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2003 Rover 25 Impression S




Aaaaand it’s gone. I’d have loved to have fixed it, and it would’ve been totally doable for relatively cheap, but it just wasn’t worth it. The only value this car had after the accident was sentimental. I loved it every minute of driving it (bar the final 5 seconds or so), but it was time for it to go. Who knows, maybe I’ll have another in the not-so-distant future?
However, if nothing else, this car taught me the truth about that unreliable, head gasket eating, shitty old Rover K-Series engine :wink:

That’s all folks.


RIP Brad’s 25, have an obituary.

The day it gained a bit power surrounded by Toyotas.

The second hardest day of it’s life.

You’d almost think this choice of parking was an omen…

The sun setting over it seems quite apt here really.