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2016 Focus ST (Trak Day!)


Looks damn fine if I do say so myself.


that exhaust damn :heart_eyes:



Streets of Willow Springs, my goal get within 10 seconds of Randy Pobsts time of 1:28.8 with a Stock Focus ST, and I did manage to do just that! On my 4th session of the day after making adjustments to tire pressure, talking with out ST drivers that were out that day, and lots of reflection on the track layout. I managed to turn 1:38.4! I think with what I’ve learned I could push that down to 1:35, or even 1:33, but I have to say I really felt like I was pushing it with the 1:38.4.

Driver mod is a REAL thing.

The Eagles held up really well.


That’s awesome, thanks for sharing! Congrats on meeting your goal.

While we’re on the subject of driver mod… same thing happened with me when I took the “me too” car to the track. Couldn’t break 14s all day until finally - I went for it. Chirped tires on the 2-3 shift I was pushing it that hard, and flat-footed the 3-4 shift just before the finish line.

I wish I had the video of it, my friend’s GoPro malfunctioned - lost the file.


Driver mod is always the best mod. I may take the FoST out again, that will depend on if I get the CSVT to stop leaking oil and square up the suspension.


You mean Good Year Eagle F1?


Yep, Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrical 2


Clearly the Focus ST deserves to be wrung out to its limits on a track day, and in doing just that, you have earned some respect for me - performance cars like these deserve to be driven to their full potential on track.


Strange. Maybe they improved on them, but I had a set about 4 years ago, probably a few generations older than yours, and I found it to be dreadful after warmup. On cold they behaved like any michelin pilot sport would, but after they built up heat they just let go and made a drift session of my time attack.


The Asymmetrical (1) was not well received, I happen to like these Asymmetrical 2s I like them more than MPSS, they jave stiff sidewalls and a very sharp turnin response, good latteral grip also.

When I burn up these I’m thinking about a set of Continental or Yokohama.


I am really very partial to Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta, but sadly they discontinue the model. I’m thinking of switching to Vredestein Ultrac Vorti, but still undecided. I usually run Michelin Pilot Sports on the rear axle, they have good grip, but also are predictable after I go sideways, and the behaviour does not change much with wear


Just focusing on some Foci