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2016 BMW 340i


All good! Still a damn good time! :smiley: Trap speed?

@wassy4 That’s cool, totally understandable. I was planning on going to the track this Sunday myself… cooler weather and it’s the last day before E-Town closes for the season. However, I checked the forecast and it’s suppose to be very windy. The first time I went to the track in my silver Mark VIII, they only allowed us to run the 1/8 mile because of the wind. I’m not wasting my time/money to run 1/2 track.

Thanks for the update and the videos though! Keep us posted!


I’m definitely going to hit the track sometime between late December-March. Want to get the downpipe in first (can’t install until December 18-21 :frowning: ). 340i w/ xDrive ran 12.0 with my mods + downpipe so I’m expecting 12.1-12.3 unless the DA and weather is really good.


If no issues occur beforehand I am hitting the drag strip today. Just gotta fill up the front tires and decrease rear and I should be good. Only issue is that it is starting to warm up here so DA and temp might not be as good as it was a month ago. Excited to get times for you haha. I did go to a dyno earlier this week but the operator did not put the car in the right mode and the numbers were way off.


Track didn’t go too well. Ran time/trap that completely stock 340is run. Best run was 12.8@109 (ambient temp was 70 degrees and DA was 1778). Still good, but not what I should be running with FBO. Was hoping to break 11s today too lol. Oh well.


Awesome, thanks for the update! So at sea level or good air, that’s like 12.5 @ 111. What tires are you running? It sounds like you’re a downpipe and drag radials away from 11s.


At sea level unfortunately… did a complete reinstall of tune to see if connections were bad. I have downpipe, exhaust, intake, tune. Cars with same mods run anywhere from 11.8-12.2. 12.8 is stock times.


Can I ask what your “tune” is? Was it a professional job or is it just a cheap thing off eBay?


It’s a professional piggyback (Active Autowerke).