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1973 Rally di Fruinia [C5-Stage1]


I’m reserving #127 (Eagle 126R [C0]), #126 (Eagle 126 [C1]) and #214 (Eagle 204 [C2]) for now.


265’s in 1973??? (Not that’s I’m complaining)

Also, I’ll reserve 663, 664, and 665


Actually I changed my mind, I also want 964, 993, and 996

One car for every class (just want to cause myself pain :slight_smile:)


Keystone Motor Corporation

Keystone enters a single oddball entry into the C2 class. This is a R1300 Savant hatchback (performance trim of the B1300), first released in 1972. 1973 would also be the last year the 1300 Savant engine was available, as the release of the new 1400 Savant was on the horizon, to go into the 1974 facelift. The engine has been significantly retuned by the factory for competition, and a special 5-speed transmission fitted (production models wouldn’t gain a 5 speed option until '75).


Just a quick question, can the car body be older like a 1965 year instead of 70 or 73


There no limit. Neither body/trim or engine/variant can be after '73 obviously, but for the rest you are free.


I’ve changed the numbers I’d like to reserve, the numbers now are: 836, 811, 812, 813, 820, 825 and 835.


Ok thanks




835 I mean, sorry!


The Brave Little Jalopies - Prologue

a.k.a how I feel designing cars in Automation all the time (also, I have no idea how to put a strikethrough in text here - anyone know how?)

Lots of text

The amber overhead light clashed sickly with the room’s black-and-white walls, and the clock stayed stuck at fourteen. But that mattered little to the man sitting at his ‘thinking desk’, a dark-grey table snowed in with crumpled pieces of paper. He muttered and grumbled as he scrawled another design of a tiny car onto the paper before him. But nothing but blob after illegible blob seemed to come forth to him, even as he ran his left hand through his scruffy brown hair. The numbing pain in his right hand seemed even less worth the trouble of trying to become artistic for an event which barely existed in his eyes.

"C'mon, hand..." he grumbled as he crushed the paper in his slender fingers. "Work with me. Gimme something other than this junk." 

But as he went to pick another page from his paper stack, he heard a pair - no, two pairs of footsteps clopping towards him. He was about to open the door when it burst ajar to let two more figures into the room. The first one in was a brown-haired man about a foot shorter than himself and clothed in tatty, white-and-brown garments. The second was a black-haired woman about a head taller than her companion, and wore a stiff black business suit with a small black skirt. 

"How about next time you two come in, you actually knock and ask for my permission inside instead of busting my door down?" the 'artist' asked.

"Well, then, John," the woman spat bitterly, "explain _this_."

She held up a newspaper titled "Il Gazetta di Fruinia" and pointed her black-gloved finger at the headline, which read in Italian, "Mouton, Aviator, KZNG, Fauxhill, and Gatz Entering Rally of '73."

"Well, of course, Mouton would want to enter their little cars into a rally," John replied. "Why wouldn't they? You know as well as I do that their rear-engined hot-rods are mighty fast on dirt, Joan. You've driven one of them before."

"But what about the others?" the short man inquired in a squeaky voice as he stared at John through his damaged round glasses. "I thought KZNG and Gatz didn't have any interest in entering rallies in faraway lands, let alone entering them."

"Oh, believe me, Drift-Bash," John remarked as he walked back to his desk, "you'd be amazed what people will do to get their products noticed."

Both Joan and Drift-Bash stared at John curiously. 

"Well, what ­are you planning on doing with your companies?" Joan asked. "This doesn't have anything to do with your little 'friends' in your circle of oddballs, right?"

"Hey, I didn't say that those companies were mine; I might have helped found them all, but they're under the control of other people now," John replied. "And believe me, the Jalopies will love this."

"Yeah, right; they'd totally love to get another chance at wrapping themselves around a tree at 150 miles per hour in your overpowered coffins," Joan deadpanned. 

"Well, some of them are pretty skilled; it's not like they'd be hopeless. And anyway, if they can't be drivers, I'm sure that a few of them can navigate well enough for the regular factory drivers." 

"Maybe so, but there's no way that Gatz or KZNG would've entered without you doing something fishy," Drift-Bash said. "And don't brush it off with a--"

"You'll just have to wait and see, guys," John remarked with a sly grin as he began drawing another car. "You'll just have to wait and see."

And with that, the room fell into silence, save for the buzzing lightbulb and John's rough scribbling of another boxy little car. 



The German car factory was founded in 1963, and in 1973 as their 10th anniversary present they made an in house racing team the RRS (Rally und RennSport). And as a ultimate test they decided to enter in the famous Rally di Fruinia.

C1 - Schwarzburg R1 RRS #3
Driver: Heikki Lehtonen FIN (21)
CO Driver: Axel Kaiser GER (29)

C4 - Schwarzburg Ghul RRS #31
Driver: Marcel Scholz GER (31)
CO Driver: Markus Meissner AUT (30)


Tiny Car
Big World

TIny Motor Cars Inc. has been serving the UK with it’s 750, 1100, and 1300 models since 1955. Now we’ve decided to set these tiny little hatches into the big world.

Starting with the 750 Rallye, making 77 HP (up 21 from it’s road-going counterpart) at 8000 RPM from it’s peppy 748cc rear-mounted Boxer 4 powerplant. Said power goes to the rear wheels through a mighty 5-speed transmission and allows the little engine that could to move the car to 62 MPH in 8.1 seconds. It’s miniscule 1025 lb. weight thanks to an aluminum cylinder head and magnesium 11-in. wheels doesn’t do it any detriment either. And thanks to it’s aforementioned light weight, disc brakes, and rally-tuned suspension, it can turn on a dime in any road conditions. You can pick it out of the crowd in the C0 class with it’s signature one center exhaust pipe and 964 numbering.

Moving up the totem poll, we have the capable 1100 Rallye, with a potent 101 HP at 7300 RPM from it’s (you guessed it) 1103cc Boxer 4 powerplant, allowing it a very quick 7.0 0-60 time and scary 103 MPH top speed. Yet, despite it’s much larger engine, the little hatch only weighs 1117 lbs! You can find it in the C1 class with 993 numbering.


Reserving numbers:
18, 33, 113, 120, 195, 223, 276

I hope none of those are already taken, i checked main post for that.


I’m sorry, but the C2 submission I cannot accept. Only safety requirements can be changed in exceptional cases.


If I find a way to make it weight 700 kilos am I good?


It’s in the rules. The one above in combination with the one below.

Considering the base car as such is basically a race-spec car, rather than a street car for rallying, I would be inclined to not allow a massive quality spam version of it. The C0 and C1 car I can still accept.


After some experimenting, I can’t exactly get it over 1200 lbs, so I’ll keep the number and make something else for C2. Thanks for telling me tho.


Well, it looks like our tiny little coupe was a bit too Tiny.
However, the sedan isn’t

Unfortunately, our Tiny 1300 Rallye is way too light to participate in the C2 class of the rally. However, our 1300 Sedan is a perfect candidate for this higher-ranking class of the race. Since the road-going sedan features the same engine in the same rear-engine format as the road-going 1300 coupe, it was a perfect candidate for shoehorning in the race 1288cc engine making 126 HP, good for 0-60 in 6.9 in the 1300 Sedan Rallye and 113 MPH. But the sedan is more enhanced for offroad than the coupes, with softer, higher suspension, and taller radial tires. The best part is, it just barely checks the boxes for the weight requirements of the C2 class at 1570 lbs! You can see it with it’s signature 996 numbering.


You’re not making it easy on me. It’s a rushed and lazily made affair compared to what other people have submitted. I shall accept it, for now. Please take your time for future submission or focus on one or more categories.