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2007 Toyota Blade Master G




Crown were sold in Europe lol.


Nah but getting more along the right lines, that was again on the list.

Suspect this is going to be a disappointment once I post up what it is when I get the report from the agent.

Not for a long time here though, and the Athlete is fairly sought after in it’s older 1JZ trim especially.


Oh right, didn’t know that. Not versed on Toyota’s European offerings




Moar obscure


Corolla? :stuck_out_tongue:


Lust for the lols, Mazda Luce 13B-RE.

I’d definitely import that, though. Probably a lesser known car that has an option of a rotary.




I’m terrible at these, but… AE111 perhaps?


You’d almost have been very close, because what I really needed was another old E11 Corolla I was all set at one point to go after a Sprinter Carib estate, but it ended up not happening.

Small update to where the car is today anyway, it’s now arrived at the agent’s yard from the auctions, so I should get a load of nice photos soon. I’m using Pacific Coast Auto who have a fairly popular youtube channel of walkarounds of cars they get through, so it should also appear there soon.

Edit: actually looks like it may be on there now, if you have a very very keen eye in a video of another car.


Allex RS 180?


Tried to have a gander at this. The current latest video (of a AE111 BZ-R, nice car) has three candidates. But I suspect it isn’t the yellow bB pickup (already denied), or the Yaris/Vitz (too common to warrant importing from Japan).

So it all falls down on the last candidate, a wine red Hiace-looking van near the end of the video…


It’s in the other video today, I think - the Prelude.

Also a Vitz may be common but that one is an RS Turbo, and that was also really, really high on the list. I don’t remember seeing that one in the auctions but looks very smart in black as a 5 door.

This is going to end up being such an anti-climax, it’s great.


it’s gonna be a hi-ace , ain’t it


Nah, plenty of those here if I wanted a van.

Turns out I’m not blind anyway as I’ve already had one correct answer by PM. :sweat_smile:


Fair enough on the RS part, I stand corrected. Also your dream list is chock full of turbo Toyotas, isn’t it? Did the Daihatsus share that quirk?

And honestly, I don’t know about the anti-climax. If anything, I’m even more eager to see what is the oddball Toyota which has eluded many oddball Toyota guesses!

Well, my guessing privileges have been spent, so I’ll just wait. I think I saw the mysterious 'Yota (one of the many white cars on the lot). Thing is, it appears in both the Prelude and AE11 videos, so that guess might be moot. Still, who knows…?


Not specifically turbos but yes, all Daihatsu choices were turbo. I do like a good revvy N/A though, more my sort of thing.

Ah now see I think you might be on the right lines but I missed it in the Levin video if it was there.


Yaris 1.5 T-Sport?


Nah, that black on is a Yaris Turbo (and one I almost bid on I think) but the boggo T Sport can be had over here for not much money these days.