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1991 Great Archanean Trek [FINAL RESULTS]


That’s fine, as long as it is obvious where one would be.


Is there any rule against the truck being older than 1991? Just asking while I think on a basic design.


As mentioned in the rules. Can be anything up to 1991.


Well, I can refine it a bit more before I send it off, but I’ve got 1507 KG of crew-cab 1985 Sinistra Mojave, with a cast-iron V6 boat anchor up front. That ‘over-1500-kg’ was tough to manage, but provided in the Truck category that it’s okay to send in a 4-door truck with all 5 seats and a radio, I managed it. Otherwise, I may have to re-tune a V8 to make less power, because I’ve learned from my mistakes in the past that ‘more power’ isn’t always the right solution.

As it sits, it’s a 140 horsepower beast, with the V6 made by cutting a V8 apart, at least in Sinistra Lore.

1985 Sinistra Mojave 4x4

Brand: Sinistra
Nationality: USA

Driver: Luke Sinistra
Nationality: USA

Co-driver: Andrea Wright
Nationality: USA

“Luke, are you sure this is a good idea? Neither of us really have any off-road experience.” Andrea asked, watching the ‘old man’ carefully as he looked over notes and papers, trying to decide which engine gave them the best chance for success.

“I drove the Sinistra Savage Concept through one of these a while back, Andrea. This should be a piece of cake by comparison, we’re bringing a truck with an adapted 4x4 system, we’ll swap the axles so we have gobs of torque from our 5 speed, and we’ll use the trusty old 3.9 liter V6.” Luke replied.

“Seriously, we’re going to compete in a truck, using an engine you literally cut in half, removed two cylinders from it, and welded back together?” Andrea asked, secretly wondering if her boss was crazy, insane, or just enjoyed having things go wrong.

“It’s been 30 years since we introduced that engine, Andrea. We’ve only had to replace two engines under our rather generous fault policy, and both of those were early cars, one from '61 and the other was '64. The rules themselves state we don’t need a lot of power.”

“But, we’re going into this with just 140 horsepower. In a 3,000 pound truck.”

“Relax, Andrea. I learned from the Savage Concept that more power isn’t always better. It’s just, often times, more fun.” Luke replied. “Let’s go get the Mojave painted up. I’m thinking Dark Royalty Blue, it’ll stand out better, and it’s not Crimson Sky. Too many of our competition cars end up in Crimson Sky, and I’d like to avoid everyone thinking that it’s the only color we have.”


That would all indeed be compliant with the rules. There are no limitations regarding interior, safety, etc… in the off-road and truck categories.


Work in progress. It may cost me my sanity. (Buggy category). It should be rule compliant. It has two seats, my logic is that they are in two rows (co-driver behind the driver). Is that okay?


Fine by me.

Just saying that if the car (ahum) rolls over on the one run it gets on a Beam map, it’s a DNF. I do my utmost not to do that, but some designs tend to be more susceptible to rolling than others.


Oh I know. As I said it’s a work in progress. At this point it does a wheelie while braking, so no guarantee I will make it usable. I have other projects as well.


Not a big issue with the MemeKart, it’s pretty stable, I just recommend taking it easy over rougher terrain because it is a little bouncy due to its low weight. I’ll be sending the file tonight as I need to make a few adjustments - so you’ll be able to try it out.

Also at least there shouldn’t be a lawn mower, but I still expect a stock car


Are catalytic converters mandatory?


I ask you to be consistent with the backstory of the car. Race engine, no cat needed. You sell the entry as a production offroader, truck, or buggy with a production car engine, there should be a cat.


Oh boy, this is going to be fun! I’ve got just the whip for this…


If I use a truck that is under 1,500kg would it class as offroad?


1990 Martin-Wagner Outrunner XE V6 DAKAR

Race Details

Category: Truck

Company: Martin-Wagner Auto GmbH
Team: Martin-Wagner Offroad Team
Car: Martin-Wagner Outrunner XE V6 DAKAR
Country: DE (Germany)

Driver: Hans Schröder
Country: DE

Co-Driver: Ernst Hartmann
Country: DE

1991, Dortmund

The year was 1985. Martin-Wagner released the all new Outrunner XE mid-size SUV, as a counterpart model of the Outrunner pickup. Praised by many for it’s durability and performance, it became a great choice for offroaders of that time.

A year later the Outrunner XE was modified to race in the Dakar rally. They won for the first time, thanks to it’s superb reliability and performance, and of course Hans Schröder, Germany’s famous rally and offroad driver, also helped the company to secure it’s first ever Dakar victory.

With the glorious Outrunner XE Martin-Wagner was able to obtain 3 more Dakar and Archana titles in 1987 and 1988 in it’s respective class.

But in 1989, thanks to the advancements of technology, and heated competition from other automakers, the strengths of the Outrunner XE have been diminished, and thus the company missed the year’s podium on most races. Sadly the bad news repeated in 1990, and that’s because the car was just simply, outdated in it’s right.

It was 1991. the company strikes to get it’s title back from it’s competitor’s hands. So, despite similar looks the Outrunner XE was now equipped with an upgraded inline-6, and improved underpinnings to help in weight and reliability. To secure the title Hans Schröder was rehired as the main driver again, and Martin-Wagner has made the race as important as it would.

1991 Nakamura Archos 2300 CrossX

Race Details

Details here:
Category: Offroad

Team: North Sapporo Racing Team
Car: Nakamura Archos 2300 CrossX
Country: Japan (JPN)

Driver: Taisho Tanaraka
Country: JPN

Co-Driver: Thomas M. Ranch
Country: Australia (AUS)

1991, Sapporo

Meanwhile in northern Sapporo, Japan, a small tuning company, known as the North Sapporo Racing Team, has got their hands of a (then) brand-new 1990 Nakamura Archos 2300, and the car was tuned for the GAT in 1991.

North Sapporo Racing Team (NSRT) has actually been known to some people. Before the rally, the team mostly focused on rally and track events all-around Japan and South Korea, with several wins on their hand.

But this is their first international event, they have been prepared for the day. The car’s original 140 hp 2.3 L4 was replaced for a beefier one with forged parts, and that motor is proven to generate 179 hp, without the help of turbochargers to aid reliability. Excess weight was also removed to achieve a sub-1000kg weight, and it was heavily tested for more than a 2000 kilometers beforehand.

Local rally champion Taisho Tanaraka has been chosen to race this event, with the help of veteran racer, Melbourne-based Thomas Ranch to aid Tanaraka to the race.

With everything has set, it’s just time to wait for the competition. But the racers, the mechanics and everyone else seems to not satisfied for the progress. They must win the race for glory. Only time would tell.


(testing the waters, will add other entries if the first one looks passable, if not, so be it. Feedback appreciated)

A truggy on the basis of the 1957 Brisinc Kabouter (or Gnome in English), a small, economical commuter vehicle. The body replaced with fibreglass on the Kabouter’s now-reinforced tubular frame. Standard suspension replaced with lifted coilover suspension, and the very aged boxer-four modernized just enough to be regulation compliant (for a kitcar) and putting a little more pep on offer.

The 1.6 liter boxer-four produces 56 horsepower, and while that does not seem much, it moves the 675 kilogram Kabouter up to decent speed in no time, the static four-wheel drive system grants it traction on almost any terrain, though it is designed for soft underground first and foremost. Fun in the sun at a reasonable price, base vehicle plus conversion kits on offer for $14,448 (20% markup), est. maintenance $570/year if you don’t run it too hard.

Some might consider this blasphemy, but this 1955 Marrise Mille Miglia speedster was revised with lifted suspension and the necessary adaptations to make engine and body road-legal. But this thing is far from your average classic. The original 72 horsepower made way for a turbo-tickled 115, with much wider rear tires to put all that power down on whatever surface it finds itself on.

Originally a vehicle for primitive roads, it still finds itself at home on packed dirt and even more hilly environments, but don’t forget that only the rear wheels are driven, if you get too brave, you might find yourself slipping down aimlessly. The two experienced drivers who hand-built this vehicle won’t suffer that fate at least (hopefully).

The revised, but near-pristine version of the 1962 Katyenka Avtomobilny Zavod Municipalitet all-terrain service and utility vehicle, a Soviet relic kept in tip-top shape, with infrequent bumps hammered out and spreading rust kept in check where necessary. It is more basic than rocks and dirt, and its low-quality AM radio has since made place for a Walkie-Talkie receiver.

Being the team’s recovery and repair vehicle, it is fairly underpowered and not all too nimble, but that doesn’t stop AUTOFAN from competing with it (in a more gentle fashion) alongside their other vehicles. After unloading anything that isn’t bolted to the interior, that is.

Entry 1: Brisinc Kabouter - 1600cc Truggy 4x4 (BE, Buggy 1)
Entry 2: Marisse Mille Miglia - 1800S Crossroad 2R (FR, Buggy 2)
Entry 3: (Offroad)
Entry 4: KAZ Munutsipalitet - 3.5L Crew Vehicle 4x4 (RU, Trucks)

AUTOFAN Motorsport Benelux v.z.w.

Brisinc Kabouter:
Driver: Gerard Fountaine (BE)
Navigator: Karel Denaerde (NL)

Marisse Mille Miglia:
Driver: Thierry Janssen (BE)
Navigator: Renard Liesieux (FR)


KAZ Munutsipalitet:
Driver: Jan Dhoorman (NL)
Navigator: Kelly Dhoorman (NL)

NB: Drivers and autosport organization can also be from Fruinia if preferred, I’m not familiar with Automation lore)


My MemeKart has now been sent to @Private_Miros.

I’d love to get some feedback before the actual race, I won’t be editing it tho, it’s not meant to be competitive in any way whatsoever - but if you do end up losing to the MemeKart, I will do James May’s victory dance…


No, only 2-door standard offroaders.

After review, this includes small, light pickup trucks.




Men At Work is the factory backed MEN racing team, consisting mostly of former Polish Street Racers recruited by the company. Here are the vehicles they will be running this year:

Shromet Interval GRB

With a mid mounted 5.4L V8 with over 250 Horsepower.

MEN Polski 1260X Urbvan

The CMW powered 1260X is a vehicle which is legendary in the Polish streetracing scene.

Nohda Super Strato
Weighing in at just 550kg and with nearly 200hp, the Super Strato is the definition of a pocket rocket. If it doesn’t kill you first that is.


So, not the IH Scout/Bronco truck bed configuration?


I can accept that, since that would look more like an standard off-roader with a soft top (off), and not a pick up truck.