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1973 Rally di Fruinia [C5-Stage1]


This should be entertaining…

G&W are trying to validate the existence of their racing programme.
2 Factory backed privateers #286 & #386
G&W Factory team in #486
And “something else” to be revealed later. I’m looking at you, Sinistra Motors.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!


While I am waiting for the regulations to stabilize before making a decision on the cars, I would like to reserve numbers 75, 76 and 765. The first two numbers will be a factory team, the third a meme private entry

yes it’s a ridge racer reference shut up


I would like to claim 22


I shotgun 69

Edit: aww someone already took it


I claim 16, 47, 150, 343, 388, and 666

(and before anyone asks I’m using cars from three companies this time around!)


Suggestion for weight rules (wheel sizes adapted as well). This is kind of the other extreme…

C0 up to 750 cm3

maximum tire width of 135mm

minimum weight: no limit

C1 up to 1150 cm3

maximum tire width of 145mm

minimum weight: no limit

C2 from 1151 cm3 to 1300 cm3

maximum tire width of 165mm

minimum weight: 700kg

C3 from 1301 cm3 to 1600 cm3

maximum tire width of 185mm

minimum weight: 780kg

C4 from 1601 cm3 to 2000 cm3

maximum tire width of 205mm

minimum weight: 840kg

C5 over 2001 cm3

maximum tire width of 225mm

minimum weight: 980kg

C6 over 3501 cm3

maximum tire width of 265mm

minimum weight: 1120kg


I’ll take 291, 970, 87, 353, 423, 099, and 232, please.

Time for me to actually style some good cars.


I would take 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55 and 56


that is more inline with the bodies available and the safety restrictions. the original weight limits along with the other rules pretty much prohibited smaller cars from C1-C4.

Also, why no 98 RON? is it due to lore based restrictions?


Not generally commercially available in all countries where the bigger rally championship is held.

(Also, I don’t think many would use Regular 91 or Unleaded if 98 RON was available.)


I’ll take #78 and #50. Can’t wait to get an entry in.


50 has been taken.


Oh, ok. Guess I didn’t see the post almost directly above me. Anyways, I’ll take 42.


099 / 99 has been taken as well.


that’s fair


I would like numbers 900-906.


I would like to enter under 09.


I would like to take 64-68 please.

@Private_Miros Just how modified from the production variant can the race car be? Are we talking swap out to total race cam spec, headers and DCOE’s as well as additional quality to the top end (but not spam to the top end)

Or should it be kept sedate? I am building some Lore spec LHE cars for the C4 class (using an OHV iron block engine) and just wanted to clarify a few things before I invest much more time into it.


You’re quite free, so you can race tune it completely. Again, keep in mind, usable power is the most important on those back roads and gravel tracks.


Thanks, I understand, and part of my inspiration for this actually comes from the Rootes Group run Sunbeams, I had actually re-built a Rootes 1725 using the cam spec and carb choice used by the factory race teams, it was a very interesting engine to drive as the power only came on above 3000rpm with a 6,000 sugested redline.