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1992 Family Sports Budget Sedan + hotlap (FINISHED)


Ahh, sorry about the engineering time! I thought I checked to make sure that was okay. As for other things!

Forged conrods because Japanese design and reliability, always! And low-friction pistons because fuel efficiency. And the exhaust mod was me just using the wrong one by mistake haha.

But thank you! I’m glad you sure enjoyed it :)))


Also, I got 1:15.114 on my first successful race, not a bad car at all, at first I was understeering all the time due to being used to driving RWD cars, but then I got the hang of it and well… that Kurin kept on chuggin :slight_smile:

…and I got a bit salty and tried to lap my car again and got 1:15.092, too bad I didn’t get that in the start, before I posted this thread :frowning:

I hope y’all try out my car too :sweat_smile:


That’s awesome! I’ve been trying to break into the 14’s with Kurin but to no avail. I’ll give the Isso a whirl!


Time for you to go again :yum:



So I think it mustn’t be a 2+2 or 2+3, then?

If this means even partial aluminum panels are not allowed (because that material includes steel and aluminum, not just the latter), then we can only choose plain or CR steel (treated steel does not become available until 1995).

As for emissions, is there an upper limit on that statistic, and if not, why not?


Yes, regular seats only.
Well, I thought that a cheap family car would be made of simple steel, sorry if that is a problem, but I wanted to regulate it.

I didn’t think too much about the emissions, only made cats mandatory, and if you wanted power you had to go with a highflow cat, which would also help emissions, but using more engineering time. There are always the older and more restricting cats, but thats for if you are really running low on e. time.


Did some hotlaps with the currently available cars…

Racer126, hope you will remake your car to fit current rules, cause this is one hot little car, with a bit more power it will beat all!


You all ready know :^)


Sorry, but your car made me angry after spending 30 minutes or more trying to set a good lap, it’s set up is just horrid, it understeers like a bad FWD car, but it is stable when accelerating, at least, while it’s setup lets you have some controlled drifts, when driving fast, at times, it just snaps and puts you in a wall, maybe after a while I could have set a good lap time, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. Also pls shorten the gearing!
I strongly advise you to remake it aswell. :slight_smile:


I lapped my car again, if more cars dont show up to this comp, this will be the time for all to beat :triumph:


Took your Izzo out for a run! And man is it fun!


sure is, she feels just about perfect other than the fact that she breaks loose easily.


Even still, with a wheel you can catch it and come out of a slide nicely and driving it at 10/10 is a blast :smiley:


Here’s my car: Scarab - Flare -92.car (31.1 KB)

I managed to catch a 1:11.802 around the track on the tube:
Hotlap around hiroshi short

And the car looks pretty, too :wink:


Veri nice, but one issue, it’s the safety, the minimum is standard but you have basic 80s.


Fixed it, video is uploading as I write


this is one hell of a car, I just wish it looked a bit better, i mean it’s pretty close to the period in appearance anyways, but I guess you are more interested in the mechanical side of the car more than the visual :smiley:


And i made it, tested it and drove it around the track in about an hour or so, so no, i didn’t pay that much attention to the looks :blush: Sorry


fair enough


Might try to make a little side mission of mine, where i try to modify my car to get a lap time of 1:10 or something close to it.
Will try that tomorrow.