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2000 Honda Accord SE 2.0i VTEC


Filmed on my phone mounted to one of those hands-free mounts. Shook so damn much that even with video stabilisation on the quality was questionable


What a cool road, best place to drive a cool car like Hondas c:


Thanks for sharing! Although to be honest, I’d probably be one of those slow driving tourists too. :rofl: Those views are incredible. A far cry from the concrete jungle I see everyday.

Oh and, VTEC FTW!! :heart_eyes: (I had to throw that in there lol)


@MasterDoggo I’d like to think so, anything to get the VTAAAC going :wink:

@Slim_Jim Yeah the views really aren’t half bad are they, think it’s about 400m above sea level at peak.


I never seen that type accord for 2000. I always have seen these with paint fade on the back or on the front


Btw your car looks very good for being 18!

i should not be putting other cars on your forum…


That’s the US spec Accord.

Here, in Europe, is different, since the fifth-gen.

Here it was a mid-size sedan.

And, Deus, Honda quality. Indestructible.


Go back to that road on a Sunday before 8am, trust me it will be empty, provided the weathers good


I wish I could, but I’m currently 200-and-something miles from it :slightly_frowning_face:


I’d have loved to take the Maxima to Wales when I was there in March, but the fuel costs would have been ridiculous, and it’d probably have broken down all the time, due to having been built in Japan and not Europe. Like my previous french built Renault was way more reliable than the Nissan with over triple the mileage.


It’s well worth going to if you can ever make it back. Worth every penny of however much it costs to get there :wink:


But first I need to get myself something that handles better, has the power for the uphill, sounds better, has better brakes, won’t rust and is more reliable.


Buy a hot hatch and be like every other driver up on those roads


I think this is juuust mad enough.



A solid choice. Watch out for those pesky driveshafts that like to detach from the car every so often!


“80s Alfa, because japanese cars are unreliable”…


“This heatwave Britain is having is fantastic”

It’s also a fantastic oppurtunity to sort out the air con on the Accord, which has been pretty much non-existant since I got it. A quick rummage around my step dad’s garage (which is renowned for having many, many cans and canisters of car products, as well as two entire Jaguar XJ40 drivetrains) and I find a refill bottle of refrigerant…

Honda, being such a lovely and logical company, put the aircon service port in an easy to reach place. Initial reading shows that its low on the cool stuff, and annoyingly, this canister I found is almost empty.

Quick trip down to Halfords and £40 later (that’s even with the £10 discount you get for returning old canisters :sweat:) and we’ve filled the system back up. Interior is now ice cold and I won’t need to worry about sweating like a Floridian every time I drive to work.


“The Accord goes continental”

It’s been one hell of a summer of driving for me, and the Accord has been there for the whole thing. It’s survived going to a festival, commuting me to work most days and has now even had a taste of driving in the wrong side of the road.

France, the Netherlands and Belgium in 2 days. European roads sure are nice but holy god are they boring. Probably didn’t help that we were in one of the flattest parts of the continent, but even then, a distinct lack of corners and a million roundabouts is dull to say the least.

I know it’s sad and soppy to say, but I genuinely love this car. It’s a money pit that’s for sure, but a fun one at that. I thought it’d take me ages to get over the Arousa but the Accord really has won me over. Great to drive, very comfortable and very practical. And I’ve yet to lose my temper in it, which for someone with slight anger issues (that are actually quite serious and that I haven’t ever properly dealt with but that’s another story for another time) is frankly miraculous.