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2007 Toyota Blade Master G


It is yeah, it’s stranger to look at than it is to use. Wasn’t particularly well received though so from the 2010 facelift went back to a normal one.


Expected dates for shipping have finally arrived in my inbox. The car is still hanging around in the port of Kawasaki, I’ve looked up the boat on a marine tracker and it’s currently just outside Japan, due to make a stop off at Korea first before it comes back around.

It’s due to leave there with my car on it on Boxing Day in the early hours, currently estimated to arrive at my local port on the 8th February. If I can find somewhere that lets me share a link to the tracker I will post it up.



So basically rather than Tracking Santa with NORAD this year, we can Track Adam’s Toot?


Somewhat late to the party but the boat is now scheduled to arrive early, so my car is being loaded on Christmas day.

The most up to date tracker is here: http://www.findship.co/ - ignore the google maps warning and have yourself a search for “HOEGH BERLIN” if you want to see the slowest boat in the world coming in to port.



That’s the one - the tracker just didn’t seem to update as often there.


At least is faster than a Honda :roll_eyes:


You take that back :triumph:


This is the planned route it should be taking:


Sorry i kinda this is kinda off topic but this is a Toyota Auris… with a 2GR from factory? WHAT!?!1!


Yes. A luxury trim, we can say.


The 31th January on Barcelona?

Time to prepare a plan to get the car :speak_no_evil:


Just found some videos, now I’m inspired to do a cool V6 Hokuto hatch… Awesome car @adamd!!!


Don’t worry this is about as on-topic as you can be at this point. :wink:

My guess is it’s somewhere like the red arrow in this picture:

Got yourself a month to practice Tetris to get it off at an unscheduled stop without anyone noticing.



First bit of actual progress for a while. Tracker updated on the boat today for the first time in days, now in Singapore. It should leave there tomorrow heading up towards the Suez Canal.


I’ve also got my first copies of documentation through for the shipping, and the certificate saying it’s been exported to me, so it’s finally starting to feel like it’s actually my car.


Anyone wanting to do this, extra reason to recommend Pacific Coast - my first hard copy documents arrived today from their side, export certificate, mileage check etc. but they sent bonus Japanese sweets along with them:

Apparently based off a very popular Japanese drink with a comedy name in English, it seems a bit like yoghurt drinks, milky but a bit acidic. Haven’t been brave enough to crack in yet as I want to save them to share out a bit. Free sweets are a great positive in my book.

Boat is now well on it’s way to passing Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), but it’s next stop is not for over a week yet (it’s about the red cross):



OK so, looks as if the boat has been getting the hammer down and is now a good bit closer:

(down the bottom right there) EDIT: Not the left as previous, slight dyslexia there I think

It’s insured now starting from when it arrives, and the papers have all been sorted and sent to the tax man. Nothing else I can do now until it turns up, which should be in about 2 weeks.


1 week to go before it hits the North East of England. 2 Stops left to go.

The hype is real, especially after selling the 2CV, so I hope it’s all OK.



You can beat nowadays hot hatches with that!