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1999 Toyota Corolla 1.3 G6


That looks like mixed coolant, HOAT with Ethylene glycol, flush it soon.


Already beat you to it man, just not posted up yet. Not a chance in hell I was driving it round making cream cheese.

Strangely (or as I’m rather hoping) the coolant that was in was fine with the coolant that was put in to top it up - just rusty. They weren’t mixed types and were fine for a week and about 300 miles, then suddenly in one journey maximum cream cheese.


Tbh it looks a lot more edible than some of those American cheeses…


As a 'Murican, I can confirm


We’ll be having none of them advisories here:

Admittedly it’s original rear brake discs finally had to be changed but no matter, can’t really complain. Also done a few hundred miles now sans any cream cheese in the radiator, I am pleased to report.


Sodding car.

I have no luck with this thing, belts in particular seemingly. June 2017, 21000 miles ago, had a new Gates timing belt kit fitted. Recently the usual whine it does has developed a rattly noise and like a rubbing/grinding when the car warms up.

Of course it couldn’t be an ancillary I could just change cheaply and easily when I get one, no no, the timing belt tensioner bearing is having a bad time and dying, joy of joys.

I hope the boat is quick with the Blade on it.


As that whine had been such a slow developer I hadn’t really noticed how bad it had gotten, it was only when the rattling/rubbing sounds started I had an oh shit moment, and discovered the above. When I first started it up after fitting a new cambelt kit I thought something wasn’t right because it was suddenly so quiet.

Turns out it was actually the idler pulley as opposed to the tensioner, and it got marginally quieter before it was changed. Somehow the tension on it was keeping it in a better state than off the car, where it was fairly obviously totally shagged when just trying to spin it by hand and seemed to be just waiting for the right second to drop to bits.

Anyway, not to worry, sorted now. Still have a dodgy 2nd gear but not entirely sure there’s a lot I can do there without spending a fortune trying to find or get parts for a rare as hell gearbox.



Forgot to post bonus spammery here, mileage peaked a few days ago and won’t be as good again for a while.


And no, it wasn’t me taking the photo before anyone asks.