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1991 Renault Clio 16V


Oh Jesus what have I done

(I’m slightly tipsy rn so if some of this is incoherent it’s because of alcohol)

There’s a Corolla of some sort in the background idk

So, a Renault. Couple of weeks ago I couldn’t even think about buying a French car and now I own one. I’m not sure if this is a lemon yet, but in the meantime it feels pretty good!

Thanks to @LS-Vehicles for driving this baby home btw. It wasn’t a very easy feat, the suspension is rock hard and we almost went deaf due to the noise inside. The tires are shit and the exhaust note is loud! The exhaust system has been slightly reworked, the exhaust tip is in the middle and there’s a Renault Sport straight through muffler.

So what kind of flaws are there? Well, they’re quite numerous but kinda small. First off, the fog lights have been taped over because the left one has been shattered. The radio can’t find channels when the car is moving, one - or maybe two - of the gauges in the middle don’t work, the left front brake is dragging and some light bulbs are dead. I’m also slightly worried if the engine is burning oil but there’s no blue smoke though.

It’s not all bad though. It feels like it just wants to go and it’s easy to drive when it’s up to speed. When stationary however it’s very hard to turn due to the lack of power steering. The clutch is very easy though.

So all in all it’s very fun, but it’s not much of a daily driver. But it’s my first car. So I’ll drive it daily.

I’m anxiously waiting for winter.

I’ll probably die lol


Stoopid car


That’s more exciting than 90% of cars in my country (Russia)
(I am drunk right now too, BOI
That’s the only way you could live it this country)


Man, that would actually make a sweet jalopy or Gambler here… is this a play toy, or your new daily? (not that there’s always a difference.)

Pardon the bad Google translate… Aina pelaaminen


What engine has it got? Looks a very nice car, there’s not a whole lot better than a mk1 clio… Except besides a 205 of course


It has the 1.8l 16V engine, aka F7P. It’s been slightly modified and should make around 150hp. This means that it’s performance should be on par with the Clio Williams.

And @VicVictory I’m going to daily this but it’s also going to be a plaything, I’m already thinking about a track day :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome car with awesome handling. Take care with the head gaskets!




HA YOU BLOODY MADMAN god i love you detsi pro homo image this is amazing. Pure amazeballs.


I’m drooling!!!
So sad, there were no Clio selling in Thailand, only R9 from grey importers and notorious “reliability” issue from the dealer and mechanic itself.