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2000 Nissan Stagea - The Double Unicorn


The car has now boarded the boat and is on its 40+ day voyage to Europe, now to hope the whole COVID-19 thing doesn’t delay things!


Somewhat unsurprisingly, the car isn’t here yet. It is currently scheduled for the end of May. Hopefully I should get it by the end of June, only 4 months after I bought it :thinking:


I wouldn’t worry too much, even when things were normal I first saw mine exactly 5 months to the day after I bought it.


Currently it feels like longer :joy:


Good news!

The car is now physically in the UK and I should have it by the end of the week (if there aren’t anymore delays)


Time for some more pictures!


RS four S is bassicly GTR right?


The RSFourS is an analogue to the GTST, it has the RB25 and not the RB26, anything with an RB26 is silly money


Okay, thanks!

Still awesome!


A small update from yesterday, this small (ok, large) bundle of probable fire has now been removed from the car

And now the new wiring to the new head unit looks like this

I don’t think that’s too much of a bad job of you ask me!

I need to fit the fascia etc back ok today as I ran out of time yesterday. I will try and remember to post an update after I have!


I love Stageas!


Some overly high resolution pictures after her wash


Looks a canny car, have you entered DVLA hell now?


The papers have been with them for 2 weeks… Lord knows when I’ll here back


Yeah, best of luck to you, they seem to be slowed to a crawl at the minute for anything other than ownership changes - hopefully you get a V5C in the post rather than a denial!


After not insignificant wait for my V5C (registration documents) I finally got them Monday and yesterday I managed to get some plates made up. So you know what that means? Time to give her a proper outing!