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1991 Great Archanean Trek [FINAL RESULTS]


Sorry for double posting, but CMT is currently building a rally car for the buggy class.
As the “City II” doesnt have much prestige as a rolling shopping cart, CMT decided to give it some rallye glory. The engine is actually a modified 1600ccm NA four-cylinder from production cars, an almost identical one can be found in the larger model Mantra since its 1990 facelift, and for the upcoming 92 model year in the Hypro and Imola which will come in new, facelifted trims.

Here you can see the comparison to an acutal production model, the City II DX that comes with an 1.2L inline 3 engine.

@Private_Miros are catalytic converters needed for these cars? As buggys have 0 safety, they are not road legal anyway. The other car, the Canyonero LTO has such a converter btw as it is fully road-legal.

The suspension tuning is still a little tricky, I might cut its offroad abilities a little, as it handles quite goofy onroad. The test driver was luckily unharmed.


As I read it, no. It’s a racing engine based of a production block.


Buggy: Rautio Ilmatar Buggy (Finland)
Driver: Reino LInna (Finland) 19
Co-driver: Tuomo Lehtonen (Finland) 18
Two Finnish cousins got their neighbors Rautio Ilmatar, which was used by the Finnish post office. They straight piped it, raised the susspension, put offroad tires on the old wheels, equipped it with a roof rack and extra lights.

Buggy 2: Melki 150 (Soviet Union)
D: Māris Vilks (Latvian part of Soviet Union) 23
Co: Kaspars Ozols (Latvian part of Soviet Union) 24
After having a couple of drinks, two friends decided to take part in the Great Archanean Trek, with a Melki 150 which was a Soviet try on the Polski Fiat 126p. But the Soviet version had only had 150cc, so the friends took it out and placed a 1500cc Boxer 4 in the front of the car.

Offroad: Schwarzburg Felix (Germany)
D: Florian Eichel (Germany) 31
Co: Alessa Cardozo (Paraguay) 20
The ex-engineer of Schwarzburg decided to participate in the offroad event. So he remembered that in 1988 they made a small SUV for the South American and African market. He searched for the it till he found one in Paraguay which had been used by Alessa as her first car. Alessa didn’t want to let go of her car so Florian agreed to take her with him as he needed a co-driver.

Truck: Schwarzburg Vanster (Germany)
D: Angus Wilson (Australia) 27
Co: Simon Freudenberg (Austria) 34
Simon beeing a engineer at Schwarzburg had access to the cars so he got a Schwarzburg Vanster and in the free time with other engineers made it off-road capable. All he had to do was to find a driver, but there was a misunderstanding and instead of an Austrian he got a AUSTRALIAN driver.

If I will have some time I will post some additional lore for the teams.


I moved my offroad entry to my previous post, just consolidating!


Now presenting the latest from Saxon Autosport’s round-the-clock workshops: The 1991 Ares TurboRally S6.
Inspired by Saxon’s debut production car, the TurboRally brings new life to the Ares line with a 2-litre turbocharged straight-six. While certainly not the most powerful engine Saxon has to offer, the S6 is the lightest engine with the most torque of any produced in-house thus far. This limited-production TurboRally model combines an extremely light fibreglass shell with the same quality and durability Saxon Autosport has become known for, and comes equipped with all the necessary provisions to keep on truckin’ in the harshest conditions. For the first time outside of Australia an Ares can be seen sporting a utility bay, just the right size for a spare wheel and with enough left over for a few sandwiches.
Participating in this year’s Great Archanean Trek for which it was purpose-built, the Ares TurboRally will set the precedent for the next generation of Saxon’s competitive automobiles.

The Ares TurboRally will feature in the Buggy category of the competition, driven by Nigel Humes (GBR) and co-piloted by Harry Reilly (IRL), representing Saxon Autosport of Great Britain. Godspeed chaps!


Well, the City Council decided to do some work further down the street from my place, and accidentially dug up and snapped the fiber-optics line for the whole street. So, I’m running a bit behind in processing entries, but keep them coming.

One general note, please stick to one PM thread if you have additional entries or questions after your initial message to me. It makes it easier to comply all relevant information.


Growing up in Michigan, the Strauss brothers were as different as could be. Older brother Elliott was by all accounts a child prodigy, with an idetic memory and other-worldly math knowledge. By the early Eighties he was an influential part of the computer explosion in Silicon Valley.
Younger brother Rick, however, was much more grounded in the dexterous arts, becoming a mechanic and later opening his own auto shop. Rick’s dream was to enter the Archanean Treck, and in 1987 when his neighbor decided to sell him his run-down 1965 Armor Valence, he knew exactly what to do with it.
It took Rick the better part of three years to build his buggy, but the result was impressive. Now all he needed was a co-driver and navigator. He decided to call up his estranged brother, who at the age of three had already memorized most of the road atlases of the United States.
Though completely out of his element, Elliott was admittedly impressed when he saw Rick’s creation. He decided this might be a great opportunity to reconnect with his younger brother.


Bechov will be entering in the Truck category. Sturdy it will be!


Win on sunday, sell on monday - thats true. You cant have a better advert than performing strong in races.
Many facelifts and new models are on the line for 1992.
It occurred that two drunk CMT engineers saw the T91 buggy one friday afternoon. And they decided to build the opposite.

Prepare for the CMT Kyalami GTR! Now its facelift is unveiled not on any car show but in the Archanean desert.
It is a luxury coupe transferred to a buggy and equipped with a 4.6 Twin Turbo engine.
This is a death trap! No safety, not even ABS. Just too much power in a luxury coupe buggy.

When our experienced driver Walter Groehl told us that he was already afraid of this car before even sitting in to it, we knew it was gooooood.

We are currently recruiting some fearless youngsters that need money so badly for their college fees that they would dare to drive it.


So this was fun to build and drive, but no idea how competitive it will be :stuck_out_tongue:

Entering the truck category: the 1991 Bechov SX91, with a 5.4L turbocharged v10 pushing 2200kg

Team Details:
Name - Bechov (factory backed)
Home Country - Russia
Driver - Alexi Sokolov. Ex-Russian military, was recruited by Bechov due to his extensive experience driving these, and similar, trucks throughout his 14 year service.
CoDriver - Maksim Ivanov. Ex-Russian military, similarly to Alexi, Maksim spent his life around military vehicles. While not the best driver, his main skills are in mechanics and repair.

Also entered in the Offroad category: the Bechov YI91, a pretty minimally modified production 4WD, powered by a 2.4L SOHC V6 but weighing under 1000kg.

Team Details:
Name - Bechov (factory backed)
Home Country - Russia
Driver - Sasha Popova. Sasha has spent her life working for Bechov, originally on the factory floor before working her way up the ladder. Luck smiled upon her one day when one of the motorsport directors saw her racing around in a van transporting parts and took a chance. Five years later and she is one of Bechov’s shining stars.
CoDriver - Yuri Romanov. Originally born John Thompson, Yuri emigrated from the USA with his Russian-born mother after a messy divorce when he was 8 years old, where they took on Russian identities. A troubled and unpredictable man with a burning drive to succeed, Yuri’s relentless pursuit of winning is both his biggest asset and liability.

The last Bechov is a privateer-team in the Buggy category with the Bechov A-Buggy. Essentially a Bechov sub-compact from the 1970’s with the guts ripped out, a new space-frame chassis welded up, a Yamaha XS850* motorbike engine installed and hooked up to a dodgy bespoke 4x4 system made from the parts-bin!

Team Details:
Name - Krylatyye Voiny (Winged Warriors)
Home Country - Russia
Driver - Egor Andryukhin. Owner of the donor Bechov, Egor is fast but loose with his driving. His skills were honed on icy mountain roads, but he has never had formal training nor much experience in off-road driving.
CoDriver - Kostas Yartsev. Egor’s best friend, and owner of the donor Yamaha motor, Kostas is a rally-enthusiast and amateur motorcross champion. Bringing some balance to Egor’s erratic style, Kostas is much more level-headed in comparison, and brings some four-wheel-driving experience to the team.

*specs are as close as I could get :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to enter my full team, just adding the final touches. I honestly have not much idea what i’m doing when it comes to off-road tuning but i’ve tried. It will most likely be far too performance oriented but meh :joy:


Me neither! I understand on-road tuning, but when it comes to off-road… * shrug *

My goal for these cars has been to make them fun, that’s all :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh man… I seriously can’t make a buggy, they are all so unstable! :S


i haven’t even gotten around to buying Beam to test them, with all the damn school-work happening right now. I’m legitimately worried about the driveability of some of my "creations"


Don’t worry. Mine are tested in BeamNG. Don’t handle that good either.


My buggy is a little tail happy but not unstable, it’s fun and oversteer from being rear engined


As tomorrow all other cars will be submitted, now the large information post with

CMT cars and drivers

Buggy 1:

Small and light - a reciepe that never fails on rally tracks. And a perfect test for the latest generation of four-cylinder engine. It does not need more than 110 horsepower to make this thing faster than it looks.

Hakko Kemppainen (21, FIN) who grew up with all the finnish rally stories in the forests of Luusa. He is familiar with light but powerful cars. His co-driver is Igor Bojaroff (48, RUS) who does not talk a lot, but gives clear advice where to go and to look at. The former red army soldier has a photographic memory and never loses his temper.

Buggy 2:
CMT Kyalami GTR 4x4

A buggy with the body of a luxury coupe and the force of an atomic submarine - what sounds like a bad joke was a beer-born idea of two leading CMT engineers. As our last test driver needed new pants, we decided to cut the engine size back to 4.0 liter. Henri de Hussel, the president of CMT france, had an affair with his young secretary Chantalle - but she thinks of real love and wants him to divorce - quite an expensive wish. So he decided to hopefully get rid of her and to place her in that rolling coffin.

Chantalle Bonnaire (FRA, 18), a beautiful young blonde that drives better than you might think will be assisted by Takeo Yamato (JP, 19). His ancestors, proud samurais, died with honor, so did his grandfather, a kamikaze pilot. Even his father died with honor - after failing to build up an IKEA shelf he committed harakiri. So now he is ready to follow his relatives.

CMT Canyonero LTO AWD, starting number 506.

The midsize SUV is built up from a medium duty pickup and completely average. Suspension is neither weak nor heavy duty. the engine has modest power and its behaving well in daily traffic and mudholes. A very modest car -

like its driver Walter Groehl (46, DEU) who does not need to show anybody that he is among the best. No showing off, no victory parties - his reputation is those of an asectic and fair gentleman driver, although he learned all the tricks from older drivers like Fred Burnside. Give any vehicle in his hands and he will drive it with a precision unlike anybody else which is the reason why he is called the “driving engineer”.

His sidekick Fred Burnside (60, USA) might be the oldest participant. In the 50s he was known for having the greatest balls of all race drivers - a victory counts more than a life, no risk, no fun. He had to give up rallye driving in 1958 after an accident that left him almost as a cripple. Spending half a year in a full body cast due to 30 broken bones and severe second-degree burns, he changed his mind. in a small hospital room he decided to swap seats and give his life into the hands of more careful drivers that know exactly what they are doing - since the late 60s it’s in Groehls hands. Since his almost full recovery in 1960 he is only rarely seen behind the steering wheel. After the Archanean Trek he will focus on his second passion - professional bowling.

CMT Deliveroo 4300 “Poweroo” 4x4

To be honest: Bringing a mid 70s-design into the 90s is a job not everyone gets along with. But under the rather bulky sheet metal the car offers computer-controlled automatic transmission, variable power steering and all modern-day features like ABS and ASR. The solid axles will be provided with decent power by the 4300 V8 found in most top-of the line CMT vehicles since 1988.

Richard Mogawe (ZW, 29) is an african native familiar with the Archanean road conditions. He has 10 years experience as mechanican and is able to fix all CMT cars. He is assisted by Rainer Gellert (37, DEU) - the responsible engineer for the CMT Trek cars and also a quite talented amateur driver.


This might be happening…



Complete the incompletable

The legendary Icelandic automaker Aura is back strong at this years 1991 Great Archanean Trek, and are indeed going all out. Entering 4 cars into the race is not an easy feat, but Aura seems to have pulled off the impossible. Will they be competitive? Time, and decent driving, will only tell…

Car 1: AR4 - GAT Spec

Buggy class

Based on Aura’s latest top of the line sportscar, the AR4 GAT Spec is potentially a strong contender in the buggy class. The performance oriented ATR6 2.5L v6 found in the street version is nowhere to be seen however, and instead an ATR4 2L Endurance tuned I4 can be found in the engine bay. While the beloved ATR6 is amazing for the street and track, the ATR4 is better suited for the GAT, being high in torque, very reliable, and having great fuel economy.

Primary: Olaf Nordhagen (ISL)

A 47 year old man from Iceland, Olaf Is one of the more experienced drivers on the team, and experience is worth it’s weight in gold when it comes to the GAT.

Co-Pilot: Handel Manderholf (DEU)

An up and coming touring car racer, Handel (21) is also testing the scalding hot waters of the GAT. Will he have what it takes?

Car 2: BBT4 - GAT SPEC

Buggy class

The BBT4 has been a huge success for Aura, selling hundreds of thousands in the past years. This is the GAT spec however, and with that comes big changes. It comes with the endurance tuned B4t 1.0l, which while small in size isn’t short on competitivness. The exact specs remain classified, but we can assure you that it’s… different

Primary: Tyrrell Jorgsen (ISL)

25 year old Tyrrell has proved to be a talented driver, making his way through multiple rally championships and grabbing some titles. He’s new to endurance though, so this will be a new experience for him. Hopefully the testing gave him enough practice to suffice.

Co-Pilot: Ingrid Olsen (GRL)

19 year old Ingrid is new to the sport, but what she’s shown so far is very promising, and she made the cut to the final team. We wish her luck!

Car 3: Bobby - GAT spec

Offroad class

The Bobby is a new addition to the Aura family, but certainly a welcome one. This cute little micro-offroader isn’t micro in power. 141 glorious little horsepowers come from an ATR3 2.0L Inline 3 GAT tune, and this thing weighing a mere 895kg it sure does go!

Primary: Tia (крестная мать) Byrchkyov (RUS)

The godmother of offroad, Tia (~70 however her exact age is unknown) is both brutal in person and brutal in her driving. Even if the race isn’t going well, Tia is sure to make the opposition an offer they can’t refuse

Co-Pilot: Lianna Varskovich (RUS)

34 year old Lianna is a retired dirtbike champion, and now she wants to try the GAT. She’s not exactly… confident about sharing the cabin with her primary pilot, but she’s not willing to let that stop her.

Car 4: Brawler GAT

Truck class

The beastly Brawler is coming to the '91 GAT, and it’s ready to rip the vital organs from the ribcages of it’s opposition. The engine is entirely classified, (we can only assume it has a variation of the trusty flat 6 found in the road going version) but there has been reports of Aura engineers with broken necks… we’ll let you interpret that as you will.

Primary: Gustav Johanassen (SWE)

47 year old Gustav was one of the only to have a thick enough neck to drive this beast, and hopefully he has a bit of skill as well.

Co-Pilot: Aaren Muller (DEU)

Runnner up for the next thickest neck was 38 year old Aaren, and this is his first time even riding in a car. He is an garbage truck emptier, but it’s alway been his dream to ride along in a GAT. We hope that he can read the directions well, other wise there wont be much hope for the pair of them.

I haven’t tested any of these designs in Beam as of yet, but hopefully they are controlable…


I wonder what is crazier - the cars or the pilots. :smiley:

This will be real fun no matter how the CMT team scores.


…And because my other entries have a slight chance of doing not terribly, my final entry into the “Buggy” category will be a mid-engined turbocharged v8 powered ‘Hypermiler’ modified for off-road use!

The Boccaccino HYPR

This car was purpose built to enter fuel-efficiency focused competitions, and as a concept demonstrator to show the world how efficient Boccaccino’s new powerplant was. That being said, whilst the production engine came in at 3.2L, this was reduced down to 2.2L for the HYPR concept car. Even with this reduced engine size, the HYPR could accelerate to 100km/h in under 10 seconds and returned an independently-verified fuel economy figure of 3.0L/100km at 90km/h.

Team details:

Name - Boccaccino (factory backed)
Home Country - Italy
Driver - Antonio Ricci. Born and bred in Sicily, Italy, Antonio is one of Boccaccino’s official test-drivers. Whilst appearing a stereotypical Italian motor enthusiast, Antonio is actually quite deliberate and sensible when behind the wheel.
CoDriver - Pierre Thomas. Hailing from Nice, France, and born the son of a racing car drive, Pierre grew up surrounded by luxury and motorsports. His father was only moderately successful as a driver, however instilled all his lessons early in his son, allowing Pierre to progress in leaps and bounds.