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1992 Family Sports Budget Sedan + hotlap (FINISHED)


No worries, man. It would help to know what input device you are using to better tailor the car to your needs. I’ll be picking up a new desk today, so it may be a few hours at best before a new model is sent your way.


I use a ps3 controller.


I’ve got an idea in mind, but it involves a little bit of a loophole in the rules. Not necessarily to my advantage, but a loophole nonetheless (or at least something which is not specified)


Well spit out man


:joy: righto
probably anti climactic, but are wagon bodies allowed? It says nowhere on the rule list what body type is required


Well, yes, I wish I hadn’t written sedan in the thread title, cause the aim of the game is to make a sporty four door family car, not just a sedan specifically , I was expecting to see more hatchbacks then sedans, but oh well.


Ok. I thought I was cheating the system. Not sure if I will end up going with it but I’m a sucker for wagons so it’s good to have the option on my hands


So will you be accepting hatchbacks as well?




In which region? Gasmea, Fruinia and Archana all have very different values. I think Fruinia would be the most appropriate (and my car scores much better in it)


I’m pretty sure on default, in the sandbox, it’s all the countries.


Actually since the game updated I have no idea how the values refresh. Does anyone?


I believe it currently only use gasmea in sandbox judging by the values you get in LC :slight_smile:


I think it’s automatically in gasmea, but I’m not sure


Is this challenge still open?


Till May.


Is it considered to be an “unhealthy engine”? I mean, getting turbo in the green zone requires much bigger diameters, which harm performance a lot.


Atleast light green, please. Think of the guy who will be dropping his kids off at school in the morning and driving it on the track during the day. It needs to survive this life that it’s destined for :stuck_out_tongue:


Compressor and Turbine being red is refering to the way the turbo breaths at high RPM, these should not be on the table for a “healthy” engine, only the condition of the valves, rods, pistons and crank. If the Turbo inducer/exducer flow rating of red effected the engines longevity, it would show in the reliability.

Just my 2 cents.


The same can be said for any of those stats, really. And in fact any of the mechanical components of the engine for that matter. Anything that isn’t “green” here is already factored into the engine’s performance, and likewise anything like pistons/rods/crankshaft being anything other than “in the green” is already factored into reliability, service cost and the like. Heavily.

“Everything in the green” is a stupid and arbitrary restriction that doesn’t make any sense. If it did make sense, it would be used in every other challenge on the forums, and yet this is the only one I can think of that’s used it…