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2010 Toyota Prius


So, wait, you stiffed your father on the maintenance even though he gave you the car for free? Dude… that’s so hollow. He gave you a free car, show some decency…


Go easy on the kid, he probably hasn’t saved up enough from the Taco Bell gig to cover that bill :joy:


Reminds me why I service my own cars. Did a sort of 200,000 mile service with my friend on his 07. Bit over $100 in parts and maybe 2 hours of time total.


That I won’t argue. NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS!?


I am a full time college student. It’s legally still my father’s car, and after I graduate my sister is getting the car for her own commute to college. So really, the car is more on loan to me for the next 3 and a bit years. Also, my father chose the mechanic, as it’s where he’s taken the car for years, even before it was my car and my mom was still driving it. It is also where he takes his Toyota Sienna to get serviced. I am not “stiffing” my father on maintenance, all I really did was drive it there and back. The rest was up to him.

Depressingly true, after working at Taco Bell for a month part time I could barely cover half of the bill. I’m grateful for my father for paying for it, as otherwise the only thing I could really afford would just be an oil change. I don’t want to neglect my car, but my financial situation would bar me from a full service if left to my own means.

I agree, it is rather overpriced. But what can I do? I’m not very mechanically adept, and I doubt my dad would want me potentially damaging something with my lack of knowledge and costing more than if we had just paid to get it done professionally. It is his car, and his money, so who am I to argue?

Ridiculous, I know. However, I don’t believe there’s a return policy on getting your car serviced.

Oh, also, I looked under the hood, and they cleaned and polished the plastic cover over the engine. So that’s nice. I can finally open the hood at Cars and Coffee and not be ashamed at how dirty it is, lol.


All the services are super easy. My friend is also fairly new to auto repair. Spark plugs are a 10 minute job tops. As long as you don’t overtighten them (if you don’t have a torque wrench, just snug them up), there’s nothing to worry about. The tranny fluid change we did in another 15. All you need is a long hose to fill it back up since there’s no dipstick. Just as easy as changing oil aside from that (and ATF should always be changed every 60,000 miles or so for the maximum service life). As for coolant, the very 1st job I ever did with him was swapping the radiator on his old car.

A basic toolkit is around $40. And plenty of guides online in case you want to save yourself some money in the future. That’s how I started.


I’ll definitely look into it in the future, especially once I have my own car that I’m paying for out of pocket. For now, I don’t think there’s a return policy on work that’s already been done, so there’s not much I can do. Thanks for the tips.