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2004 Seat Arosa - End Of An Era


VAG quality: check engine :joy:



End of an era.

Off to the great scrapheap in the sky she goes.

Sadly, it didn’t get a viking funeral. I did ask some local farmers if I could use their field for that but they thought it might end up scaring their sheep.

Alas, it had to go. My step-dad and I never got round to getting the rocker cover off and seeing if the engine could be fixed, and to be honest, a lot more was wrong with it by now.

  • One of the rear wheels had seized
  • The battery was knackered
  • The gearbox was crunching occasionally even when in neutral
  • Misfire problem had become chronic, to the point where the engine was jiggling like a str…I can’t finish that here but those of you who know will know :wink:

None of that, however, would compare to what happened when we tried to get it onto the trailer. As it was being turned around, the horn started going off every time we turned the steering wheel.

It knew it was going to die. I almost had to turn away.

Only took it 3 attempts to get up that ramp without stalling

Sadly, sentiment and unexplainable feelings for four wheeled objects can’t hide the fact that this plucky little city car was well and truly dead. So sad to see it go, but it’s the fate of most first cars anyway. I could get sappy about all the memories I have about this car, but I’ll leave that to myself.

Goodbye Arousa. You pulled hard.