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1991 Renault Clio 16V - Now with 100% more Accord!


Soon was yesterday.


Alright. So, I have no idea what’s going on with the driveshaft. First it didn’t leak, then it did for a while, and now it doesn’t leak again. I haven’t done anything to it during this time. When I did find out that it was leaking, however, I got so pissed off that I bought a new car. Well, new for me at least. I present to you:

1998 Honda Accord 1.8 i S


It’s a Honda, and I like it! It has a nice, rev-happy engine, a suspension setup that strikes a good balance between sportiness and comfort and it’s in good condition. I’ve spotted only three small spots of rust: in front of the rear arches on both sides and behind the right-side front arch, under the mudflap.

It has 204kkm on the clock, which isn’t much… In Finland :stuck_out_tongue: a set of good winter tires and a decent set of summer tires. I’m thinking of buying some nice (used) wheels for it, too, mostly for the looks.

It’s pretty mint on the inside, too. I have no idea what that… pad thing is on the dash and I don’t want to touch it. Maybe I’ll peel it off with a screwdriver or something. The sound system is pretty bad, even worse than in the Clio. Clio has two semi-high quality speakers though, this one has… two a bit shit ones. Someone has taken the rear speakers out, the bastard.

How much did it set me back? 1500€.

What about Clio, then? Well, I washed and waxed it and drove it in a warm garage that I rented. It can stay there and sleep through the winter. Maybe next summer I can get some work done on it since I have a better daily now.


Nice purchase, hope it serves you well. Always liked that gen Accords.