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1987 Toyota MR2


So I finally have time to work on the MR2! I took inventory of the spare parts and I have… a lot. Some things in triplicate, even.

Good find: air freshener in a torn package, but still smells great. Cabin smelled really bad so anything helps.

Bad find: my rear driver’s wheel arch was a mix of bondo and rust. It’s completely fucked. On the flipside, the passenger side one is in much better condition than I thought.

As for work done: I removed the broken headlight and am well on my way to removing the driver’s side fender as well. Just need an angle grinder to take care of some very rusted screws…


That arch is very much what I imagine the rear of the 2CV looks like if I cut the filler out that someones put into it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Christ, what IS left of that rear arch? Hopefully there are replacement panels around.


Right, a slightly late update from yesterday. I got an angle grinder to remove some bolts that had completely rusted together.

Yes, that’s a nut and washer so rusted that they’ve become one. And I had to remove three of those. Removing the fender let me see that the rust around the suspension is worse than I thought, so that’ll be expensive.

I also replaced the broken mirror!


Those rotted fenders are the car’s way of saying you should patch the holes and cover it with a sweet widebody kit.


Still haven’t figured out exactly what I’ll do. I’m hoping to stay close to stock, though wouldn’t rule out fender flares (but no widebody). I should put my limited Photoshop skills to use and show what I have in mind for it.


So I was checking the classifieds for MR2 parts and came across these:

OEM MR2 Supercharged wheels, and only for $100 for the set. So while they’re not Celica GT wheels, they’re certainly a rare sight on sale and especially at such a low price. I’ll be getting them in the morning :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my I want those. Are they 16 in? Please get those wheels


short wheelbase AND widebody, can you imagine how it’d handle???


So I’m Photoshopping ideas for my ideal end result. Still deciding on a top colour and haven’t figured out the placement of the LED daytime driving lights yet.


I like it. Can you try matching the handles and mirrors to the gray paint below and see how that looks?


They’re unpainted plastic and I’ll be keeping them as such. I’m going for maximum 80s :sunglasses:


kk, if you find gray plastic ones though…
It’s still awesome anyways


Square stance is best stance!

That paint job looks sweet, loving the two tone. Still say you should consider some fender boxes and go for the group b look :wink:


Nah, not feeling it at all. Most I’d be willing to do is get wider arches.

I did get the Supercharged rims today, and they’re nice. :smiley: The guy’s got his own classic Toyota collection and he said he’s got a couple spare sets of those Celica GT rims that he might sell eventually… I’ll definitely snag them up if he does.


Nice - loving the 80s Look. The two tone scheme does kinda remind me of an 80s/90s Rover, but for me that’s not a sin :wink:


I think Niall’s idea has something in it though… if the fenders are shot you can remake them (they don’t have to be wider or even a different​ shape) out of fibreglass or something.


It’s just that one wheel arch that’s kind of… non-existant. The passenger side one will need some work, but nothing drastic. The lower areas of the fenders will also be needing to be replaced. The thing with all of this is that there are kits for the wheel arches and lower areas that are made a metal and just need to be welded on, so I’ll likely be looking into that. Then there’s also parts of the door sills that need replacement (but they’ll all be hidden under the original skirts) and the area below the rear bumper.

I also finished the Photoshop (for now, at least). Two-tone dark purple and metallic grey, Celica GT wheels (ideally, I have the MR2 Supercharged ones as a backup), and LED daytime running lights in the grille area so I don’t have to butcher the bumper for placement.


oh lordy that looks NIIICE.

…are you tempted at all to decal it up with a celica-style font, like in:

or is that too much?


The original MR2 did have some decals, so it’s certainly something to look into that would help the 80s look. It would seem there are plenty of aftermarket ones available…

(could do without the giant MR2 logo)