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2006 Mazda 3


About time since this has been my daily for almost 3 weeks now.
2006 Mazda 3 Sedan, 1.6 Diesel (109PS, 240Nm), 5-speed manual

I’m the 2nd owner, and for 11 years and 165k kilometers she’s in super good condition, except for some rust on the underbody. Other than running wider tires, the car is completely stock.

Done so far:

  • underbody rust treatment (using rust converter and cable grease)

To do:

  • put on the seat covers I bought (to preserve it’s current condition as good as possible)
  • give her a good wash

Early morning sun is a pain in the ass, both for driving and photographing


Big thumbs up


The Mazda 3 is easily the most underrated compact sedan/hatch. Although I don’t know too much about the diesel ones. But it looks clean (even if the rims are on the tacky side). It looks better than mine, and I’ve had mine for less than 2 months.


Didn’t know you had a 3. Can’t wait to see it now :smiley:

Good luck not getting hit in that :stuck_out_tongue:


Every time I try to take a picture, it ends up getting covers in various bird droppings. But here’s one I was just able to take before work.


Is that a bodykit or do you actually own an MPS? :astonished:

Anyway, looks nice :thumbsup:


It’s called the Speed 3 in the states. And it’s real.


Ugh, before they put on the scoop that made it super obvious. My friend had one of those that he debadged and swapped in a bigger turbo, kept up with a GT500 from a 40 roll and beat it in a dig.


So … the Mazda just made it through its first trackday. Didn’t have that much fun in a looong time :smiley:

Things I learned today:

- Always have suncream with you on such an event.

- I really need new/better tires. On wet track I had the choice beween either:

  • brake
  • steer

both = instantly spin out


It is a really sporty looking little car, im kinda tempted to get a GT one


Budget option for max performance street rain tires is vredestein ultrac sessanta. Ran on my e34 for 3 seasons. Track and street.

Ps my daily is a 2007 6 so we’re mazda brothers

Where ya going mazda brother. MAAAAAAZDA BROTHERS