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2002 Volkswagen Lupo TDI


Oh yes, time for this. Since it’s a new year I might actually get off my ass and get some work done to this thing.

('innit pretty, lined up with @Microwave 's and @adamd 's machines)

A whopping 75hp contained in 3 cylinders of fury and nearly 200Nm of torque makes it a slightly nippy car that isn’t the smoothest at idle or pulling away, but hey broken exhaust means it sounds kinda neat and the wonders of PD mean even bollocking it around I haven’t seen under 55mpg yet

Now currently sitting at just under 105k mi on the clock (Barely ran in) there’s some work that needs doing when money is there, some rust issues and paint fade, and a nasty scratch coupled with a not looked after at all interior (Not helping that much myself). So far served me a year, gone down and back up the country in two days without a single issue, survived some controlled and not so controlled skidding in snow, but hey, at some point it’ll get treated to a new exhaust and a remap so that’ll be a nice treat. 105hp here I come!


It’s about time, I see you’re trying to make me nutt tonight.


I’m not a fan of mounting diesels in such small cars nowadays, but goddamnit, I like every diesel supermini that’s capable of doing 3L/100 km in reality.

And I love Lupos - to be fair, it’s one of the VWs that weren’t boring as fuck. Not to mention that, when Lupo was in production one of most thrilling performance cars from VW was… a Lupo GTi. Good luck with your lil’ box.

Pssst, Oski… That Lupo which was getting 3 l/100 km was a 1.2.

But I have no idea about this one’s average economy, so it might fit too :stuck_out_tongue: Funny little car. 200 Nm in sth that light must be cool :slight_smile:


Oh sorry then :stuck_out_tongue: but with TDI 4L was at least still achievable.


The GTI would be the dream, but they’re rare, expensive and not nearly as good on fuel, but hey, thanks!

Yeah, the 3L’s had a 1.2TDI but with careful driving you could get the SDI and the regular TDI up near that kind of value, my normal average is probably around 4.1/4.2.

The torque makes for a nice drive, motorway overtakes are stupidly easy but it has the downside of feeling completely flat after it drops off


200nm in a car this lightweight from factory, and far more with a remap. oh boy. this should be fun and economical af.


Well it’s been an interesting month or so, lost a battle in the war for the Asda car park and came out with a lovely scrape and luckily no dents

The stance gremlins came and visited a single wheel, that was a fun drive to the garage

Got two new arches to replace these rusty POS’s so they’re getting painted and fitted when it’s not winter

Aaaaand then the lovely snow and such resulted in my rear bumper getting nicely acquainted with the front of a Fiesta, so that’s hopefully getting sorted soon depending on weather.

Also snow sideburns

Car ownership, happy days


Fun things coming up when this insurance malark is all sorted out, kerb rash begone


Would look great if you lowered it with them on


What is the name for those wheels? They look sweet :ok_hand:


Whey get in, they look in great nick. Good colour for that car as well, look forward to seeing them on.


That’s the plan when there’s a bit more money on tap, need to decide between a 40mm or 60mm drop but got plenty of time to worry about that

IIRC these ones are Montreal alloys off a Mk2 Scirocco Storm, or “Bottle tops”

Just got some very minor scuffs on some but other than that they’re spot on, might have a cheeky test fit soon-ish


Thanks for the tip off, hope they look swell when you get them on


It wasn’t snowing today and I just couldn’t resist. 165’s are too thin though.


Ah damn, they look neat.

Also, shout out for putting up with those stupid VAG arm-joint style jacks


Needs more low