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1973 Rally di Fruinia [C5-Stage1]


I can already predict C3 and C4 will be the most close fought affair. I will have to drop a few cars there that I probably would have liked to have driven the whole rally long :scream:


Can I please reserve 010, 101, and 777?


As you can see in the overview in the OPs, 777 has been taken


Ack sorry, didn’t see it there when I looked last. Can I have 888 instead then please.


i’ll take the numbers 396, 533, and 997.


also, can i reserve 82, please


Could I reserve 88. got a couple days where I can finish the first WST post and still have time to slighly modify my Viva for this :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to reserve 70, 77 and 707


hope the first post goes with a bang


I think… I do know that reference…


The Toramania Rennen team, led by the technical director P. Lahm (the former pilot who had participated in the fruinia rally 20 years ago) announces his participation in the 1973 Rally with the development, approved for the C0 class, derived from the model 265 of the TMW.
The crew will be composed of the pilot Peter Figl and the navigator Franz Puch.

the base models

the competition variant

p.s. the race number is indicative may be changed at the discretion of the race director



In the year 1966 a small company was founded in Garcia - a small South American country, full of poverty and need for a reliable small car to convey the poor quality back roads, often made of gravel. The company that emerged was Garcian Motors Incorporated - GMI. By the end of 1966 they had released their first car - the GMI - 400, it had a 400cc flat four driving the front wheels. Little did the company know the car had become an instant hit by the young gents of the back country thrashing their GMI’s just like their Rally Idols.

In 1970 the company attracted the attention of LLA a Large British company know for making relatively affordable yet sport and fun cars. The company instantly set about creating a more modern 1100cc Flat four to place in the car to make it appeal to the British market but instead developed it into their own model. Then in 1972 a decision was made to enter rally spec variants of both cars into the 1973 Rally di Fruinia.

LLA also had another car in the works, using a classic tactic of LLA - Racing Engine in an unexpected chassis, the LLA S130RS was born…

Present Day - 1973

(Note the back of the last car is meant to have a plastic section, however the exporter failed to export it properly, maybe @Private_Miros will have a little more success with it.)


That mod grill doesn’t export indeed.


At least you know it’s there, just means the full aesthetic of the car may not be shown in posts of the actual Rally, I may take some pics in photomode if I come round to it to show what it would look like.


I can still see it in Automation, so I know how it should look :slight_smile:

And really cannot get the same effect with one of the standard trim pieces either, yet it’s pretty simple in a way.


Still working on something, but I’d like to sit on the numbers 689 through 694.


Well thanks for trying, It doesn’t really matter too much anyway as it has no real function other than being a plate holder.

Anyway I still think I put a few quirky details on the car, such as the tow point on the rear, the kill switch and fuel warning, tho I wish I had put wipers on it - guess the co-driver will have to carry a spray bottle and a rag…


It seems the newly released Viva has sprung the attention of motorsports fans all over. Their Rallye & VSi packages have spawned a mini-crusade as they flood the British Rally & British Saloon Car Championships, though one man has his eyes on something greater. Tasos Michelakakis, a well known European Rally driver & 1971 Rally Portugal winner, has raised attention that he and Brooklands Motorsports shall be preparing a Bramhall Viva for the Rally Di Fruinia. Whilst Bramhall themselves will have no part in the modifications, they seem to be supportive of the programme. John Parsons, co-owner of Bramhall, had this to say.

“We admire and respect the bravery that Tasos Michelakakis has to send himself into the extremely competitive Rally Di Fruinia. Whilst we will not be directly supporting this project, we have all faith that Michelakakis will represent our brand and our core values whilst standing strong in the face of adversity.”

Whilst we are unsure of what Brooklands has in store for the Greek driver, his credentials are worth their weight in gold. A well experienced and cool headed individual, he is fluent in three languages (Greek, English, & Portuguese) and is known through southern Europe thanks to his national escapades. He came close to winning Rally Portugal & Rally spain in the 1971 European Rally Championship, but poor reliability in the latter cost him the chance. He finished 4th overall that year, and has since finished 2nd at both Rally Spain and the Tour De France last year. He had this to say.

“I don’t expect miracles. My previous car has had many hours poured into it, and I know this rally is one of the most competitive in Europe. Only the World Rally is more competitive, and even then it is close.”

We wish those involved in the project good luck, and a safe trip through the Fruinian lands.


The Lagau Motorsport Division was founded in 1970. Its founder,also it’s main racing driver, Mirkelo Assimi, said that joining the Fruinian rally will be an impossible feat. Nonetheless, they decided to enter a Vuelta sportscar in the running. Joining Mirkelo in the C5 class is Co-driver Edward Frederson, a former 2-time champion rally driver.

For some reason, they decided that going with a midship 6 cylinder car would be a good choice of weapon.
The modified version has a rudimentary mechanical fuel injection rather than carbueretors. This make up over
217 horsepowers. For added control and variance over surfaces, a manual locker diff has been added. This can be engaged when the going gets tough. The car has been simplified and has removed all assists and its signature hydropneumatic signature for a conventional suspension


I’d like to reserve 21, 24, and 25 please.