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1973 Rally di Fruinia [C5-Stage1]


Team Savage

Driver: Luke Sinistra
Co-Driver: Mark Jasper

Class: C6 (Only one it could fit into)

Car: 1973 Sinistra Savage 662 MCI

With a brutal 662 cubic inch ‘big block’ under the hood, the Savage is Sinistra’s FWD muscle car. Built on the same platform as the 1969 Savage Sedan, which itself was built on the platform of the 1966 Savage coupe and convertible, this car has some rally heritage in its blood. Where from? The 1965 Savage Concept in the 1966 Great Archanian Trek, which the '66 Savage Coupe was built from. As it did well there, Luke felt no need to beat around the bush, instead choosing the latest technology, whether it’s a good idea or not.

With the factory experimental Mechanical Fuel Injection System, will the Savage surge to the top, or drown in fuel-induced nightmares?

Cult of Personality [LORE] [FINAL RESULTS]

Intel called. They want their CPUs back. :stuck_out_tongue:


See if you can work out the number of the fourth car…:smirk:




Clearly, your fourth, fifth, and sixth cars will be 287, 387, and 487, after the math co-processors.


I’d like to reserve numbers 750-755 por favor.


I’d also like to claim 83, 85 and 98 please!


Some teasers of the preparation that the #76 Hugi is currently undergoing…


I CLAIM THE following numbers: 123, 456, 789, 289, 247, 360, 720


At least check those already claimed before CLAIMING them…

They are listed in the second post of this thread.


Full company lineup coming soon >:D


@Private_Miros also i updated me numbers and they apper to be all good


Ardent Motorsports

C4 class - 1973 Ardent Sentinel EuroRally

The C4 class entry for Ardent was based on a Euro-spec Sentinel L coupe, with the 2.0 liter Aurora single-cam engine. A bit of work was done to warm up the engine, and a special gearbox was installed, along with other minor changes.

C5 class - 1973 Ardent Sentinel 329 GT Rally

The C5 class entry for Ardent was based on a US-spec Sentinel GT sedan, with the 329 Taurus OHV V8. A bit of work was done to warm up the engine, and a special gearbox was installed, along with other minor changes.

C6 class - 1973 Ardent Chesapeake 333 GT Rally

The C6 class entry for Ardent was based on a US-spec Chesapeake GT hardtop, with the Toledo Triple Three Super T/A. A special gearbox was installed, along with other minor changes. The engine, however, had no special work done; this was the same engine that was installed in certain limited edition production vehicles in 1972 and 1973.

(The Suzumes will be coming later…)


(Oh look, it’s later)

Suzume Motor Manufacturing Industries

C0 Class - Suzume Ebi Kei 500 Concept

The C0 entry for Suzume is a Kei car concept built to accommodate speculated upcoming government changes to engines. No longer limited to 360cc, this model makes use of a whopping 500cc inline-three.

C1 Class - Suzume Kitami Rally Special

First released in 1965, the Suzume Kitami is the manufacturer’s interpretation of the “National Car” class. With a 995 cc engine modified for the rally, Suzume hopes to do well with this particular model.

C3 Class - Suzume Hosho 1.6RS B-Spec

Suzume’s small sport sedan, the Hosho, received a number of engine options around this time period. While the GS version was a 2.9 liter six cylinder, a smaller displacement “homologation” version, known as the B-spec, was built with a 1.6 liter Tsushima flat-four SOHC motor.

(C2 class is empty… for now.)


I would like to reserve numbers 60, 61, 62, & 63 if they are still available. Thanks in advance.


Looks like we’ll get to finally see if the FWD muscle car can best the RWD one, or whether Ardent’s Chesapeake GT can outrun the Savage 662.


Damn, just when I am having computer troubles. I’d love to enter, hopefully can get it sorted before the end date… :S


Oh, that will be a no brainer. The Savage will win that any day. Lol… the Chesapeake looks like it’s going to be an unruly beast to handle. I actually think my C4 entrant is going to be the best of the Ardents. And it’s going to be a tossup between the C4 Ardent and C3 Suzume for best of my cars.


I hate interrupting, but…there’s nothing saying Vega won’t enter the muscle car fight :wink:

So you two better bring it


Go for it, I’ve got 662 cubic inches worth of V8 sitting on the drive wheels.