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1973 Rally di Fruinia [C5-Stage1]


Can I take the Numbers 395, 574 and 575? I will have the cars up tomorrow


do we have to submit it the road going model as well?


No, but pointing out the lore is appreciated (you can also send the lore model for information purposes for example).


that was what i was hoping for!

cuz my cars are lore-based, but i like to build comp cars separate to minimize confusion


I would like to reserve 07 and 014


I’ve gone for a complete engine swap…something akin to the Austin Metro -> 6R4…but I couldn’t fit the engine in the back.

Is this viable?


It’s certainly not banned, but unlikely to get full points for technical consistency considering the time period and the historic rally cars.


Can I reserve 999 and 911 and 112


Sorry. I wanted 9, not 7. My bad.


09/009 is already taken.


Can I reserve 026 and 087?


No, taken, see second post of the thread.


May I reserve 084 and 454?


i’d like to reserve 29, 35 and 46 please.


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1973 Empress E110 SRS Rally

1973 Duchess D30 30x Rally

Empress Driver & Codriver

David Mathews
Emerton Mathews

Duchess Driver & Codriver

Saito Kabuta
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Right…I’m taking 60, then.


(May I reserve 109?)

Three years after the first Turbina car rolled off the assembly line, founder Karol Zvolanek fled communist Slovakia for greener pastures with his buddies. He learned of the Rally di Fruinia, and thought it would be a good opportunity to build publicity for Turbina. His personal Turbina 2000 sedan was tricked out with higher suspension, lightened bumpers, larger wheels, foglights, angry orange paint, and more. It was still slow, making only about 20 extra horsepower, and handled awful on rough roads, but Karol had already sunk enough money into the 2000 and decided to roll with it. His co-driver would be his close friend and fellow Slovak, Tomas Stoch.
(Not sure if real countries fit lore-wise but eh)



Vehicle fits in C4 with an unreliable 2 liter 4 cylinder making a pitiful 109 horsepower (I swear this has nothing to do with the racing number).


I would like to reserve the number 39, if at all possible. As for the car, well, I’m still working on it a bit, but with its 3.9 liter engine, it’s obvious what class it’ll be in.

Scratch that, I just double-checked and my Sinistra Traville is from 1974 in Generation 1. With no cars lore-wise worthy of running, I withdraw.

Yes, even though I could go for the 662ci Sinistra Savage, the FWD muscle-car, I won’t. Why throw it in the pile when it won’t make it through qualification?

Ah, hell, why not? Gimme #662 and I’ll throw the 1973 Sinistra Savage 662 MCI at you.


I’ve been insta-binned twice from CSR rounds for understyling my cars…

I think I’ve gone a bit ridiculous with a rear-engined, boxer-four-powered French Fiat 126.

C0 - 1973 Mouton Cherie 750 R (CV10ER)



I take 700 to 706 then