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2005 GTCC - Global touring car championship


This looks like great fun. Can I just double check - the engineering time has to be below 50??? That seems incredibly low. I just designed an engine and that alone is 55. It was 75 before I went back over it!



Don’t count the engine PU or ET.

The PU has to be below 100, and the ET below 40 for the car.


#40 Aeros Router Mk.III GTCC

Aeros Works Motorsports
Driver: Jimmy Barnes (no relation)
Car: GTCC-spec Aeros Router Mk.III, newly redesigned for 2005


My other question about flying laps has still not been answered. When races come down to magnifying the difference in hundredths of a second, having a wonky lap time due to differences in gearing because races don’t just make you stop and start from zero every lap are absolutely immersion breaking.


Working Class Man/Screaming In The Clouds Intensifies





Could you clarify that second part: The suspension tab has active (sport/comfort) suspension and semi-active dampers. Which ones exactly are banned - I assume all of these? What about adaptive dampers?


All are banned


Hey man you are avoiding some questions (like mine and strop’s). Wold you please mind to adderss them?


the races will be ~20 miles and efficieny will be in laps per tank. Currently i have no other option but to use standing starts


I was listening to this exact video as I built the car


Can you please explain “laps per tank”? Because without it, 20 miles makes fuel economy meaningless. You could get 1 MPG and complete a race without a pit stop.


it would depend on he track, so how ever many laps a car can do before it needs to refuel


20 miles per race? Thats a sprint race which is fine but it means no pitstops and no need for good mpg. Am I correct?


I mean if youre only doing roughly 20 miles with an 80L fuel tank whats the point in calculating fuel economy


do you mean 20 laps?


Fuel economy may not be too important, however if your getting through enough fuel you could be in trouble
its not really needed but i have the spreadsheet with it so i dont really see the point in removing it also fuel economy is a small part irl


You do realize that if you don’t tune the fuel tank to hold less fuel most people will complete the races just by dumping fuel, right?


i used the rules for touring caars irl to use the fuel tank size (80l)


All clear now, thanks! We are doing sprint races so time to gain 100hp :wink: