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1999 Ford *Freedom* Mondeo ST200


Something just wasn’t right with my first SVT, it wasn’t over heating, and it wasn’t loosing coolant, but the system was not building pressure after a long drive. I decided to just tear into it as a preventative measure. Low and behold I found my problem. The car was still equipped with it’s OE water pump, and the housings are known for the water flow ring to separate. That is what happened here, however I caught it soon enough that water was still flowing, but very slowly. So slow that the only flow was to the heatercore, which may be why the engine is still fine, as it had been very cold lately and I had the heater on. But with it warming outside now, I wanted to dig in and find the problem.


Awful never fails to live up. Rear caliper bolts are stripped, toe arms are mangled. Strut mounting bolts are rounded off.


These things are sent to try us. Perks of old cars, you never know who’s been there before.

However, sounds like you could use a visit from famed UK based super hero Angle Grinder Man - yes, an actual person.