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1997 Daewoo Lanos 1.5 S - THE ULTIMATE AUTOSHITE


Latvia, city of Daugavpils, if I recall correctly, I glanced the ad over, only remembered it’s not in the capital city.
Also the golf 3 and 4 are the “go to” budget “ass draggers” around here. As in they drag your ass to work and back and that’s it. Ofcourse there’s some Korean and Japanese cars in the budget, but for some reason german cars dominate here.


Holy shit I very much doubt you can get anything Euro for that price around here. Especially Golf. They’re so way overpriced around here it’s disturbing.


Yeah I wanted one as a first car, no sir


Well you can’t get anything with an LS v8 here for any reasonable enough kind of cash. Also nothing SR, RB or 2JZ powered. Like I said, this is a German country and we’re stuck driving BMW’s for our petrolhead needs, and the Golf is our variant of a corolla :slight_smile:


Oh fcuk, I’ve forgot about this thread!

So update, update!
I’ve sold the car. Two months ago. Why? Well I’d like to keep it, but it would be nearly completely useless in Warsaw, on my studies, and yet it would still cost me relatively lot of money. Sad, but at least it didn’t devour all I’ve earned in the summer for just standing around.

Selling it turned out to be surprisingly easy. The guy who finally bought it didn’t even take it for a ride before signing up the contract :smile: But a situation before was even funnier, when another person seeing the car said that… the interior was in a good condition :joy: I had to try hard not to laugh. There wasn’t a single thing in that interior that was in a good condition.

From the perspective, buying it wasn’t the best decision ever :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve dailied worse. This one seems ok enough.


Nah, it’s not about that. I would still drive it, sure. There was no major problem with the car, especially after I’ve invested a bit. The problem was that I bought the car when I didn’t need it at all and didn’t have enough spare money to spend on maintaining a car being little more than a toy. And a car, even such as this one, is a bit expensive for just a student’s toy :stuck_out_tongue:


Well… I don’t know how good a toy would a lanos be. I don’t really need a car myself, so both my toys are more…sporty I guess. They are also both disassembled


For me right now a car just needs to be working to be a good toy :smile:


Young whippersnapper mode. “If it drives - it’s fun” :smiley:


Just Came across this thread, & Chyme in to say that they pop up for sale from time here in Canada, Currently the Only one I could find for sale is a 99 in Truro, NS for $950 (about 623.52 Eur):

Other than that, Looking at a thread I Posted on the Chumpcar Forums where I sometimes post cheap cars I come across when I look around to see what’s available for cheap, There’s a Post from back in May where I posted a 2000 that was for sale local for $275 (about 180.39 Eur)

Both 2 (3) Door Hatches, The one that was for sale Local back in May was a 5 Speed Stick, The one Currently for Sale in NS is a Auto.


86hp when new. Lost a lot due to kms. Plus added weight of the LPG system, plus possible power losses due to lpg. Oh deary me. xD But 220 euro is 220 euro. Did you score a profit when you sold it?


Not in the slightest, if counting in required repair and replacement cost - in fact I lost more than the car was worth. But if we ignore all that, then yeah, a “profit” of about 40 €.


I see. Well, old beater car life, what could you do.
Damn, 50 cans of beer. Pretty good.


[quote=“squidhead, post:29, topic:21343, full:true”]
Well… I don’t know how good a toy would a lanos be. [/quote]

Clearly you’ve never heard of the Gambler 500… :rofl: