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2007 Toyota Blade Master G


So this thing has been on the road a month tomorrow. 2500 miles completed in that time, give or take a hundred, which is the most I’ve done in that time in any car I’ve had - usually a lot closer to half that across all 3. Perfectly timed too, switching a car with a relatively big petrol engine right as petrol prices have started shooting upwards again.

Had it on a lift again today for a quick oil change, look how bloody clean it is! This thing is 12, cars at that age don’t come that clean here, even the GT86 has more brown going on underneath.

No issues to report yet thankfully, and all my cables turned up today to fit the above stereo, so that’s the next job. 29.4 UK MPG average so far, and it’s still getting a surprising number of compliments for something I thought would be quite anonymous.

A lot of places compare this to stuff like the Golf R32 and I suppose now the R, but it’s absolutely not the case. It’s a mistake to make that comparison anyway as it’s trying to be something totally different despite sharing the fat 6 cylinder in a smallish hatch formula. It’s not stiff and raw and noisy, it’s super comfortable and quiet, but still covers ground so quickly and effortlessly - it just makes journeys more pleasant.

I can’t keep on with that forever because as I say, petrol prices are only going one way and are already at £1.26 for normal, and tax certainly won’t get any lower either. However, still in that phase of enjoying it regardless, and man, just look at it.

Running down a motorway at sunset with Carpenter Brut playing, what with all the blue and white LEDs and that going on inside just felt so right. And contrary to what 99% of motoring journalists will tell you, there really is a way to have a sensible white Toyota hatchback that isn’t boring.