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2005 GTCC - Global touring car championship



Ok, I’ll keep the hard limit at 100


How to send a message with file to you?
I have a topic with my car and you can test it.


Hey bud, a few things.

  1. don’t upload your files to external sites, that’s sketchy as fuck.

  2. once you comment a bit around the forums, you’ll gain access to the private message function.

  3. don’t make a new thread to try and enter a challenge, it’s not a good idea


THe Franklin Marshall Racing entry for the GTCC. This is the GTCC HiWay. Based on the all new Mk6 HiWay.


Public Announcement:

Ios is pleased to announce that negotiations with Baltazar Automóveis have led to a successful outcome and both parties have agreed on a mutually beneficial way forward. Whilst registration of the Quazar nameplate is technically allowed, out of respect for the long-running and established Baltazar Quasar, and in order to mitigate the potential for public misunderstanding, Ios would like to advise a change of name for their new model. Combining class-leading features, cutting edge technology, and engineering passion; delivering exciting performance through a choice of two completely new engines, the Ios Lumos is ready to light up your life.


To get an idea of how much I should weight fuel economy into my tune, can I get an idea of numbers of laps for each race, and the fuel tank size?


BlueBull GBSC Junior Racing

BlueBull, title Sponsors for GBSC this season

The Team:
For the 2005 GTCC season, GBSC has split their partnership with :b:epis, and have picked up BlueBull as a sponsor for the Foreseeable future. This partnership also marks the start of a new Young Driver program, a joint effort between GBSC and BlueBull. The GBSC Junior GTCC team has been working in touring cars since the early 1990’s, and with experience on their side, hope to finish well.

The Driver:
Zoe Amberli is a young and fierce driver. At just 19 years of age, this is her first foray into top level motorsport after an impressive Formula Junior, Junior Rally, and Karting career. She is using this series as a hopeful launching platform for her career.

The Car:
A strange backwards build, the GBSC 200 Touring was built as a racecar first, road car second. It features a 195kW 2L inline 6 engine, and a RWD drivetrain, it is seen as the perfect Junior Competition car. It is GBSC’s first Wagon touring car, and is a hopeful entry.

GBSC has pulled from the series citing concerns.


I’ve just realised that we haven’t covered some questions that will actually dictate whether or not I enter:

  • How are the races and their outcome actually calculated?
  • Do you have flying laps of all the courses? Because if you’re basing your lap times off the standing start laps that would be silly and most of us are unlikely to enter


From what I gathered from the rules, they’re using the ASCAR calculations


Two more questions:

  • The ASCAR spreadsheet is set to have the reliability checks be reasonable for the ASCAR 1987 ruleset. Will it be the same here?
  • How big will our fuel tanks be? The spreadsheet is set to 83liters (22 gallons) right now.


reliability will be a part, and the fuel tanks will be 80 liters


And number of laps for each race? Or is each race going to be a certain distance and the laps will be however many they need to be to meet that distance (eg: Daytona 500), so if so, what would the race distances be?


We are here with Mr. James Calhoun, long serving team manager of Right Turn Motorsports, a PMI Racing International brand racing team.

Reporter: “Mr. Calhoun, you’ve been doing this work for almost 20 years. Are you excited to be here? What is your view on the GTCC?”

Calhoun: “Yes, thank you, I’ve seen a lot in this rich career. I thank PMI for all these opportunities. We liked the concept of a global touring car championship, the venues, the open rules,…”

Reporter: “There has been more than a bit of controversy about those rule though, if I understand correctly?”

Calhoun: “Yes, yes, there were some aspects that were unclear, the management does not seem to be the most open and exhaustive in their communication. There are still some issues, but we look forward to contend nonetheless.”

Reporter: "Can you give some examples, maybe?

Calhoun: “Well, we are quite unsure how long the races will be, and how we must built our strategy. Also, while there certainly is a level of standardisation, the allowed types of vehicles and trims is very broad, leaving open the possibility that we’ll have to look in terms of classes.”

Reporter: “Classes?”

Calhoun: “We’ll be competing a 4-door sedan, a sleek two door sports tourer would have had the same engine and had a much lower center of gravity and a possible higher power to weight ratio. We are sceptical they can actually compete against each other in a relevant way.”

Reporter: “Tell us more about the car.”

Calhoun: “Certainly, we’ll be entering with a car based on the 2006 - yes, that’s correct, we are introducing our new concept here - our 2006 model year PMI Calliope Linos 200.”

Reporter: “And the driver?”

Calhoun: “Our Belgian test pilot, Michael Goosens, will be driving the car.”

Reporter: “Can you tell us anything more about him?”

Calhoun: “Michael is 29, has been with us for 6 years now, and we think him extremely capable… He likes cars, beer, music and dogs.”

Reporter: “Thank you Mr. Calhoun, and good luck on this endeavour. You mind if we take some pictures of the car?”

Calhoun: “Thank you, live yourself out.”

PMI Racing Calliope X200 GTCC


Damn @Private_Miros , that car looks amazing. So much detail.


She’s coming hard for you, in the HRM Concept GTCC 200ss.

Driven by “Jammin” Jenny Ferreira, 19 year old granddaughter of company founder Bruce Ferreira.

Press Release and details to follow…


CreamWorks LMC Seabeast GTCC

Seabeast Motorsport will be entering a performance model of the LMC Ares to the GTCC.

Eric Jonrosh will be driving the #21 car.



Car: Ios Lumos GTCC
Team: Ios Competition Division
Driver: Mr Trond Sørensen

Ios Competition Division will be entering the Ios Lumos GTCC car into the 2005 Global Touring Car Championship. Based upon Ios’ adventurous and fun new entry into the City car category, the Lumos has been designed and engineered from scratch to deliver an engaging and pleasurable driving experience, whilst reliably taking you through your daily journeys with a minimal impact to both your wallet and the environment. This doesn’t mean that the Lumos is slow and unresponsive, as Ios has ensured that their trademark Driver-First ethos has carried through and is embraced with the V6 powered Lumos T20.

Ios Competition Division has taken the Ios Lumos T20, and turned it into the fire-breathing monster you see before you today. Our team has worked with passion and perseverance to showcase the potential of this new model to the world. Whilst some competitors may rely on race-specific models and engines to attempt to gain an advantage, we at Ios believe that our products should always form the basis of our competitive endeavours, and that’s why you’ll be glad to find out that the Ios Lumos GTCC car shares its drivetrain, suspension setup, and engine with its road-going range.

Under the hood you will find the same state-of-the-art 2.0L V6 that powers the Lumos T20. Whilst this engine is rated at 125kW in stock form, Ios Competition Division has tweaked it to deliver over 200kW, showcasing the strength and reliability of the design. Powering the front wheels through a regulation 6-speed manual gearbox, the Lumos GTCC car can dispense corners with ease.

Our driver for this season will be Mr Trond Sørensen, who has been driving from strength to strength through a number of wins in the privateer rally scene in Europe the last few years. His experience and quick-thinking have shone through, and we believe that he will be a great asset to the Ios Competition Division team this coming year.

We hope that this season will be an exciting, entertaining, and competitive one, and look forward to meeting our rivals on the track. Don’t forget our Back-To-Track competition that is currently running in all of our dealer showrooms around the country. Test drive an Ios Lumos today and you will go in the running for a private track day of your own in the brand new Ios Lumos T20!


Hi guys! Pleased to announce Smooth Racing possibly is back. After rebuilding the factory (my old laptop refused to run UE4 properly), brand is back. Now before I submit my machine (ugly; but if I still have some feeling, fast) some questions must be answered (well its not a must but it would make my life a tiny bit nicer) :

How is consumption calculated? is it just the given value or calculated based on max power/efficiency?
How long will the races be? (some one already asked this and I believe there was no answer)?
How long does the pit stop last?


#86, MY05 USDM Bogliq Zealot GTCC

Team Leeroy Racing

The Driver: Loan Fierer, early 20’s, Ex. Bogliq Moldova test driver

The Car: Leeroy Racing prepared MY05 Bogliq Zealot