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1994 New York International Auto Show


The year 2000 is here

Redefining urban mobility for the 21st century, July 4th


Introducing the all-new 1995 Hampton Hawkeye.

Clockwise from top left: 4.6 Coupe, 4.6 Convertible and 5.4 Coupe.

Our largest and most opulent two-door car to date, the Hawkeye, has finally arrived, and will go on sale in the fourth quarter of 1994 as a 1995 model. This grand tourer boasts seating for four, and a wide array of standard equipment, including a high-end audio system with CD player, climate-controlled air conditioning, advanced air suspension with adaptive dampers, a luxurious interior with genuine leather and woodgrain trim, dual airbags, anti-lock brakes and traction control. Metallic and pearlescent paints are no-cost options across the range.

Pricing for the Hawkeye range are as follows:

  • 4.6 (325-bhp V8, 5-speed automatic transmission only) - from $54,600 AMU (coupe), $56,500 AMU (convertible)
  • 5.4 (405-bhp V8, 6-speed manual transmission only, limited annual availability) - from $66,500 AMU

Please contact your nearest dealership for test drive inquiries.



The art of motorsport has entered a new era.
Introducing the Velocia 320SX.

Satsuo has achieved engineering perfection with the new Velocia 320SX. Powerful, light, with styling looking to the future, the Velocia is supercar fighting performance in a sports car package. Under the hood holds the heart of the beast: the SR-D 320TR. This 3.0L Inline 5 powerplant generates well over 100hp per liter*. In shedding some of its GT sensibilities, the 320SX weighs under 3100 lbs. These elements work together to bring the Velocia from 0-62 mph in 5 seconds flat. The handling is just as fine tuned as straightline performance. The Velocia provides every type of driving thrill one could wish for. This is the sports car of the 90s.

The 320SX will be available later this year starting at $33,100.

Don't take our word for it, take it for a test drive.

Satsuo_Velocia_-_320SX.car (97.3 KB)


3.0 inline 5 :heart:


Like the 70s Mercedes 300D, but it didn’t make 100 hp even per 3 liter… :smiley:


Introducing the TransCargo VaneX in the United States! (with a little surprise too)

The VaneX is TransCargo’s currently top-of-the-range van, and to inaugurate the start of our endeavor to expand our market to the US, we’ve built something a bit special
The TransCargo VaneX "51"

The VaneX “51” is the ultimate version of the VaneX: it’s powered by a 5.1L turbocharged V8 developed by molding two standard VaneX’s I4 together and strapping two big turbos on it, because why not!
This V8 is capable of 748hp@7100rpm and 773Nm@6600rpm, and, thanks to a 5-speed manual transmission and AWD, can make this van reach a top speed of 317km/h and a 0-100 time of 3.9s
Even though it’s not street legal, it can still haul a respectable 944kg of cargo, so you could run around the Nurburgring with almost two Lotus Elan in the back while proudly showing your support for the great British/French car industry in the most American way possible!

If you want to try it, here it is! (please don’t hurt yourself) TransCargo_VaneX_-_51.car (36.4 KB)

TransCargo Commercial Vehicles, The Best Anglo/French Collaboration Since Concorde


Say hello to the 1995 Hakaru C25, a rugged and capable SUV, new in the Hakaru family.

With the steady arrival of the year 2000, Hakaru has got you covered with the C25; a reliable and sturdy 4x4 that can carry a large amount of cargo in the rear, and still have space for 5 people and a comfortable amount of legroom in the rear.

Pictured above is the SE trim C25, with a 2.0L JGR2-FZ engine option.

Engines range from a 1.8L petrol i4 to a 3.6L V8 in the C25 Shinrin.
Prices will start at $18500 for the base model 1.8L.

An optional tailgate spare wheel can be specified at your local dealer.


The first ever Endevia - the impressive luxury you expect from Farox, complete with immense capability off the beaten path.

Underneath is a newly developed chassis, a platform specifically for this SUV. What sets it apart from other Farox chassis designs is its unibody construction, and fully independent suspension setup, which allows for room to more easily accommodate locking differentials, a 4WD system with low range, and ultimately, greater flexibility in choice of terrain - be it on the street, or in the mud. Its extended length allows for a roomy cabin, and accomodation for up to 6 total passengers thanks to an optional second-row captains chair and third row design.

Powering this 4500-lb luxury vault is Farox’s most recent and highly-acclaimed S8 engine - displacing the same 4.6L and supplying the same 290 smooth horsepowers that you’re used to. Coupled to this powerplant is an electronically controlled 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. If the slowpoke SUV stereotype worries you, have no fears here. An acceleration to highway speeds from a stop takes no more than 9 seconds tops.

Inside, you’ll find familiar Farox quality materials that encompass a new style of luxury, following a more European-style modern layout to keep with the times. A premium sound system allows you to play cassettes or CDs if you tick the box on the options list. Trims include the base model 4.6 SE, and the upgraded 4.6 SEL. As for wheel options, 17-inch wheels come standard, however you can upgrade to some more luxurios 18-inch multispoke wheels as well.

Prices start at just $43,595 for an SE model, whereas a fully-optioned SEL could top $49,395 - much less than an equivalent Range Rover Estate Roamer, for the same quality and more impressive longevity.

Sign up for a test drive today!


Loving my new Endevia SEL :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


1994   SEIKATSU   CAT4

1994 Seikatsu CAT4 200Q Type L

"ALL   IN   ONE"

For the 1995 model year, Seikatsu is introducing the all-new CAT4 compact sports utility vehicle. The name "CAT4" stands for Compact, All-Terrain, 4-wheel drive, but this is far different from your average SUV. The CAT4 uses a unibody chassis shared with our "Esper" compact car, which grants it the drivability of a regular passenger car instead of the truck-like handling of a full-size SUV.

Optional part-time all-wheel drive, with front-wheel drive standard.


Fully independent double wishbone suspension in the front and rear ensure a smooth and easy driving experience. It also allows for superb ground clearance, and the CAT4 can traverse sandy, snowy, and muddy terrain as effortlessly as larger, dedicated off-roaders. A viscous limited-slip differential is optional on front-wheel drive models and standard on all-wheel drive models to provide ultimate traction.

Multiple engine and transmission choices available for the needs of every driver.


The CAT4 is tough and built to last; with plastic body cladding, reinforced bumper construction, and 15-16" steel or alloy wheels, it can withstand any temperature come rain or shine. Optional door guards protect body panels from dents and scratches. It is available with either 3 or 5 doors, and depending on region, even a 3-door panel van is available for fleet customers.

Two engine choices are available; a 2.0L DOHC 16-valve I4, naturally aspirated and delivering 128hp, or a 2.0L DOHC 16-valve turbocharged I4, capable of producing 180hp. Combined with a four or five-speed automatic with high and low range gears, the CAT4 can be built and configured as needed to fulfill your needs.

Hue option shown is "NIGHTFALL WINTERGREEN-X"


Combining the toughness, off road capabilities, and carrying capacity of a SUV with the drivability, economy, and familiarity of a unibody compact car, it's no wonder the CAT4 is not just an all-new vehicle; it's our next evolutionary step in the automotive industry entirely. As our lifestyles grow more and more diverse, we demand more and more from our cars, which often cannot meet these demands. But the CAT4 is the one that can do it all, and more.

The Seikatsu CAT4 will be available in December of this year, starting at $14300. EPA fuel economy estimates are 30-38mpg combined depending on powertrain and transmission choice and bodystyle.

Since when were test drives a thing? Oh well, have fun.

Seikatsu_CAT4_-_200Q_Type_L_5AT.car (127.4 KB)

Baltazar Urban Vision 2000

Baltazar is proud to show its vision for mobility in the year 2000. Urban spaces are becoming more crowded, with more and more people moving from rural areas to create even larger agglomerations. Cities such as Paris and Rome have a decades long struggle with traffic and parking conditions for its residents.

For us, the solution was simple, to create a smart and efficient vehicle, capable of maximizing interior space, while minimizing exterior footprint. The Urban Vision 2000 was created to display Baltazar thinking on tackling the problems of the 21st century.

The ideal city car should be capable of answering most of the daily needs of its owner, including seating 4 people, carrying luggage and provide excellent visibility, maneuverability and low owning costs, both in purchase and during ownership.

In this Urban Vision 2000, the car was reinvented from the ground up, starting with the revolutionary spaceframe design for the chassis. This allowed engineers to create a much stiffer structure for the car, while maintaining tooling costs low - which means a lower purchase price for customers and the possibility of manufacturing the car in smaller factories, closer to the final customer, reducing the needs for extensive supply chains and shipping of parts and finished cars across the world, encouraging local sourcing of components and jobs.
The engine was put underneath the rear seats, in a central position, to improve the usage of space in the cabin, allowing for flexible seating arrangements. This also allows the front wheels to steer to higher angles, making the turning circle smaller, making parking easier.

The canopy style bubble is made out of poly-carbonate material for increased rigidity, hardness and durability. Crucially, no glass is required, making this easier to manufacture on the smaller factories planned for this car. The roof also allows a perfect 360 view outside the vehicle, improving navigation across small cities and providing a perfect vantage point for the beauties of the world.
In order to allow easiest possible access to occupants in both the front and back, even in tight parking spaces, the car has two mechanically-powered sliding doors, which are ample enough for access on all seats. The doors, as is the rest of the body, are made of glassfibre reinforced composite, once again to allow for easier manufacturing and reduce weight.

Once inside, the four seats can be individually adjusted forwards and backwards, with a vast array of configurations available, including aligning front and rear seats for a full length double bed across the cabin, and rotating the front seats to create a lounge area. Moving the engine to the middle allowed the front area to become a storage compartment with 150 litres of space, which can be complemented by the room inside, which can vary between 90 and 650 litres according to the rear most seat position.

To allow for the revolutionary cabin flexibility, the engine is a 4-cylinder Boxer unit, with 1260 cc, with 71 hp. The engine is designed as a modular design, with a 660 cc opposed 2-cylinder unit in plans for the Japanese Kei Car legislation requirements. Meanwhile, the suspension is independent in all 4-corners, using a double wishbone set up front and rear, for perfect wheel control and matching perfectly to the spaceframe chassis.

The Urban Vision 2000 is just a concept, but all the ideas put forward are feasible and were considered for future production. The final production version is under development at Baltazar headquarters, with a planned release for the 1998 model year.

More photos and blueprints

Baltazar_Vision_2000_-_Teal_Navy_and_Silver.car (54.1 KB)

Baltazar_Vision_2000_-_White_Black.car (54.7 KB)


Mont Royal FLC

Royal Canadian Motors is proud to announce the return of the Mont Royal luxury brand! Planned to launch for 1997, the Future Luxury Concept is a teaser at what luxury buyers can expect in the near future. Keep an eye on our new website for the latest news at www.Mont-Royal.com


Silver-York at the NYIAS

Silver-York is proud to be at the New York International Automobile show, It always means alot to present exciting new products in our home state, it’s 1994 and this year Silver-York turns 90 years old this year. Founded not to far from NYC in Albany. Now based in the city of NYC it’s great to bring products to the fans, but especially on our home turf.

This year is a very special year, presenting many new and revised cars (some not on display cause I haven’t made them but hush). But most importantly presenting to you all our offer into the NU-ERA

presenting the NU-ERA project on the main stage

"Silver-York is proud to present to you the most innovative and special project Silver-York has been involved in for many years. With this I shall break down what these letters above me actually mean the NU-ERA. National Union of Engineering, Research and Advancement.
This likely means very little to you currently but I shall now explain so all can understand, this huge step in innovation and the changing face of the American Automotive industry.

The 1990s started out rough for the American automotive industry. Domestic manufacturers had been steadily losing market share to imports since the 1970s, and the recession near the beginning of the decade swept the industry with unemployment. In light of persistent competition from foreign automakers, President Bill Clinton arranged a conference around 1993 with the heads of Farox, Rigore, Silver-York and Sisten to discuss the future of the American automotive industry. During the discussions, it was agreed that the ever-evolving fuel economy and emissions regulations became a focal point for climate change. An idea soon started evolving from these discussions, which would involve the four manufacturers working together to create an engine- and platform combo which would power upcoming, highly fuel-efficient vehicles. A project this ambitious was unheard of, especially in the US Hoping to be “the innovation the American automotive industry needs,” the four companies would embark on their engineering partnership.

Specific goals pertaining to efficiency and emissions were set during the engineering phase of the project, along with a shared platform and engine design. The modular turbocharged 4 cylinder design was settled on early into the process and could be converted into a V8 with cylinder deactivation technology. Combined with a lightweight chassis, production vehicles were supposed to average at least 40 miles per gallon with the 4 cylinder variant or 30 mpg with a V8.

Prior to mass-producing their final cars, the manufacturers agreed to produce concept vehicles to test the waters by gauging public reaction. All four concept cars were revealed in 1994 at the New York International Auto Show.

This project is one of the biggest undertakings of Silver-York, and you heard that right this is a development project from not just Silver-York but from some of the leading automotive brands in the United States of America.
Rigore @titleguy1,
Sisten @CorsicaUnknown,
Farox @On3CherryShake,
and Finally us Silver-York."

For 1994 Silver-York Epsilon

This Epsilon is Silver-York’s entry into the future of luxury, bringing world-class luxury into the future, it offers everything from Silver-York and so much more. Complete with hand made all Aluminum shell sat on our NU-ERA developed modular Chassis. Powering this wonderful automobile is the innovative AMERCO8 engine, a 4.4L Technology orientated Twin Turbo V8. This engine offers all of the purity of a traditional large V8 found in a true full-size luxury sedan however adding the innovation of downsized economic engine. Now what this means to you the consumer is this small V8 is as smooth as ever, and as quiet as our heyday models of the past while also providing you with 270HP. This engine coupled to our all-new-state-of-the-art-computer-enhanced Automatic gearbox ensures that this car feels as smooth as it looks. It also allows this specialist sedan to power itself from a standing stop to highway speeds in under 7 seconds, all of this is done through the rear wheels and yet! The car still provides an incredible 33MPG, and that’s not even at highway speeds! that’s our average, cruising at 55MPH as expected for a big luxury sedan like this, 50MPG can easily be expected. This is thanks to our innovative cylinder deactivation technology codeveloped directly with Farox.

Continuing with the innovations of this all-new Epsilon sedan it brings to you a brand new design never seen in a Silver-York project. Although featuring a modern sleek body, enhancing its economic factor... *which might we remind you that this flagship-grade sedan provides you an mpg of 33*. It still remains true to Silver-York, with it's stacked headlights a nod to the great sedans of the 60s, and it's a modern yet traditional rear light shape similar to models of the 70s. Everything about this car is true Silver-York, besides its economic factor. These are never before seen figures in a Silver-York: From it's economic factors, to its pure innovation. From its pure grade natural leather interior, which makes use of no plastics and is constructed from only the most sustainably and naturally sourced materials and parts.

Connecting this car to the ground is its pure Silver-York air suspension. If you think you’ve experienced luxury in a car before this will change everything. It takes everything that purists love of our 50s-60s-70s ride style, that pure-plush-cloud-like ride but makes it responsive and safe. This is a car that doesn’t wallow in bends or crash heavy in dangerous movements. It stays planted and safe. Responsive yet relaxed. Secure yet Nostalgic.

This is the biggest shake-up in the American Auto Industry in decades, and Silver-York is proud to be apart of it.

The production model of these will be out in several years, and we promise. It won’t disappoint.

Silver-York, Reigniting our own motto of “Technology of tomorrow, Luxury of yesteryear”


Credit to @titleguy1 for the images.

Farox is proud to present their second vehicle at New York this year. Developed in conjunction with the Rigore Zaphkiel, Sisten Ascea and Silver-York Epsilon, the Savante-8 concept has been developed with signature Farox quality, luxury, and ultra-efficiency in mind.

The sleek and stylish body is made entirely of aluminium, much like the others, to ensure rigidity and lightness. It also features unibody construction on the NU-ERA platform, integrating the chassis and body in one harmonius structure. To improve ride and handling, a 5-link rear suspension design is used, which helps to achieve a ride unlike any other car we’ve ever made – believe it or not.

The engine, as you’ve probably learned from the other stands, comes from a 2.2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with the most advanced technology available. However, Farox Savante-8 and Silver-York Epsilon have gone the opulent route and have created a 4.4L V8 based on the same engine, with twin turbochargers. All of this results in an engine that produces a strong 300 horsepower and an even stronger 340 lb-ft of torque from 2,300–4,300 RPM, making for a surprisingly powerful and effortless drive, and an impressive 6.2 second sprint to 60 - especially considering that it’s efficient enough to score you up to an unprecedented 33 miles/gallon in combined driving.

The Savante-8 was styled to look like a luxury yacht – only this is one that you can afford. The design features functional beauty with sleek lines, wrapped up in an intelligent package. Farox designers from Europe and America worked together to create the original silhouette. A long wheelbase and short overhangs give the Savante-8 a muscular stance, highlighted by 18-inch wheels to create a luxurious look that you’ll never be able to take your eyes off of.

The design will help to serve as a basis for most Farox vehicles moving forward.

The Savante-8 is a bold statement against traditional and futuristic luxury automobiles alike, and Farox is proud to announce that we will be commencing a limited production run in the near future.

This is the bold new face of Farox, and the start of a new era in the automotive scene.

“Give in to temptation.”


Rigore proudly introduces the 1994 Zaphkiel Cabriolet Concept. Developed in conjunction with the major American automakers Farox, Silver-York, and Sisten, the high-performance Zaphkiel combines Rigore’s principles of performance, luxury, and envelope-pushing design into one package.

The Zaphkiel shares its base engine design with the other three concepts. Powering the cabriolet is a 2.2 liter turbocharged inline 4 producing 195 horsepower. Mated to a 5 speed manual and sending power to all four wheels, the Zaphkiel returns up to 55 mpg highway whilst also attaining a tested 8.5 second 0-60 time. The active all-wheel drive system is an evolution of Rigore’s established all-weather traction system. Designed for maximum driver satisfaction, the system sends power only to the rear wheels to lower rolling resistance and raise fuel economy. When the driver begins to push the vehicle, it sends torque to the outermost wheels to decrease the turning circle and to create a tighter, more focused driving experience.

The Zaphkiel Cabriolet Concept is an exercise on innovative chassis and body engineering. The lightweight steel monocoque is accompanied by an ultra-strong aluminum body. Resulting from the light body is a curb weight under 1500 kgs, impressive for the vehicle’s 4-seat cabriolet configuration and overall 188 inch length. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and forged alloy wheels keep the Zaphkiel planted on any road, whilst electronic stability technology provides safety and security in all conditions.

No Rigore concept is complete without stunning bodywork that previews the future of the auto industry; the Zaphkiel’s sharp design is characterized by flowing, horizontal crease lines which run along the entirety of the body. An unbreaking line swoops off of the edge of the headlights, elegantly traversing along the flanks of the vehicle, and making its resolution at the split taillight design, mirroring the front end. The Zaphkiel’s “infinity grill” design shows active aero slats placed in increments of 0.5° from the center, thus creating a simple and dynamic visual with great functionality to boot.

A high-tech interior with a view directly into the 21st century, the Zaphkiel captures Rigore’s performance driven style whilst mating comfort and sustainability. Recyclable upholstery provides a sumptuous leatherette material whilst also being environmentally friendly. An LCD global positioning system is innovative fare for Rigore and is soon to make its way to production Rigore vehicles; the GPS places you on a satellite-powered map and can route you to infinite locations at the push of a button. A digital gauge cluster provides all the information the driver needs in full clarity. In conjunction with the dashboard-level vehicle display layer, the driver’s line of sight remains on the road whilst also easily viewing the conditions of the car.

Rigore. Perfection in Performance.


Big thank you to @titleguy1 for the images.

at the NYIAS

The 1994 Sisten Ascea Concept

At the most important automotive showcase event of the year, Sisten is proud to introduce the Ascea Concept Sedan. Designed alongside the Rigore Zaphkiel, Farox Savante 8 and Silver-York Epsilon, the Ascea has been developed with driving gratification, high efficiency and affordable costs in mind.


National Union of Engineering, Research and Advancement. For years, Sisten,
– Silver-York @ProfessorP3PP3R , –
– Rigore @titleguy1
– and Farox @On3CherryShake
have worked tirelessly towards a simple, yet important goal; a clean future for us all. To reach this significant objective, the four manufacturers have joined forces with engineering innovations concerning engine, gearbox and platform developments which will allow for more fuel-efficient and clean vehicles to be produced.


Each body panel has been carefully crafted from aluminium, to ensure a body structure which weighs as little as possible. Weight saving innovations are found throughout the entire car, including holes within the side windows which the passengers don’t see, and ultra lightweight alloy wheels. This results in a mid-size which weighs just 1300 kilograms (2870 lb).

What powers the Ascea is a 2.2 inline-4 engine, shared with the Rigore Zaphkiel. With an advanced turbocharger and electronic fuel injection, and with the powerplant joined to a 5-speed manual gearbox and a front-wheel drive layout, the Ascea returns over 48 Miles per Gallon. As the main goal of NU-ERA is not limited to purely fuel efficiency, the Ascea excells at emissions as well: emitting just 85g of CO2/100km, the Ascea is the cleanest vehicle ever produced by Sisten.


What lies ahead is the adaption of mass-production for the Ascea. The goal for Sisten is to market the production version for under $20,000 (price correct as of 1994). Stay tuned in the upcoming years for the road that lies ahead. We can’t wait to show you, what we have lined up next.

SISTEN - The Power to Amaze.


All amazing vehicles! So carefully planned and put together to create this amazing story! Can’t wait to see something like this again in the future! :smile:


For the fifth time in history, IP is presenting a new generation Colibri. With a high safety level despite its size, thank to a standard drivers side air bag (passenger side optional), steel beams in all doors, pretensioning seatbelts and headrests on all outboard positions, just to name a few things. With fit and finish that was only seen on large, expensive cars some years ago. With improved comfort and road holding that might change the way you look at small cars forever. With many standard features you didn’t think did exist in this class and an even longer list of options.

Available as an economical 1.4 litre, strong 1.6 litre or sporty 2 litre. Sedan or hatchback. Manual or automatic. The choice is all yours. And before you test drive a large car, visit your IP dealer and go for a ride in a Colibri. Chances are that you will find out that some old truths aren’t as true anymore as they once were.