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2000 Honda Accord SE 2.0i VTEC [RIP]


HA, don’t worry I realised :wink: Also excellent use of KOTH there!

@On3CherryShake thank you for the kind words!


The Accord is toast - what should you replace it with, then?

Edit: If you really want to trade up to another Honda, a Legend - the Accord’s larger sibling, and a leftfield choice among large executive cars - might be a good idea if you can find one in good nick.


@abg7 As of yet, not sure. Dream would be another honda tbh


Damn, sorry to hear that man. Keep us posted, hope it all works out. :open_mouth:


@Slim_Jim Cheers dude, plans are in the works for a replacement tho :smirk:


F :sweat:


Ouch. I felt like that when my 93 Civic got stolen a while back.
And what you said about driving an old Honda with a stick is absolutely true. the 93 Civic (in Shingo red!) was the 1st stickshift I owned. The D16Z6 was a joy to rev out to the 7,200 rpm redline (on only a single overhead cam) and the manual gearbox was one of the best I ever felt. Not even my Speed3’s is as precise and compliant. And because the car is so damn light, it handles like a go-kart. It just makes you want to push it hard.


IKR! It was odd cause I first got the Accord I thought the gear throw was huge. But give it a few drives and it just makes sense, every change feels so bloody good. And 7200rpm in an old Civic, fuck me, sounds like heaven :smiley:

*Forgot to add, so sorry about the car getting nicked. Just not on is it :’(


That was 2 years ago now. It’s long gone. Although a few EF Civic SI hatchbacks have popped up for sale recently. Been considering it.


Gaaawaaaaannn, you know you want to :wink:


Sad react only :disappointed_relieved:


Press F to pay respects.