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1973 Rally di Fruinia [C5-Stage1]


Damn I wanted to use 911 generation numbers!


Can I have #321 and #4, please?


Please can i have 433, 432 and 431


RAI (Re-badged Asian Imports) was an effort by a few Chinese manufacturers to compete with Japanese marques in the extremely limited Australian market (don’t ask me why they’d try, they just did). One of their offerings was the Lyrebird, powered by a 1300cc EDIT:1200cc I4 with Mechanical Fuel Injection. In road-going trim, it developed a whole 31Kw on 91 octane (this was 10 years before we even had unleaded in Australia), enough to make highway speed, but not much more.

With the opening of the 73 rally season, a dedicated version was revealed to the world. Fitted with a much lumpier cam, tube exhaust with no muffler or cat, and the dizzy wrenched around HARD, it made north of 60Kw, and sounded like a chainsaw on speed when pushed. RAI entered the car in the Rally di Fruinia in class C2, with Egyptian Sand-buggy racer Yadouin Maheddin as driver, and Sam Wanneltz as co-driver/navigator.

EDIT: There were also stiffer, single-tube dampers, and wider tyres on bigger wheels with a truck-load of offset.


Needs moar lights. :wink:


I would like to reserve the number 23 since it seems not to be taken yet.


Phew. Good thing the deadline is far away because i have only a few cars I could adapt for rally. The other ones I would have to make a brand new car, then modify it (if I want to cover all the classes)

Could you save the 251-256 numbers for me in the meantime, please? I’ll try to submit the lowest classes ASAP

Also another question: should I send the .car files as I finish them or all together at once?


Can I reserve 15, 44, 249 and 310 please


Apparently, people really, really like this little “Purple Devil” that I built. Well, for those of you who liked the Cherie, I’ve got another Mouton in the works. (And that car’s gonna be rear-engined, too; it’s a Mouton tradition, along with boxer engines, tiny compacts, under-2-liter engine sizes, and purple racing colors.)


I may or may not be deliberately uncompetitive, but can you spot the clues?


Really? A racing diseasel? In the 70’s? Good luck with that. :yum:


Send it, send it now.


I’m afraid I don’t fully understand that. Can I submit one car for C0 and one for C1, or do I have to choose just one class? For example, can I make a 700cc car (for C0) and a 1100cc car (for C1)?


You can make a 700cc car for C0 and an 1100cc car for C1, or a 700cc for C0, and another 700cc car for C1. Same with the C5 and C6. You can have a 5000cc car in C5, you just have to have thinner tires.

You don’t have to enter every class, you are free to do so.


I’ve fixed my computer, so I’ll be entering the following (and editing this post with my entries as I complete them) :

C0 - Bechov B1132 (#95)
Based on the diminutive Bechov B1132, this car represents what ordinary people can achieve by working together in socialist harmony. It has removed overweight and luxury items (for example, wind-down windows), while some modest engine encouragement increased power and torque and surpassed their previous achievements in the stock model by 50 percent. The B1132 Rally car will display to the world the success and talent of Bechov and the glorious socialist peoples.

C1 - Bechov E2144 (#80)
For provision of transport, the Bechov E2144 is the standard offering for the majority of hard working families. Utilising the original 1.1L four cylinder engine, this race designated vehicle will show practicality can exist alongside competitiveness.

C2 - Epoch M20 Falconeer Concept (#040)
What better way to introduce a brand new model to the world than through competing in a renound international event, such as the Rally do Fruinia, which is exactly what Epoch proposes with their entry in the C2 class. The Epoch M20 line has always been associated with spirited performance and an engaging driver experience, but the new M20 Falconeer leaves all precious models in the dust. Whilst engine choices and trim have yet to be officially announced, this rally-focused entry will be powered by an advanced and race-bred 1.3L four cylinder engine.

C3 - Epoch M20 Maxi B1500 (#94)
A left field entry from a left field model, the M10 Maxi B1500 is bound to be an unusual sight on the racetrack. This wagon is powered by a race prepped version of the road-car’s 1.5L four cylinder engine, producing almost 65 HP/L, and a suspension tune that should let the car shine on rougher tracks.

C4 - Epoch M10 Maxi A2000s (#101)
The M10 A2000s epitomises the small car, large engine ethos. Taking the A1500s and replacing the 1.5L four cylinder with a 2L straight six in a car that weighs under 1000kg has led to something not to be taken lightly. Where the B1500 has been focused of performing on all manner of surfaces, the A2000s is definitely more at home on a designated racetrack.

C5 - Epoch Artemus 3000 Mk2 (#010)
1973 saw Epoch re-release the Epoch Artemus 3000 as a Mk2 variant with some minor updates, this time world-wide. This release fortunately coincided with the Rally di Fruinia, and thus this rally version was born. Pushing its 3L V8 to the limit of reliable power, this mid-engined sports car boasts a 0-100km/h time of less than 5.5 seconds. Whilst it’s road-going performance is without question, this will be the first time the car competes in a rally-style event. Carrying with it the reputation of Epoch, the whole company waits with baited breath to see how it stacks up against the competition.

C6 - Epoch M30 Regalis Rex (#181)
totally expect this car to literally crash and burn and end up in a flaming fireball of fire


Alright, one more number to reserve… 130


I would like to reserve 576, 577, 578 and 579.


The year is 1973 and in this year we have a long awaited Rally di Frunia. SW Motors is a car company founded in 1954 in Canada. This is their first ever rally, so hopes aren’t very high.

Here are the cars with picuteres:

In the lowest class C0 we have a tiny car name Nugget. It is small and nimble but it doesnt have a lot of power. It will be driven by a rookie Adam Gates beside codriver Tyler Powell, both are British. Car will have a number #529.

SW Nugget Rally

Moving on to class C2 it is the Azur. Nothing special really. With a number #528 it will be driven by a Japanese driver Yasuda Sotaro and a finnish codriver Ralf Viitala.
SW Azur Rally

In class C3 we have a lot more intresting Okta. Fully rally spec build. Famous driver James Mitchell will drive this car and he will have a codriver Philip Woods. Car will have number #530
SW Okta Rally

And in the highest class C6 its Kong a green giant. Driver will be a female Emily Walker and a codriver Leo Barnes. They will have number #532
SW Kong Rally

*sorry for bad english i am not native english speaker.


I’d also like to reserve #12, please.


Hello a newcomer would like to reserve #03 and #31