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2011 Yamaha DT 50 R


So, I’ve got a special treat for you today! The glorious Yamaha DT!

It has a huge 50cc 2-stroke engine, 6 speed gearbox and a top speed of a whopping 55km/h. Even winds contribute to the acceleration and top speed of this beast.

It weighs in at about 100 kg and has great acceleration off the line, it can reach 0-40km/h in 4 seconds, which, to be honest, isn’t that bad.

I’ve had my fair share of falling over with it, especially during the winter. It’s slippery to drive a 2-wheel vehicle during that time. But winters have their bright side, too, you can drift with this thing if you know how. It’s quite fun.

I’ve humorously been calling the speedometer of this thing a “christmas light”, thanks to its many bright and colourful lights.

Some specs that I know:

Engine type: 2-Stroke
Engine capacity: 50cc (0,05 litre)
Max power: 2,1KW@ 6,750rpm
Max torque: 3.3Nm @ 5,250rpm
Compression ratio: 12 : 1
Fuel injection: 1B Carburettor (Dell’Orto PHBN 16)
Valves: None!
Fuel economy: About 5l/100km (56mpg)

Thank you for having interest in a vehicle that endangers everything around it. (Thanks to my driving style :smile:)


But the real question is, does it wheelie?

I can’t make it on my Derbi GPR 50 from 2005. I just can’t get it up ^^


Looks perfectly safe to me. I’d wheelie that into oncoming traffic without fear.


Insert Honda Ruckus Joke Here


Well, you can wheelie with it, but I can’t really hold it. My record is like 3 meters at about 30 degree angle, so yeah, I’m terrible with wheelies.


ehh? isn’t 2.1KW really low for a 2 stroke engine of that capacity? but you can’t go wrong with a deltabox frame. and at least you have disc brakes on both tires
you say you had your share of falling from it but it still looks pretty mint.

meanwhile, i’m still saving up to tune my bike bit by bit.
a 2007 yamaha Jupiter MX, bored up to 150cc from 135cc. 0-60km/h in maybe 5,5s. but the gearing are long, and it’s pretty front heavy, so it’s rather hard to do a wheelie on this (or maybe i just dont have the guts)
still not sure what’s next. an aftermarket CDI replacement, or an exhaust system change, it’s old anyway.


This is a moped. The laws for mopeds are different compared to laws for motorcycles. If this would be in the Netherlands the allowed top speed is only 45 km/h so his moped is according to the law not allowed to be on the public roads. The power can easily be improved but if you get caught by the police on a moped making 8 KW you’ll get a fckin huge fine and might lose your license.


eeeeehhhhhh such the bothersome rules…

a motorbike is a motorbike here. who cares what kind.


Moped? Perhaps your bike is a moped, but the one pictured is an enduro bike. Here in the US, at least, it’s certified for both street and offroad use. Mopeds have pedals, hence the name MoPed (Motor/Pedal) and are street only, although the definition has loosened in recent years since “scooters” have the same features and power ratings, minus pedals. Now don’t read me wrong, there is no reason (other than common sense) you cannot take a moped or scooter offroading, however, the OPs photos are NOT a moped!


Even if it is legally a “moped”, this one is clearly built mainly to go offroad. In America, the only classifications for a moped are an engine displacement under 150cc (although it does vary depending on the state. For example, in my home state of Maryland, it’s anything under 70cc), and being designed to do under 50 mph.


I’m only familiar with the dutch laws. This bike has a 50cc engine so according to the law it is considered a moped. The dutch term is brommer but the only proper translation I have seen is moped. My bike would be a street bike if it had a larger engine.


so if you bored it up, even if it’s just a little, it’s not a ‘moped’ anymore?


That would be considered illegal because the bike is registered as a moped. That being said if you would bore it up and registered the bike as a motorcycle it would be an official motorcycle. The problem you’ll be running in is that you have to have a motorcycle license.


Yep, I would be neck deep in taxes and insurance bills. If it would go fast enough (like 90 km/h) I could even lose my driving license. Our Finnish regulations specify that mopeds max capacity is 50cc and top speed is 45 km/h.


holy fuck a 50cc could actually go 90km/h? O_O

so amazing acceleration and low top speed makes sense that it’s styled as a ‘adventure’ bike now.


Sure it could. It would need sacrificing some of its acceleration but with the right modifications, it could go even over that. These engines can sustain a lot of revs, usually about 12000 rpm. The rev limiter isn’t a problem either, mine is set at 8000 rpm, but because it is so bad, it lets the engine rev over 10000 rpm :smiley:


im sure rev isn’t a problem. but 12k rpm seems a little low for a 50cc. we have a honda Tiger here, a single cyl 200cc bike that redlines on around 11500rpm.

but, how much power you think it would make to get to that 90km/h?


I think that it could reach that speed without any power-increasing mods (Bear in mind, I’m not a pro). Just taking off the rev limiter and making the gears a bit taller would probably do the trick.


i kinda doubt that though, i think, 70 or 80-ish would be believable for an engine that small.

again, my bike when it was 135cc only goes as fast as 110km/h, that is about 68mph, and it’s a ‘sporty’ one, meaning almost 10hp/0.1L

even if it’s a 2 stroke, i really do doubt it.

maybe SOME simple power changing could do it. like, free flow exhaust, aftermarket air filter, replacement CDI and coil, and changing the gears. i would believe it, if you say you could get more than 90 after the upgrade is done.

or maybe, i’m just really underestimating modern 2 stroke engines.


Maybe you are. Maybe you aren’t. Those things can go quite fast, especially with those very basic power increases that you said. Not sure if he was pulling my leg, but my friend told something about a Suzuki PV, which went 110 km/h. That thing was a real beast, the guy had even made a fifth gear to that thing. But I think that he had swapped the engine to at least 70cc.

I’ve got to try to do something to my bike, just in test purposes. To see how fast it can actually go.