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1985 Nissan-Datsun 720 King Cab 4x4 diesel


Tiny truck, not so tiny name… :stuck_out_tongue:

Done this far:
Longer shackles in the rear, front torsion bars cranked all the way possible
Cooper Discoverer STT 31" tires
70s Superior 500 steering wheel
Partially repainted in Swedish army green
Side exhaust

Future plans:
Fender flares
Tubular bumpers front and rear
Lots of auxiliary lights
Roll bar
Rock sliders
(Possibly) a minor body lift
Ford Escort seats (Mazda 626 now, too high, sitting with the steering wheel between my legs)
Complete repaint in Swedish army green

72 hp diesel and can hardly reach 100 km/h but the most fun I’ve ever had on four wheels. :stuck_out_tongue: