what can be done to amend the classes if needed.


Do we have to apply for numbers, or do we simply… apply numbers?

EDIT: I bags
286, 386, and ummm, 486🤓


It seems safe to make a post here claiming the number. I shall add it to the OP.


545 and 30 for me, pls.


I’ll take number 11, 111, 420, and 998.



I’m using the Ford Escort Mk1/2 body, utilising a Boxer 6 for the C5 (over 2001cc) class. With the requirements for interior and safety (even with heaviest panels and chassis materials and 0 quality on ALL of the sliders), I am only able to get 938kg.


I’ll take numbers 836 or 811, 812, 813, 820, 825 or 845.


Thanks. I might have to settle for plan B then. Probably the performance will be less homogenous among classes then. I will have to be more strict on plausible design, to ensure no min-maxxing.


I’ll take number 204 then.


Will be taking 711.

Edit: By the way, how much are you all budgeting your entries? I don’t know about you guys, I really don’t know how much a private team would spend on a rally car in the early 70’s. I am just inching 12k on the car (the modified one).


Am bored lol


I would like to take number “049”

Also… SBA decided to participate as factory team car with homologation spec (matched with lore)
Currently under tuning from the standard.

  • Driver and co-driver: Armin Siegler (Driver), Christopher Weiss (Navigator)

SBA Gracelet Swift Gr2 (C3 class Entry No.49)

SBA Motorsports would like to present our Gracelet Swift Factory Team Car, the little red hot chilli that will leave its mark.

Oh, I’ve forgotten to tag @Private_Miros as I edited my post for update rather than create a new reply (for less cluttering), here are details to be written down as my entry. (no.49, C3 class, SBA - Gracelet Swift Gr2)

SBA Gracelet Swift Gr2 (Homologation car)

SBA Gracelet Swift Gr2


I’d like to take the numbers “08”, “72”, and “91”.


if anyone is interested, mega-wide flares and stupidly high wheel offset helped my cars get really fat.


I’d like to claim 777, 86 and 99 please!


I will take 13, 26, 36, 59, 69 and 106