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2005 GTCC - Global touring car championship


This is a race which tests every aspect of cars and drivers, handling, grip, acceleration, endurance and strength. Companies from all over the world use this as a way to show each other who’s boss.

  1. Automation raceway
  2. Mazda raceway Laguna Seca
  3. Artondale street circuit
  4. Thruxton
  5. Suzuka
    1.Body can be any FRONT ENGINED family hatch, sedan or wagon from 1990-2005 with a wheelbase longer than 2.5M. any car wich would have come with a significantly larger engine in lore is discouraged
    2.Must be a full space frame, AHS steel (no light AHS)
    2.Panel material must be partial alu.
    3.Can be either FWD or RWD
    4.6-speed manual
    5.Must use semi-slick tires, with a max width of 240mm. rims can be whatever
    6.1 basic seat and no entertainment.
    7.ABS is the only traction aid allowed, all power steering is allowed
  6. No active sway bars or semi-active suspension
    9.1 rear aero part and 1 front aero part are allowed
  7. PU max 100 and ET max 40 (TOTAL)
  8. No quality points to be applied or removed. (on either the car or the engine)
  9. must be no bigger than 2000cc
  10. 6 cylinders max
  11. Must be NA
  12. No cats or mufflers are required
  13. Run on 95 unleaded
  14. no VVT or VVL
  15. no titanium or magnesium components.
    drivability is just as important as acceleration or top speed
    fuel economy can play a part in longer races
    the more reliable a car is, the less likely it is to break down and either slow down or be out of the race
    thanks to @Mr.Computah for the spreadsheet
    to enter, post a picture of your car in the thread with its name, driver name and team name and PM me the .car file
    DEADLINE is the 25th april, 3pm GMT
    name: just have GTCC in it somewhere


Hiya there, I would have appreciated it if you contacted myself or @Leonardo9613 before using the ATCC name for a competition seeing as we are the ones who’ve run competitions with that name in the past.


Oh sorry, I havent seen those threads.
Would you like me to change it


Yes, I think we’d all appreciate it. The search box is there for a reason.


Done. So sorry about that


No worries, it’s an honest mistake. Now, back to the competition…


There should probably be quality slider restriction or PU/ET restriction, no?


done, thanks for the heads up


For the sake of lore, a lot of the 2.5m plus 1990-2005 bodies would not have come with a 2l or smaller engines.
Maybe better to limit to family sedans and hot hatches (or the coupe version of those family sedans), or any other formulation that would rule out the pure sports cars with typically larger engines (the racing versions of which would run in GT classes).


i have edited so that any lore car with a significantly larger engine is discouraged, but not banned because it could happen


Do the PU and ET limits also apply to the engine?

Also, in the rebooted ATCC thread (which used the Kee engine version), the rules stated that a high-flow catalytic converter was mandatory for all entries; there’s no reason why it should not be the case here. And that earlier competition allowed the use of VVT/VVL. So it might not be right to ban its use here either. I am, however, in favor of the use of normally aspirated engines being mandatory for this challenge of yours.


It applies to the total, so the engine + the rest of the car


PMI Racing Ltd. (International), in association with:

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GTCC 2005 Teaser 1 - More to be revealed soon:


with a wheelbase longer than 2.5M



What does PU and ET stand for?


Production Units, Engineering Time


I just died

Nice competition though, will definitely have to make a car


Might have an idea I could throw together and get running.


A small privateer team will be taking part with a Contendiente. More details to follow.


A couple of questions - are there any limits on:

  • Specific Bodies?
  • Body Morphs?
  • Differentials
  • Wheel size & rim material

Also, when you say no semi-active suspension, do you mean dampers? I assume also active springs?

EDIT: Will update car with new name