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2009 Alfa Romeo 159 1750tbi TI (an uneventful 3 months)


Ok, so I have had the car for a few days now! Struggling for time to take pictures (been working late shifts so too dark) but they will come tomorrow

May even do a cringey video of the car :joy:

Edit: on second thought have a picture of the car on pick up day


Now you won’t go chasing Astons through Italian road tunnels will you, it doesn’t end well :cry:


Nice Quantum of Solace reference - the 159 is not fast enough anyway to keep up. It’s still a nice left-field choice, though, for anyone who considers its rivals a bit too obvious.


Please don’t give me flashbacks to that :disappointed_relieved:

Haha no I don’t expect it could keep up with Astons but it will bloody well try :joy:


Sure as hell it’ll keep up with an Aston



Stahp! All shall forget the dishwasher!


Can I just say, I had a hell of a lot of fun with this thing back on Forza 4, epic driftwasher



Better listen to @pyrlix if you don’t get winter tires you will get banned from Alfa


If I don’t get winter tyres I will eat the spare :joy:


So just over 3 months later and seeing others giving updates on their cars I thought I would give an update on mine… it has been uneventful, have only just broken 1,000 miles of me driving it and I haven’t crashed it so it seems to be going well


So it has snowed and my car isn’t the biggest fan, that being said she does look mighty fine with a snow blanket on, amazingly copes really well in the snow despite the cheap Chinese tyres on the front