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1991 Great Archanean Trek [FINAL RESULTS]


OP delivers!

looks like for some of these bodies I may have to also retrofit solid axle coils or I simply won’t have enough ride height (to clear the course). I was hoping to get away without that but in retrospect that may have been a bit optimistic.


That’s a solid choice for offroad, but the car in the replay just had wishbones all round.


The higher-ups at Saxon were sceptical of the fibreglass Ares that had been built for the Trek. Sure, it struck a pose in the photographs and the bodywork was indeed reminiscent of the oh-so-fondly remembered 1963 Ares Coupe, but how viable could it really be? A desperate attempt to recapture some former glory and try to revive Saxon Autosport’s suboptimal public image, designed by committee and built by starry-eyed incompetents, nothing more.
It simply wasn’t representative of the company’s capabilities and the senior management were keen to prove it. They gathered their most trusted engineers and set about putting together not only a competitor to the Ares, but a prototype for the fleet of performance cars they hoped would define their company in the coming decade.
A measly straight-six? The Arthurian has a 780hp V10.
Flimsy fibreglass shell? The Arthurian is aluminium and steel.
Cheap toybox-red paint? The Arthurian would represent a nation in British Racing Green.
They’d show the youngsters behind the Ares project a thing or two about the Autosport in their company name.

Meanwhile a pair of mechanics had been hard at work on their own time. They’d seen the unveiling of the Ares TurboRally and though excited to see their company take an interest in this year’s Great Archanean Trek they still felt a pang of disappointment. Buggy-class, really? It certainly didn’t quite live up to the romanticised James Bond image they had of the original Ares, that’s for sure.
If Saxon was going to enter a buggy into the GAT they were going to do it properly, by crikey!
Working on their own time and without strict approval from their peers they set to work, using whatever parts they could scrounge from the workshop and slowly building up what they’d nicknamed the Sprite. Maybe it sat in a legal grey area with regard to trademark usage, but if they could pull this off right they could well be on their way to that much needed promotion. They clinked their mugs of tea and surveyed their work, looking on with satisfied optimism for the coming rally.


G&W, yes, THAT G&W, released the Sherwood to the Euro market in 1970. Fitted with the almost same engine as found in their Stamford, it was found everywhere from Orkney to northern French fields (when the tractors wouldn’t start).
Two facelifts later, the 1980 US version (powered by the 2.9L Windsor II), identified by the W29 trim badging, was 98KW of almost capable offroading. This particular one had the engine rebuilt in 1988, [mainly for the fitting a of high-flow cat, and a tubular manifold]. Sure, she sucks down dinosaur juice like nobody’s business, but it seems it’ll be a bit better at what it does than it did… until it can’t.

Reliabilty may be another issue, these things are about the experience. Right?

Driver: Glen Campbell (USA) 53 y.o.*
Co-Driver: Reginald Dwight (UK) 44y.o.*

*100% co-incidence with the names and ages.


@Private_Miros would this be acceptable for service costs or do i have to lower it further? this is for my off-road class vehicle


I cannot say much on that. Service costs influence service times.


1990 Honghu 8x8

As means of flaunting the nation’s “glorious engineering”, the heavily Jeep-inspired Honghu 8x8 competed in the Great Archanean Trek. A toned-down version of the Chairman’s 8x8 was entered, with the flagholders kept on it to fly the 5 stars while it offroaded. Although it did not use the highest class of materials, nor the most innovative of tech, it was China’s stab at capitalism in the dying years of the Cold War. China-born chaffeurs of the chairman Baba Wang and Xiu Ying Zhang will be piloting the 8x8.

1991 Huangdou CC-110RTB

Derived from the “lifestyle vehicle” the CC series was known for, the CC-110RTB (Race Trekking Buggy) was created as per Huangdou’s sporty tradition. Not much from the CC-100S has changed in terms of aesthetics, maintaining the spare tire, blue accents and thin headlights. The CC-110RTB will be piloted by Chinese Lie Jie Chen, with assistance from Russia-born Bogdan Popov.


the first revisions of my vehicles are about complete will post tomorrow after a few more tweaks are made

This will be my entries. NOTE!! this picture when taken with vehicles that are still a WIP

TEAM: Solvent Rally

The following drivers are in these vehicles:


drivers name: James Jenton
Drivers Nationality: Scottish

Co-driver: Jason Henerasy
Co-Drivers Nationality: Americain


yes this truck can also help aid in repairs and or other tasks. the truck is also able to carry up to 8 people maximum

Team: Camshaft Raceworks

OFF-ROAD Class: Greep

Driver: Hal Monroeu
Drivers Nationality: British
Co-Driver: Matthew Kelly
Co-Driver Nationality: American


Team: Solvent Rally


Driver: Joshua Ratiken
Drivers Nationality: American
Co-Driver: Andrew Kelly
Co-Driver Nationality:Americain

Team: Camshaft Raceworks

Driver: James Ratiken
Drivers Nationality: American
Co-Driver: Joe Habenero
Co-Driver Nationality:Hispanic


Don’t triple post, edit your previous post instead.
And if you submit, don’t forget to give my driver and co-driver and their nationality.


Team Harcourt-Entwhistle-Marshall


George Harcourt-Entwhistle the 2nd

Autumn Marshall

Modifed bodyshell of a 1975 FM Cerberus.
Codename - FMR Scorpion


Apologies for that i have migrated all of my data regarding this challenge into one post


(Original press release from 1991, the speaker is aforementioned Cornel Comeaga, Head of ORA MD)

“Here it is, everyone, the machine that’s ready to win the '91 Great Archanian Trek, the ORA GAT Spec! Driven and co-driven by native Romanians, Anton Muresanu and Virgil Dimitru, with chief mechanic being Russian Kirdan Rasim…”

Almost immediately after ORA signed yet another military contract with their very own Romanian government, upper management of ORA decided it would enhance their brand image if they were to enter the 1991 Great Archanian Trek, with their flagship model, (until the 560 came along in 2001) the 420. A rugged vehicle for sure, the dated-looking 420 had actually only been in production for several years, but already it had over 47 different military contracts under it’s belt (6 of those being recalled).

By the time the challenge was to start, the ORA 420 had undergone mild testing, and Cornel Comeaga, (whose job was probably resting on this) hoped for the best.

Quick info!

Driver: Anton Muresanu (Romanian)

Co-Driver: Virgil Dimitru (Romanian)

Team Manager: Arsens Fogelis (Latvian)

Chief Mechanic: Kirdan Rasim (Russian)

Company Origin: Romania, est. 1874 (misc. military contract deals)

Class Segment: Off-Road


1991 Hwarang Yeomso 4x4(Cho Auto Arts)

The Hwarang-bult Yeomso’s history goes back to nearly 1975, when the reunited Republic of Korea was recovering in the pre-stages of a post-war economic miracle, and also while Hwarang was but a small and humble company with only a few factories. It was a cheap, yet capable off-roading truck that became the workhorse for the nation, and in fact many today still use that iconic truck from times long past, as it continues to remind the nation of older times, where the future was still in doubt. In lieu of this, Hwarang, the Korean automotive megaconglomorate decided to continue the spirit of the vehicle, and renew it for the future that is the 1990s.

A 4x4 truck weighing in at only around 1034 kg and possessing a modern take on their Baekdu Boolgasaree 3.9L V12 using the most modern of technologies to enhance reliability, weight, and longevity, the 1991 model which had been worked on with the assistance of the famous Korean tuning shop Cho Auto Arts, is projected to be the best truck that Hwarang has produced to date with incredible off-road abilities worthy of the original Yeomso’s successor, which naturally had to traverse the many mountains of a low-infrastructure Korea. Being affordable at a modest ₩33,550,000, some may say that 17 jerry cans and 4 spare tires may be too much, but Hwarang Motors promises that the consumer is getting a rugged and reliable pickup truck at a relatively bargain price, the only detriment being that it does not seat four.

Hwarang Motors hopes that its creation will fare well in the 1991 Great Archanean Trek, in order to communicate to the citizens of the Republic of Korea and those abroad that this modern truck is worthy of being called the Yeomso’s successor.


Company Origin: United Korean Provisional Government, est. 1971 (Tractors and light trucks)

Driver: Jeong Song (Korean)

Co-Driver: Hwan Cho (Korean)

Team Manager: Byung-Hee Kim (Korean)

Chief Mechanic: Seol-Hyun Cho (Korean)

Class Segment: Truck/Off Road


“Uncle,” a young-looking woman spoke softly as she sat in the bed of their Yeomso, glancing out at the beautiful landscape before them from atop Mt. Baekdu. The cold mountain air nipped at them, as the woman and a middle-aged man stared at the glowing sunset. The girl would slowly glance to a middle-aged man, who sat next to her in the bed, smoking a cigarette as they sat listening to the latest hits of 1991 on the radio.

“…Are you sure we’re ready to show this thing to the world? We haven’t always been known as the epitome of quality, and the west has many competent companies. Even if we’re the most famous tuning shop in Korea, will we even be able to get that far?”

The man would take the cigarette from his mouth, before crossing his arms and continuing to stare out at the sunset and the cascade of colors reflecting on the clouds.

“Well, we’ve already been approved, so it’s a bit late to worry about that. Besides, Jeong…”

He’d glance to the side, eyes narrowed slightly, waving around his cigarette slightly as he spoke.

"There’s a first for everything, you know? Back when I started my shop, there were many better tuning establishments around. But look at me now. You have to take risks if you want to move forwards. We can’t always be comfortable, you know.

The girl would glance downwards for a moment, thinking for a moment. She had come here with her uncle to distract them from the big weeks ahead of them, but it had done nothing but have her think about it more. Nonetheless, she couldn’t deny her uncle Chos’ wisdom.

“Yeah… I guess you’re right, you’re always right…”

The Korean girl would then perk up, smiling as she had an idea.

“Hey hey, say that we actually win, or at least place relatively well. Can we maybe have a big party with all the shop?”

At this, the man would glance towards her for a moment, pausing in his motion to smoke more from the cigarette he held. He’d then glance back towards the sunset, his eyes having softened slightly.

“…Yeah. That’d be nice, I guess.”

At this, he felt his niece lean into him happily, as he’d then smile briefly, glancing down at her before sighing and proceeding to stand up, climbing out of the truck bed.

“Well, let’s start heading back down this mountain. We’ve got a big day tomorrow, so we’re gonna need a good nights’ sleep, alright?”

The girl would nod towards her uncle, as she’d then stand up herself, stretching a bit and yawning, staring out at the sun once more for a few fleeting moments.

“Alright, uncle… But don’t forget your meds tonight either, okay?”


(Credit to nacho370zn for the images. My toaster cannot render beyond 360p.)

Greetings! Last minute entry at 1:30 AM here, but this is my first ever entry into a challenge and second-ever post on the Automation Forums! I hope that you enjoyed my fluff on my entry, I put a lot of love and care into this thing.


Wow! That’s a lot of jerrycans!

”Won’t it explode on impact?”


And we are now closing for submissions. The entry roster has been updated in the OP. Feel free to correct mistakes.

As per usual, and considering time zones, I give some leeway. So if you had been preparing something, and send it to me within the next 48 hours, I’d most likely still accept it if it looks worth it.


The SW company originates from america and prudeces cars. They are quite active in motorsport, such as 1973 Rally di Fruinia and many others, but now with 4 cars they are entering 1991 Great Archanean Trek.
All cars are part of SW Racing Team
The cars:

1991 SW Megrez

Driver: Matej Možina [Slovenian]
Co-Driver: Nik Likar [Slovenian]
Class: Trucks

1991 SW Urok

Driver: Sebastian Grant [British]
Co-Driver: Alexa Stevens [British]
Class: Offroad

1991 SW Virgo

Driver: Darko Mitrović [Croatian]
Co-Driver: Vitomir Urošević [Serbian]
Class: Buggies

1991 SW Vega

Driver: Alexander Krebs [German]
Co-Driver: Yoshigahara Totoya [Japanese]
Class: Buggies

*a little bit late post


Ceder Flete 2.1 TurboD

Powered by the a modified 8V 2.1 Turbo Diesel Rodier engine, jacked up, stripped out, fitted with specialised offroad tyres and axles the old van is more than adequate at trawling over rugged terrain in the truck class, especially at the hands of french driver Remy Pernet and his co-driver Michel Mazet.


Hey, shit, I didn’t realise submissions closed already! By “7th April 2019” I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that this was an inclusive date i.e. up to and until the end of the day.

That said I also have been running around as I fly overseas today. Is it too late to send you a file?

okay fantastic. In that case I’d like to thank @titleguy1 for providing the base vehicle, which I tuned by making the already not-strop-like i4 less powerful and stripping out just about everything non-essential to the operation of the vehicle.

Introducing the Kumira Hana CX7 (Dune Buster tune)

Driver Name: Suzanne Fox
Co-Driver Name: Vincent Fox
Brand Nationality: JP
Driver Nationality: UK

The base model is a rather capable SUV, geared markedly towards offroading, but also possessing several amenities and comforts for road use. We don’t need that where this is going, no. So out goes the padding, the tunes, the insulation. Forget the ABS and TCS. Better use cheaper brakes, too. And make the tyres reeeeeal big. Then maybe it might survive the thousands of miles of harsh and unforgiving terrain it plans to tackle. And if it does break down, well, you could probably make it run on duct tape and spit.

The driver and co-driver are a sister-brother team. The elder sister was an aspiring Group B driver until, well, as everybody knows, Group B ceased to be. Since then she’s been driving whatever rough terrain she can get to, and this will be the perfect next step for her. She hadn’t seen her younger brother Vincent in a while but their paths crossed serendipitously while she was scouting and he was on yet another cultural exchange program… this way everybody gets a bit of a two-for-one!


Go ahead :slight_smile:


Well, welp… My wheel is malfunctioning… It somehow presses all the buttons when turning. I suppose it’s an electrical issue, I am not sure I can repair this on my own.