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2017 Antiyita International Motor Show


Of course Cavallera gets left out :unamused:
Just kidding. Freakin Karakaze is like 180k, these cars aren’t.



I wouldn’t be so sure if you were generous enough while completing your Squalo order :wink: IIRC the Sportivo costs similar money, and the top luxury variants… far more :smile:


The L8 costs $275k firm so I guess you’re right after all.


@szafirowy01 @ramthecowy @Awildgermanappears Like with many, many cars on this forum, there needs to be a showdown for them. And I’m down to get down in such a showdown.

Ok, on with the show!

#Press-Only Day 2
We’re back at Antiyita once more to see what Thursday brought us, and the answer is: a lot! We’re not expecting many more announcements after this, but it does mean I now have a chance to actually drive some of these new cars. So, if any companies would like to receive a road test or special feature, please get in touch immediately.

OOC: I’d like it if everyone only sends me one car per company to begin with, just so everyone can get a chance and so that I don’t get bogged down in writing them. Cheers :smiley:

Monolith started the day with two new luxury trims of their Artisan and M161 off roaders. The Artsian L12 is, as they put it, “the most expensive pick-up truck ever”, and we’ve no doubt that they’re right; the price tag is $172k. We’re not sure why anyone would pay that much for such a vehicle, but they seem to be confident that there is a market for such a vehicle. The M161 V12 Turbo, however, does warrant its $183k price tag; its one of the most opulent SUVs I’ve ever seen, with a stunning interior and mountains of power. The 1% has just found its new road barge.

Zast has launched the Renegade compact, which really does push the limit for how simple a car can look. It looks far from modern, and the grey plastic door handles really did make me question why such a car has such a high price tag. Weirder still is that its a rear-wheel drive hatchback, meaning space in the back is rather limited, and the apparent lack of a 5 door model will certainly put off some buyers. Speed freaks, however, will be satisfied in that the $26k ‘Midnight Racing’ trim packs a 3.9l, 598 hp V6. What even. I’d love to be able to tell you what that feels like but sadly they haven’t released any further specs nor offered a test drive.

AL Autos revealed some new compact and lower budget models, which makes for a nice change from their high end market vehicles. The Irev is a fairly handsome 5 door hatchback which sadly falls flat on efficiency, managing a quoted 27 mpg, but is quite nippy with is 211hp engine. The slightly bemused looks of the Omnia should not put you off given that there’s a rather fast trim with a 333 hp Turbo i4 sending power to all 4 wheels (aptly named the 333 S), which at $43k could turn out to be a particularly sweet deal for a budget sports car. Rounding off today’s offering was the tiny Pacto mini-coupe, which actually turns out to be very fast for its size and also very light. The looks did not work for us, however, and there are better offerings in this market from other companies.

Some hot hatch news for you, Cornaldie have had a crack and introduced the 250R version of the Sprinter. We were impressed by the 200R model launched at Geneva, but this 250R is one made to compete with the top end of the hot-hatch market. 326hp, 0-60 in a blistering 4.5 seconds and a seriously impressive weight balance for such a car, it’s a marvelous little thing. And, very very good looking; we’re getting a slight previous-gen Subaru Impreza vibe from the front end, but it feels modern and fresh. I was particularly stunned by how nice it was to drive; not fidgety despite the low weight, not scary despite all that power. In fact it was really rather pleasant.
So what’s the drawback you ask? It’s the price. $44k! That’s a very, very tough ask, especially with the C2000R just around the corner.

Bonham introduced its midsize premium sedan, the Chaucer, to Anikatia today, and revealed the upcoming estate version of the car too. Little in the way of specs, though we expect it to be much the same as the standard car. We have to admit though, it really does look good in wagon form, with a low roofline and gently curving windows. Mmmmm.

Vinson Dynamics (who I wrongly called “Vision Dynamics” earlier, apologies!) gave us an energtic display of their new lineup, to some rather fitting music. First up was the murky orange coloured Devotion wagon. Bit of an odd name given that it sounds like the name some hippy has given to their VW Camper, but its quite the menacing looking thing. And apparently their own test driver says it’s mental, whoever this “Viper” is. Little in the way of specs other than that its very powerful and will top out at 385 km/h.

The 6th gen Pilot then followed, more specifically a hybrid variant of the car, capable of some excellent fuel economy for such a vehicle and starting at a low price for such a vehicle. It could be quite a good catch when it arrives next year, if you can deal with their grey plastic addition. It was followed by a rather good looking hot hatch called the ARES, which packs 250 hp and an AWD system. That certainly ticks all the modern hot-hatch boxes. We’ll have more on that when it’s released and we get to drive it.

Dimension unveiled its current Anikatian lineup, which now encompasses almost all of its vehicles, as well as its new Yatagarsu hypercar. This is the car that is expected to be front and centre of Forza Motorsport 7, and really is stunning to behold. Finely detailed, not too shouty, yet also exciting. And incredibly, they’ve made grey look like a good colour choice. Nice! The specs are everything you’d expect from such a car, the best detail of all being that its a V12 hypercar (a biturbo V12 at that). However, that very low weight should make it absolutely bonkers to drive, coming in noticeably lighter than many of its rivals.

A special edition of the Supernova was also revealed, certainly being the most menacing looking of them yet, as well as an updated version of the Andromeda sedan. The rest of their eclectic range was on display too, and there’s no denying that they now boast one the strongest performance car lineups in the world.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Anikatian show without some home pride courtesy of Maesima and Sachiuri showing use some of the highlights from their lineup, with the biggest highlight of course being the Sagitta, which at long last is almost here (yes please, I would very much like a test drive given that I came within half a metre of having one at Geneva!). Chinese-only market models like the MQX-2 and a new “global compact crossover” called the MQX-3 were revealed by Maesima while another new SUV/CUV thing was launched by Sachiuri. Called the sL100x, it’s most likely going to be competing with the Shromet Parvus among others.

And now back to the Sagitta; now in final version form, this elegant, edgy and all-round stunning sports coupe is living up to the hyper. Still no word on specs, though I’m fairly sure I heard a V8 under the bonnet during my roadtest with it (as in near it, not in it…) back at Geneva. Though with any luck, I’ll be able to confirm this when I get behind the wheel. The only question left for this car is where Saminda’s version is. There was also version of the sL1000 on display, not quite ready to launch yet and far from having any definitive specs released for it, but I can confirm that it is quite the looker.

And that’s that for the press days! As I said before, we’re expecting a few more announcements and updates, but now it’s really time to get into testing some of these new cars.

-Gavin Anderson


The Skywarp has been a consistent sales success for LaVache since the 1980s, and the fourth generation is no exception.

Now in its sixth year of production, the car is every bit as stylish and competent as you’d expect. And with age comes maturity. The Skywarp has been in the Top 10 of Engineering Spotlight’s yearly customer satisfaction index since 2015. For 2018 it gains an updated infotainment system, the 6-speed DCT is now standard equipment on all models except the Skywarp R’s and has been recalibrated for more refinement and efficiency and the 3.1L EcoDiesel gains a 20hp bump to 280hp. Another addition is the 4.4L V6 from the 2018 Ramjet which is now available as an option on the X’s AWD trim. Just like the Ramjet it produces 420hp and 444Nm of torque.

2018 Skywarp X’s AWD 4.4:
4.4L DOHC V6, 420hp, 444Nm, 6-speed DCT, AWD, 1991kg, 25mpg combined, $48,950

2018 Skywarp G’s EcoDiesel:
3.1L DOHC V6 Turbodiesel, 280hp, 610Nm, 6-speed DCT, AWD, 1825kg, 35mpg combined, $42,685


##Assoluto and Himmel in talks with Antiyitan Motorsports Committee on reviving the Ridge Racer Grand Prix in Antiyita

The legendary and sorely missed Ridge Racer GP racing series made its last and grandest GP in Ridge State 10 years ago, however future events were cancelled due to a lack of interest and problems with organizers. While Assoluto’s Racing Team Solvalou and Himmel’s Phantomile Racing have moved on to FIA GT1 and GT3 for motorsports, there is a strong desire to return to the Ridge Racer GP from both the engineer and the higher ups. To redraw intrest back into the series, Assoluto and Himmel presented the modern E.O and Fatalita donned in classic Ridge Racer GP schemes and branding. The board hopes that many other manufacturers will be interested in joining the potentially revived nitrous packed racing series.

Photoshop done by @titleguy1


Since the scheduled press days are technically over, would it possibly still be ok if I entered another vehicle into the motor show? I have been working on my newest hypercar from Celerimus Automotive and planned to enter it into this show, however development took longer than anticipated. I promise you though that the development paid off…this is a hypercar to rival some of the best in the world.


Sure, you won’t be the only one :slight_smile:


Since we didn’t clarify initially I’ll allow any late final presentations until Monday 15th of May @ 10.30 AM UTC +8 then the rest of the show is left for the people and brands to explore exhibits, the city, parties, booth babes and of course polls for best cars in certain categories. :wink:


During the time Zast revealed the hatchback,things was vague and misleading.You probably thought that was the end of a marketing problem.

Don’t Worry,An apology letter will come to you in a form of a car.

#The Zast Fujin
(My best try at photoshop)

Also known as the Arcosa,the Fujin was sent to ours truly to I.R.I.S Design to really let loose and go crazy.
It was aimed to be a setting standard on how our cars should look and it truly stands out from all of the Zast car range.The car was inspired of how American car design would fit in to Italian car design when most Italian supercars are mid engined.

Named after Fujin the japanese god of wind,This car throws caution to the wind and gone crazy with what they have available,The Chassis and the panels are made of Carbon Fibre,sport bucket seats are there to help you cope with the g-force that you will experience in this car,A basic LED dashboard to not distract the joys of driving a super car.Lastly all assists are there to help you control the car into shape although you can turn off these assist individually to suit to your needs.

The Fujin represents the peak of what can one-selves achieve with all the things holding you back out of mind and just let their inner child takeover and work on their inner fantasies.

Good news,Zast would like to announce that journalists,reviewers,or any mere mortal can test drive our all new Fujin (Zast Automobiles - Zast Fujin.zip)

#Technical Stats

Code: R6339-12TT
HP:1145 hp @ 7900 RPM
Torque:1207 @ 4500 RPM
Method of Fueling: Direct Injected with Independent Throttle Bodies
Transmission: 5 Speed Double Clutch “Speed Shift” Sequential gearbox

Body:Carbon Fibre Chassis and Body Panels
Suspension: (F) McPherson Struts/® Pushrod Suspension
Weight:1312.0 kg

Top speed: 345 Km/h
0-100 km/h: 4.1 Secs
Automation TT lap time: 2:07.09

Limited Production of 1000 units for production for a price of estimated US $120,000 (not including taxes)

truly yours from Zast Automobiles
(we were truly sorry for the f**k up for the hatchback reveal)


2017 Zenshi Nimessa Newman R

For the first time, the Nimessa has it’s own Newman R variant, thanks to the meddling of ZMD with their track experience. It’s debut will be known here in the 2017 AIMS.

Upon first glance of the Nimessa Newman R, one can see it as the little brother of the Altrea Newman R, sharing similar aggressive aerodynamics and bodywork.

The engine used in the Nimessa Newman R is unique as it’s an engine created specifically for it, and nothing else: The IA25-GDAT. The 400 HP 2.5L Turbocharged I6, combined with a quick shifting 6-Speed Manual and SM-AWS system makes for a quick monster, hitting 100 KM/H at 4.1 seconds, similar to it’s big brother, and topping out at a nice 252 KM/H.

Like the Altrea Newman R, it will be Manual Transmission only. Standard equipment include Sports cloth bucket seats and a ZMD designed steering wheel. Optional equipment includes a Black Sport package, which gives the Nimessa Newman R black RAYS wheels.

More info to come soon!


Chassis Code: IALE66
Weight: 1565 kg
Seating Configuration: 2+3

Engines: IA25-GDAT 2.5L Turbocharged I6
Power: 400 HP @ 7500 RPM
Torque: 311 lb-ft @ 6300 RPM

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
0-100 km/h: 4.1s
80-120 km/h: 2.8s
Top Speed: 252 KM/H

Fuel Economy: (Ci/Co/HW) 17/20/28 MPG

Japanese MSRP:
starting at ¥4,207,210 (~$37,120)

Confirmed Colours:
Force Blue Mica
Ultra Red
Ramune Blue Mica
Sunshine Yellow (Pictured)
Velocity Silver Metallic
Frosty White
Ultimate Black


#Antiyita 2017

In a change of plan to the original schedule, Erin has also decided to put on a display of the cars currently availible for request import into Antiyita and surrouding markets.

Because sometimes we really do just have to copy everyone else.

Erin will be opening their first dealership in Ankiatia in September of this year, and are taking pre-orders as of now. A select range of our sedans and sports car will be available for import from our UK factories as part of our Global Export service.

Strangely enough, for some inexplicable reason, Erin has put a lot of emphasis on the Tauga X and Tauga SB. You’d never be able to work out why…

[quote]The Tauga X is Erin’s definitive performance saloon, featuring the newest version of our legendary 3.3l V6 engine,
Producing 417 hp, it’s capable of 0-60 in 4.2 seconds yet will still happily seat 4, and drives with exquisite finesse. And if you want something more stylish, then trying the Tauga SB, which adds AWD to make it even faster.

330X Trim from £49860 UK / $51690 (Anikatia Import), 330SB from £55530 (UK), $57630 (Anikatia Import)
Standard versions of the Tauga can also be ordered.

[quote]The Scarlet is the single greatest sports car ever made by Erin. Combining advanced elements - like ultra lightweight all-aluminium construction, electric LSD and a 9800-rpm-redline 3.8l V8 - with sports car staples like a 6 speed manual gearbox, gorgeous long nose coupe styling and a suspension setup from the gods of automobiles, its a car made to be driven on the open road.

330Lex trim from £54240 (UK) / $56690 (Anikatia Import), 380X from £74620 (UK), $76990 (Anikatia Import)[/quote]

[quote]Pertinent elegance; that is what sums up the Berlose, Erin’s premium executive sedan is a comfortable, poised and commanding car. Recently facelifted and updated, it features a line of inline 6s for unparalleled smoothness, but also great performance. Options include AWD and a sequential gearbox.

Lex trim from £33450 (UK) / $35550 (Anikatia Import), Vox from from £37800 (UK), $39900 (Anikatia Import)[/quote]
S trim not available for import. Touring variant also available for order.

[quote]The Aventa is Erin's stunning luxury limousine, aimed at those who simply demand first class transport for wherever they go. Unbelievably comfortable, wonderfully refined and packed with a diverse range of interior features, its one of the most advanced cars we've ever made. And if you feel it's lacking a bit in speed, then the 224 mph V12 Super Aventa should satisfy your needs.

Lex-Eco Trim from £60300 (UK) / $62400 (Anikatia Import), Vox from from £69960 (UK), $62060 (Anikatia Import),
Super Aventa from £121800 (UK) / $124450 (Anikatia Import)[/quote]

As part of the display, ErinSport have put on an exhibition of their current race vehicles, the star of the show being the new Scarlet GT '17. It’s competing under a factory team in the Asian Le Man Series, which visit Anikatia in a few weeks time. It’s the first time ErinSport have competed in the series, and they are hoping to expand into the LMP2 class next year with a prototype racer.

Also on display is their current World Touring Car Championship entrant, the Samsung-liveried Tauga Coupe Touring.

Alongside this is their 2017 season Erin Merna competing in the BTCC. While not exactly relevant to the Asian markets, its a bit of home pride from this team who have made a lot of their fortune in the series.

ErinSport would also like to the register their interest in a Ridge Racer GP series.


#Daily Round-Up - Day 3
Welcome back to Antiyita 2017 where the doors to the public have now been opened and the displays halls are packed with auto enthusiasts. The atmosphere has been great here so far, and a few more announcements have also been made, with a certain emphasis on performance.

Once again, if any companies would like to receive a road test or special feature, please get in touch immediately.

Let’s get into the third day of Antiyita!

LaVache’s 6th generation Skywarp was on display, revealing updates to its innards for the 2018 MY. The good looking executive sedan is now also avalible with the companies powerful 4.4l V6 from the the Ramjet, which should certainly be rather exciting. The prices for that model also look to be very good too.

Assoluto and Himmel made a joint announcement about a potential revival of the legendary Ridge Racer GP series, revealing a pair of retro-liveried race cars from the companies teams. It’s great to see these classic designs out once more, and we can only hope that the talks with the relative Anikatian authorities are successful. This is certainly one to watch; it’s sure to be one of the fastest race series on the planet if it does make a return.

Then, out of nowhere, Zast launched very unusual Fujin. This 1145hp road-going racer car is a bastard to drive - a good bastard, I should say - in that it is bonkers. I’ve driven 70s race cars with more composure than this, but there’s something kind of exciting about that. Sadly, it hasn’t been tuned particularly well, given that it wheelspins more than an F1 car and has a 5 speed DCT gearbox which simply isn’t adequate to handle all that power. That spoiler on the back does absolutely nothing, it’s not even been adjusted to produce downforce, while the active suspension makes it sloppy in the corners.

And yet, I kind of like it. It weirdly feels like a NASCAR; massive amounts of power with next to no fine tuning. As a road car then, its horrendus, but as a straight line speed machine or an oval race, it has a lot of potential. That said, however good it looks from the rear, the front is so ridiculous I almost couldn’t take it seriously. It is truly the praying mantis of performance cars. Stranger too is the price tag; it’s arguably quite cheap $117k, but Zast makes no money off of it whatsoever. Truly, this is one of the oddest cars I’ve ever driven, but that gives it an odd kind of appeal about it too.

Zenshi then came out with another new Newman (ho ho ha!) trim, this time in the form of the Nimessa compact. The handsome little sports car has been adorned with a chunky rear spoiler black plastic detailing, and frankly looks fantastic. So simple, yet so effective, and not over done either. The specs look decent; it remains just as practical as the standard car, but packs a 400hp I6 under the bonnet. Madness! 0-60 in 4.1 seconds is quoted and we’ve no doubt it should be a lot of fun in the corners too. Where it fits in the market is a little unusual; its larger and faster than the top-end super hot hatches, but slightly below the midsize performance machines like the tuned trims of the Impakt S1 and the LaVache Ramjet. But then again, its between-categories prices is very tempting. Very, very tempting indeed.

IMP/R then dropped one of the most refreshing performance cars in decades. The IMR M0-1 is currently just a prototype of a prototype, but its genius is already clear. It’s an i4 powered super car, based off an aerodynamics test platform, with a van transmission (presumably to handle all the torque). Fully independent electrohydraulic allows it to corner absolutely flat apparently, while the low drag body should make it rather fast. Very, very advanced then, but also very pricy for a supercar that won’t be able to match its rivals in prestige, nor (weirdly enough) in performance either. But the ideas here are pretty darn remarkable, and we hope that the tech fitted into this thing finds its way into other cars from the company.

Erin then gave a showcase of its current available for import range for Anikatia. We presume that the emphasis on the Tauga X and its sister the Tauga SB is in response to the Zenshi Altrea Newman R and the Rennen Angeles R, both of which are faster on paper. We’ll have to do a more indepth review at some point to find out which comes out on top.

The ErinSport livery exhibition showed of the teams wide range of race cars including…
Yeah someone else needs to write this :wink:

I’d like to order a Zenshi Nimessa Newman R please, if that’s possible. The Ramune Blue Mica sounds like a nice colour choice. I’ve genuinely been starstruck by it. It’s so nice, compact and well packaged. And so fast.

In the mean time, I’m off to see what the Ankiatians call ‘night life’. See you all later!

-Gavin Anderson


Oh fcuuuk, I was almost certain that today is the 11th, not 12th already.

######Photoshop by @titleguy1


Feel the wind
To mark the importance of Asian markets and the Antiyita International Motor Show for Zavir Automobili something very special has been prepared... The long awaited comeback of the Luna Spider. Feel the wind again, this time in the the picturesque Yekkwae mountains. Enjoy the views again, this time in blending tradition and rapid development city of Antiyita.


The new Spider variant retains the traditional soft top - far more elegant, stylish and giving a lighter appearane and far less cold and emotionless than what many competitor cars employ in their construction - and we feel that emotions are the point of a perfect convertible. The Spider also shares many styling details with the last year Berlina and Coupe variants, such as the more slanted windscreen, distinctive taillights lines and reduced plastic trim for a cleaner, more subtle look. In addition to the palette of paint and interior colours available in other Luna body styles, the Spider will also allow for additional level of personalisation with 5 different roof colours.


The Spider shares its engine lineup with all other Luna variants, meaning a choice of advanced I4s (petrol and turbodiesel) and V6s (petrol), ranging between 120 and 253 hp in standard variants and 321 hp* in the Sportivo. All engines are mated with Zavir's highly intelligent and blazing fast Seletronica™ III dual-clutch 7-speed gearbox, sending the power to just the rear or all wheels (optional 4Forza™ AWD system), optionally using the 2Forza™ limited slip differential**.


The Spider will be available with such features*** as leather or alcantara interior with wooden or aluminium inserts, high-end Bang & Olufsen™ audio system, fully active, configurable reActive™ suspension, voice controls, automatic parking and semi-autonomous driving, making it one of the most luxurious compact convertibles on the market.
___ >
The prices will start at $23 900 (excluding taxes) for the Spider Stilo 1.4. Orders can be placed starting in early June to late July (depending on the market) and the deliveries will start in mid July. The Spider variant will be available in all markets currently supported by Zavir Automobili.

######* Horsepower ratings may differ depending on local emission regulations. // ** Standard equipment with 2.7 idea™ engine, 4Forza™ system and in the Sportivo variant. // *** Feature availability depending on chosen trim level and equipment options.

Zavir. Il vantaggio della tecnologia.

[Kee museum] Zavir Legacy thread - FUTURESIGHT: A glimpse of the future

That design is super slick.

@szafirowy01 :heart_eyes: that tail light design.

The 2018 Cornaldie Automotive Scandera SuperTourer

Luxury at its finest

  • Experience the comport of well made SUV from a manufacturer who knows how to make one. We want to make every journey an event, whether it’s taking the kids to school or going on a cross country cruise. Enjoy sounds from our 15 speaker surround system exclusive to our models from Bose… Quad zone climate control, heated and cooled seats, leather stitching, 12 inch Touch screen infotainment system with a digital dash for the driver with all functionalities available from the steering wheel, rear vents, cruise control and many more options.

Feel safe wherever you go

Forward collision warning system & Automatic braking
Lane departure warning & Lane departure assist
Blind spot warning system
Rearview camera
Adaptive cruise control

Other Technical Data:

Visit one our branches for more details and book a test drive.
MSRP: Starting at $78000


Zast would like to end the Zast Automobile showcase with a bang.
The Renegade is simple,but bland.
The Fujin is a beast,but hard to control.

And the Ancora (Encore) is something out of this world.

#2018 Zast Ancora

The Ancora is a car that can rival hyper cars with flamboyant styling and innovative technology.We did the usual and asked I.R.I.S Design to help in the making of the car but I.R.I.S will only help on the Chassis and Body design.The rest will be handled by Zast themselves.This was a car inspired by the Fujin but more controllable and track focus.
While the Fujin was the Zast standard of design,The Ancora was the Zast standard of performance,everything is fine tuned to sing the harmony of speed and handling.The chassis is made of carbon fibre,the wheels are made of carbon fibre, in fact the chassis is so strong it doesnt need a roll cage.Like in the Fujin's Interior,It has a Centre touchscreen with Individual Electronic Assists which can be turned off anytime when wanted.The car has advanced pushrod suspension to help it stick in the road with the help of an active wing.

The Ancora is the third spectrum of the Zast Company which shows that Zast can make a serious track car for the road than can rival hyper cars.



Code: R4558-12TT
Size: 4558 cc
Horse power: 895 hp @ 8400 RPM
Torque: 912 nm @ 5700 RPM
Redline: 8600 RPM


Material:Carbon Fibre body and chassis
Weight: 1289.9 kg
Suspension: Pushrod (Front and Rear)

0-100 km/h : 2.5 secs
Braking 100-0 km/h: 26.72m
Top speed: 363.1 km/h
Automation TT lap time: 1:55.29

Test drive now! (Zast Automobiles - Zast Ancora.zip)

_Truly yours from Zast Automobiles_


Looking to get sued by Audi? :laughing:

@doncornaldie look there’s only one company doing that kind of navigation system and its Audi. This things been around since like what, 2012? Everyone will realise. Apart from that it’s not even consistent if your entire presentation is in English and suddenly that bit’s in German. If you’re going to steal, put some effort into it :wink:


It has both English and German in it… and there’s also a feature called “Language selection”. And obviously I didn’t design it as the image clearly says Audi TT in the description. And no I am not “stealing” anything so I do not need to put effort into changing something that’s not mine… That would be stealing. But thanks for your feedback.


I’m joking about the stealing bit, as well, most of the photoshops we do are just stolen content technically, that we modify and call our own. Anyway, we digress.

I didn’t mean that as a personal attack btw so no hard feelings, right?