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1999 Ford *Freedom* Mondeo ST200


Thanks for that @martin324 reminded me I had stuff to share, there was the Meet in Oregon I went to. 2,200 Mile round trip, a total of 19 SVT Contours from CA, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington showed up. We had an Auto Cross on day 1, and a general meet on day 2. It was a blast.

Three of us carpooled on our way back from Portland, all the way to Redding CA, where we each went our own way.

The guy who drove from New Mexico had a legit log of his travel and made a great blog about it. Check it out.

This is a ride-along for the most modified CSVT in the group.


Little fun tidbit. Today I called Ford Performance (SVT/ST) My Silver car is build #2019 of 2760 Built Apr 23rd 1999, while the black one I parted out is #1017/2760 Built Jan 27th 1999.


It’s tedious work, but it’s gotta be done!


Doing the same thing to the upper intake manifold is even more annoying.