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2007 3.0l Straight Six Turbo Engine Challenge


i daily a bike that… has <5% the power and gets… 35km/l at worse, more like 40-42km/l on ‘normal’ drive and up to 55km/l when hypermiling. and my bike is not of of the fuel efficient ones around here. and the stock hayabusa, from what i’ve heard is about 11km/l average, i want to know that your ‘not too bad’ is… with boost, even low boost… that bike has got more power than ANY, literally ANY car that i have ever been on. (granted i live in a 3rd world nation with dead car culture, so that’s not saying much)


Really hard for me to say because it’s not something I measure to much so I’ll do my best estimate. When the busa was stock i could get at best 35mpg at worst I reckon anywhere from 19-21mpg. When I went turbo I would say I get about 22mpg but again i’m kind of guessing a bit as it’s not something I worry about too much. If I’m at Santa Pod or Bruntingthorpe then I can get through a lot of fuel in a weekend.


21mpg is about 8.9km/l. and 35mpg is about 14.8km/l
wait what… hmm
i guess this actually makes sense. since you have so much power on tap you’re not pushing the engine much, so it’s barely doing more than idle most of the time i guess?

unlike mine, 150cc means i can ride and get good mileage. or i can go flat out and still not go that fast :stuck_out_tongue: but nearly halved my fuel eco.
(south east asia and our tiny tiny bikes/scooter/mopeds/small sports)

also, if you haven’t figured out already. i’m actually more of a bike guy than a car guy. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Dorifto_Dorito To be honest you’re totally right, I was bang out of line to say that about his ex and I shouldn’t of retorted like that towards @squidhead after he called me silly names, I’m better than that. Typical squaddie humour I just have to take it too far and go for the jugular on the mickey taking which was a bit aggressive of me looking back. But I will be a man about it and I really would like to take this opportunity to offer @squidhead my sincere apologies about the remarks I made about the ex and I truly mean that.

@Dorifto_Dorito I totally haven’t got a problem with criticism fella, as long as it’s constructive and positive.


Not sure buddy, in the UK we still work in old skool mpg and the likes… but then we mix it up with the metric system too:confused:


I’m more of a bike guy but as I’ve got older I prefer the comfort of cars :grin: Plus the latest bikes just look so damn ugly. Car technology has come on song so well that cars like the Nissan GT-R can give 1 litre sports bikes a run for their money and then some.:disappointed_relieved:


Actually, and it’s documented in this thread… you’re the one who started the name calling. How was I supposed to know you’re insecure enough to receive blunt facts about things you don’t know too well as a personal insult and go on a tantrum?

And no, you’re not. You might wish to be, but you’re not. You only figured out what’s unacceptable after confronted about it by a member of this community, and are trying to save face by pretending you are better than this, so there’s room for improvement.

P.S: Your car and your bike explain a lot. I now understand why you’d think you know aftermarket, and also why you are mistaken. I’ve met people like you before.


Ummmm… nope, actually as it is documented in this thread it looks like you cast the first stone by stating the silly, condescending and childish comment below.

To be fair, your first post was senseless the moment you opened up with the following pointless attitude below.

Use of inappropriate language…

More insults below…

Glad we got the brittle and delicate debate sorted but by you own admission you’ve attempted to insult me on the internet as you state below.

Ummm… more childish name calling and senseless comments.

Nope, that was a sincere apology and I mean it, I realise that you’re bitter about my comment and I understand why so I can only apologise again.

Okay pal, whatever :joy::joy::joy: You have never met anyone quite like me!:kissing_heart:

After all your silly name calling towards me all I can say is I’ve been called a lot worse and by a lot better than you pal. You’ve hijacked this post and made a competent attempt to derail it, spoiling the experience for all. You’ve made every attempt to provoke a negative response from me to the point of me apologising to you.

Just about every one of your comments have breached the Automation forum rules, set out to enhance the experience on the forums.
1 General Rules

  1. Treat other members with respect

  2. Don’t make posts/threads/PMs which have content that is:
    (a) insulting towards members

(d) senseless


Excellent, you made a post unnessecarily long just to point out that he made something “senseless”. And what I especially like about your post is that you just quoted a rule you (and squidhead) violated throughout this whole thread.

Treat other members with respect

The saying is “The wiser head gives in.” one of you has started this weird fight, and noone of you ended it, instead delved down more and more.

I sometimes wonder how old people on this forums are… This thread will be closed for now, please keep your fights in PMs and not in the Topic.

If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to PM me.