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2016 Focus ST (The cleanest daily)


I’m happy I gave myself a cool off period. While the Mustang was a fun car to drive, it lacks the day to day utility that the Focus excels with. I can throw a ton of stuff into the car and just go, with the Mustang my options would be, limited. There is also this pesky little virus thing going on in the world, and it makes little sense for me to take on debt I can avoid. If things turn for the worst, it will be better to have one less thing to worry about. My heart says do it, but everything else tells me to keep the Focus.

But if I’m going to keep it, do I let the nagging monkey brain have it’s way? The Garret GT2860R v2 Turbo would let me bump the car to a comfortable 300/300 whp/wtq giving the car even more pep. This sounds fun, but then an LSD would be a good idea, and while the trans is out, a lighter flywheel? No, this is a rabbit hole of ideas that are all fun on paper. Rather I should steel my resolve, and just leave the ST stock. That is why I have the Contours.

Besides, it is a nice car to just drive.


Went for a cruise with my car club.