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1999 Subaru Legacy Outback Limited --> 2011 Scion tC


Been there, done that. Looks fun, isn’t really. Also seems you’ve got the soft roll, and hope you’re fine.


Forgot to update on this.

The car is actually completely fine, and got an oil change while in the shop (which I was going to do in a few days before I crashed). The two dents it got on the roof were in the areas where the higher spec had twin sunroofs and I easily popped them out just from pushing on them from inside.
It will need the two doors and the fender but they’re not an issue when driving it, so I’m hoping to see one of the same colour pop up in the local yards sometime soon. Or at least green with the grey two-tone to make it a cheaper paint job, since that’s the one part I likely won’t do myself.


We can steal my neighbor’s 3.0 Limited… it’s the right color. You can have the exterior panels, I get all the leather from the interior. :smiley:


So this last weekend was the end of my ownership of the Outback. After nearly two years of ownership and 227,000 miles (close to 365,000 km) on the clock, I drove it to its final resting place where it will be used as a donor car for another Outback.

As for the replacement car, I bought the 2011 Scion tC from my dad that I helped him pick out back in the spring of 2011 (with shitspec steelies for the winter) now with just over 161,000 km on the clock.

As for a fitting goodbye for the Outback, when cleaning it out I found a few apples that rolled out of the bag when I went apple picking in late September. The cold temperatures for most of the time since managed to preserve them and so they’ve been used to make an apple crumble. And so at that, I’ll eat to the memories I have had with the Outback over the last two years.