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2000 Honda Accord SE 2.0i VTEC


Filmed on my phone mounted to one of those hands-free mounts. Shook so damn much that even with video stabilisation on the quality was questionable


What a cool road, best place to drive a cool car like Hondas c:


Thanks for sharing! Although to be honest, I’d probably be one of those slow driving tourists too. :rofl: Those views are incredible. A far cry from the concrete jungle I see everyday.

Oh and, VTEC FTW!! :heart_eyes: (I had to throw that in there lol)


@MasterDoggo I’d like to think so, anything to get the VTAAAC going :wink:

@Slim_Jim Yeah the views really aren’t half bad are they, think it’s about 400m above sea level at peak.


I never seen that type accord for 2000. I always have seen these with paint fade on the back or on the front


Btw your car looks very good for being 18!

i should not be putting other cars on your forum…


That’s the US spec Accord.

Here, in Europe, is different, since the fifth-gen.

Here it was a mid-size sedan.

And, Deus, Honda quality. Indestructible.