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2017 Antiyita International Motor Show


Welcome to the AL Autos Booth

AL Autos is proud to bring a wide variety of cars with us to AIMS! The vehicles we have us at AIMS are bound to appeal to all audiences from small but practical compact cars, to sport sports cars, to luxurious vehicles. So without further a do, let’s do our next two reveals!

The AL Autos Statuere (Trim Shown: 545 XLE)

The Body

AL Autos’ luxury division worked its magic with the body of the Statuere, one of our brand new LWB sedans, making every angle of this car look as stunning as it can be. People will look at this car wondering what prominent figure is inside this wonderful LWB executive sedan.

The Luxury

AL Auto’s luxury division went all out on the interior as they did with the body of the Statuere: Premium Nappa Leather Seats, 12 Speaker Bowers and Wilkins Sound System, Polished Wooden Trim to match the theme of the interior, massaging front and rear seats, rear entertainment screens, front and rear climate control, and AL Autos’ ALConnect Infotainment System: USB Capability, HD Radio, Hands Free Satellite Navigation w/ Real Time Traffic and AL’s WorldConnect which allows the user to see what attractions are nearby, make reservations, check sports teams scores, weather forecast, and so much more!

The Safety

AL Autos cares about the safety of our drivers and their families which is why we’ve put in many standard safety features into the Latissime: AL Shield which detects obstructions such as pedestrians, animals or other motorists and automatically applies the brakes, 12 standard airbags, an overall 5 star safety rating, AL Vision (a night vision system that detects and outlines any animals or people at night time when activated), and in the event of an incident, AL Autos AccidentManager which will automatically turn on hazard warning lights, unlock doors, stop the car, contact emergency medical services and send them to your car (depending on level of incident).

The Engine(s)

This specific trim of the Statuere features a 575 HP 4.5L Twin Turbo V8 coupled to a 8 Speed Automatic, Longitudinal AWD system, Electric LSD, and 265 F/R AL Road Tires. This allows for the Statuere to go from 0-62 mph in 5.5 seconds, achieve a top speed of 176.5 MPH (284.0 KPH), and clock a 1:27.9 on the Top Gear Test Track. The Statuere will also feature a V6, V6 Hybrid, V8 N/A, and V8 Turbo Special (For Armored Trim)


AL Autos Statuere
Top Range Regular Model (Shown): $134,850
Base Model: $98,853
Top Range Armored Model (In Dev) (V8 Turbo Special) (Projected): $244,102
Secondary Base Model (Projected) (V8 N/A): $86,417
Third Base Model (Projected) (V6 Hybrid): $70,784
Fourth Base Model (Projected) (V6): $60,897

The AL Autos Habilis (Trim Shown: 125 C)

The Purpose

The Habilis is one of our practical hatchbacks meant to be easy to park, easy to maintain, and cheap to run. This car is a perfect daily for those tight city streets.

The Practicality

Speaking of practicality, the Habilis, even though it is small, seats 5 people comfortably (including driver) with room in the trunk for whatever you need for whatever adventure you’re going on. In addition the Habilis’ combined 30 MPG plus 12 gallon fuel tank allow for 360 miles range.

The Engine

The Habilis features our brand new peppy and efficient 125 HP 1.1 L I4 Turbo engine that is able to attain a 30 MPG average and accelerate the car smoothly from 0-62 MPH in a gentle 11.7 seconds.


Top Range Model (Shown): $22,823
Base Model: $16,105

Visit your local AL Autos dealership for more information!

AL Autos would like to thank you for joining us at this presentation! Look forward to the reveal of the rest of our wonderful machines as AIMS continues!

AL Autos Official: News Update (2/9/2020): We're On Our Way Back!

I am not that good in photoshop :sweat_smile:


#Daily Round-Up 4
It’s been a busy weekend here at Antiyita, where most of the journalists are underway test driving and reviewing what has been on display. We’ll be doing a little bit of that later on and throughout the week, but for now it’s time to see what else has been announced at Antiyita!

Zavir reintroduced its Luna Spider, adding another body style to the premium compact’s range. Not only is it the best looking variant in the range, its one of the smartest compacts I’ve seen in a long while. The more powerful engine options should be particularly fun to drive with the roof down, though there’s certainly an air of budget GT car about it. That’s some we really like, and it should make for a nice alternative to the similarly priced budget sports car available today.

Cornaldie gave us a new luxury super-SUV in the form of the Scandera SuperTourer. The orange colour was not a preferable choice in my opinion, and the ton of chrome on the front may put some off, but they seem to have nailed the luxury aspect and even crammed 7 seats into this thing. So, it’ll be like a container ship to park, but it should be as comfortable as Emirates First Class. The big emphasis on safety is nice, even though this thing should be able to survive a collision with anything given its size. Plus, with 400+ hp under the bonnet, its decently quick too. Not enough to satisfy the psycho-SUV drivers who want supercar levels of power, but enough to keep most drives interested. That said, other rivals do pretty much the same thing as this for similar amounts of money, and I was hard pressed to see something that really sold it to me.

Zast then gave us the Ancora, a V12 hypercar with a serious teeth problem. Honestly, this thing looks great other than that front grille looks so out of place and off. Still, it’s a nigh-on 900hp bright green monster, surely it must be quite fun to drive? And the answer is yes. It’s mad, very loose and quite scary, but fun. All of the driving aids optioned on this model did absolutely f*ck all to keep this thing under control, and even the very high quality tires can barely hold all that wheel spin back.

But, it’s far from rough; the power delivery is huge but consistent, it’s geared well, the active aero certainly does its job and the suspension is quite well setup too. It has a tendency to oversteer, but it isn’t overly sharp, which is nice, as the last thing you want in a car this mad is to be having to constantly correct its twitchiness. On the contrary, the interior is very cheaply made and the brakes are actually scary to use.
So then, you need balls of steel to drive it, but if you like driving in a near-death experience all the time, this is the car for you.

Nuntius have introduced a new trim of their Exercis van. I know absolutely nothing about vans, but can agree with them when they say “No east asian auto show is complete without Vans”.

Zorg showed us some updates to their lineup, including announcing that their 3.0l i6 Turbo is going to be featured on more models as well as a whole host ‘Individual Options’ that allow you to modify how your car looks to no end. That should certainly satisfy the customers, desperate to ensure their car is absolutely unique.

JHW gave us the Harrier 6 budget limousine, featuring an improved version of their design style. The 2.9l i6 powering it is a little lacking at 200hp, and there’ll be some looking for more power, though the promise of a HUD system is interesting. Little else in terms of details have been given out, but it $53k asking price is a fairly tempting offer.

AL Autos gave us two more cars, these being Statuere which seems to have a slight side chrome problem, though from the front, it’s easily the best looking car they’ve made so far. It’s packed with the usual luxury features, and has an appropriatley powerful 575hp V8, though the auto gearbox could have been replaced by a sequential unit. Prices are high as you’d expect, but it’s a car to consider if you’re in this part of the market.

This was followed by the the Habillis supermini, which we felt was a little out of place. 30 MPG, even US MPG, is very low for such a car, and the high price puts it in the range of most compacts. It should certainly be as practical as most equivalent cars, but the running costs seem to be oddly high for such a small car.

I had the chance today to drive the new Assoluto Fatalita. Here’s what happened:

[quote]#Roadtest: Assoluto Fatalita V
I’ve been told throughout my 7 year career as a motoring journalist that this job has its perks, and that for all the regular cars you have to slog through (as nice as they are), you’ll get to do incredible roadtests of some of the best cars on the planet. One such moment occurred little over a week ago when I received an email - barely a few hours after landing in Anikatia - from an Assoluto employee who wanted to offer me a roadtest in the Fatalita V. Well of course I was going to say yes to that.

As part of this roadtest, I have to stress why I’m being given this opportunity. It’s the company’s 90th birthday this year and to celebrate, they want to give me some time in the Fatalita V. Not sure how that works a birthday celebration given that it’s for me, but oh well, I’m not saying no to driving a supercar.

This 5th iteration of the mid-engined machine follows closely in the footsteps of the Type 4 in terms of design, but there are some major changes. The front grille is now large and has less aerowork covering it up; it’s grown two roof ducts on its back; the exhausts now sit right at the edge of the back of the car, though they’re still next to the tailights. What hasn’t changed though is the shape; it’s still the classic smooth body that has come to define their mid-engine models, and they arguably still do it better than everyone else.

I’ve been given really rather limited time in this car - I knew there’d be a catch - meaning I have just over an hour to work out what it’s like. Surely that can’t be too hard.

I get it out of the pre-arranged pickup destination as fast as possible and head straight for the mountains. And, on first impressions, it’s good. Really good. Very comfortable for a supercar, quite a bit more than the previous generation. More to the point, you could probably use it everyday at this rate if you wanted. And, it’s fast. Very fast. 0-60 in 2.6 seconds means it can quite easily match the lower end of the hypercar market for acceleration. Yet, it’s also quiet. Obviously it screams when you force it to, but otherwise, the engine is quite tame when it comes to noise. I’m not sure whether that’s a good move on their behalf or something that could take away from the excitement.

It’s at this moment that I see the ‘Active Exhaust’ button and promptly press it; oohhhh, that’s better. Now I can hear the 4.4l turbo V8 shout its way up to 9000 rpm properly. And within minutes, the roads are climbing and getting twisty.

You soon learn this car’s limits; they’re very high and easy to reach, but it doesn’t feel like it constantly wants to break them. The handling is nice; not the best, with the back end feeling very fixed due to the tight sway bars and massive rear tires, but you can coax powerslides out of it with ease, and it certainly holds it self very well when doing this. Roll angles are very low, meaning flat cornering is easy to achieve at lower speeds. On some of the long sweeping bends on these Anikatian roads, you can get a feel for just how much G this thing can pull when it wants to.

However, most of the corners here are tight and filled with hidden inclines, which really puts the suspension through its paces. It’s all active, and it works very very hard indeed. There’s an unnatural feel to its response, but that’s only because it’s constantly adapting and adjusting. I’m undecided on whether I like it or not; this is not a car for purists by any means because of this feature.

On the contrary, it does allow you to drive at an unbelievable pace. That level of tech also extends to the E-LSB and the well tuned brakes, and the result is a driving feel that gives you huge confidence for a supercar. I dare say it’s even easy to drive, though that doesn’t quite feel appropriate given that I have 706 hp sitting behind me. The grip, the response, the way its goes and the way it stops are all phenomenal. Technically, then, this car is astounding, and more than anything else, they’ve managed to make a laptop-car feel rewarding to drive.

But I can’t help but think that it could be madder. Maybe I’m trying to make this car something that it just isn’t or wasn’t intended to be, but I just got the impression every once in a while that it was a little too well dressed up in electronic gear. The essence and heart of the car are hidden away, and only by turning everything off can you start to find it, but even then it doesn’t have the same level of intensity or excitement as other cars. I guess I myself am just looking for something that’s more of a supercar.

Then again, I only had an hour with it, and before I knew it I had to turn around to get back to the city in time. It reminded me how nice it was when you drive it normally. I’d put it out there that this probably one of the easiest supercars to live with around today. But it’s not quite super enough for my taste, even though technically its an incredible achievement.
I liked the updated styling, the comfort and the usability, and the noise too. And, it certainly impresses when being driven quickly; if you want to drive something that feels like Forza or Gran Turismo in real life, this is the car to go for.
But, it’s not the supercar I want it to be. It’s too techy and doesn’t have enough soul to be something truly special. There’s no doubt a passion here to make the fastest car they can, but it’s too focused on that for its own good. I’d be happy to own one, but I couldn’t get past living with the knowledge that there are better options out there.


That’s all for now, see you later this week!
-Gavin Anderson


Damn :frowning:


How did you manage to launch it that hard? Quality slider tires?


lmao… I died.


The 2017 LT 850 Azure Prototype By Celerimus Automotive

A bold statement in hypercar design

What makes the Azure a hypercar?

Development of the Azure has been extensive, but as you can see, it has paid off. The Azure is faster, cheaper, and more luxurious than any previous model. With a top speed of 237.2 MPH (381.7 km/h), it will easily do laps around most performance cars in the industry. Not only that, but this piece of engineering has proven itself on the tracks of Nurburgring itself with a track time of 6:29.85. At the Automation Test track, this car also shines with a lap time of 1:46.86. This luxury vehicle is nothing to laugh at.

What powers the Azure?

Nothing other than a brand new 8.4 L V12 turbocharged engine designed specifically for the Azure in-house. This highly tuned engine produces 1555 HP at 7600 RPM, making it one of the fastest accelerating engines Celerimus Automotive has designed. Thanks to the 60 valves, AWD system, and optimized twin turbo design, the Azure can accomplish a very speedy 0-62 mph in just 2.1 seconds. You might not know looking at the amazing figures for this car, but we actually optimized the engine to use 91 RON fuel instead of higher grades, which allows us to effectively sell this car anywhere in the world because of the universal high availability of that fuel type. All in all, this car straddles the line between control and outright performance.

Tell us about the interior and comfort of the Azure

You won’t find any standard bucket seats here. The Azure has some of the most luxurious interior of any model from Celerimus Automotive. It features a full leather cabin, including imported wood from South Africa and leather from Sardinia, Italy. The cabin makes extensive use of glass and wood accents, as well as electronic assists to ease in driving. We understand the control and thrill that a manual transmission provides many enthusiasts, but as a luxury car based roughly on a Grand Touring style design, we also wanted to keep the shifting labor minimal and offer an automatic alternative, all while keeping in mind the sporty nature of the car itself. Thus, we decided to add a duel-clutch 7-speed sequential transmission with an automatic mode, for comfort. Don’t worry, however, your long journeys cruising in the Azure won’t be done in boredom. We have installed a top-of-the-line HUD entertainment system that is capable of being voice commanded, and is controlled through motions of the driver’s hands. The driver can easily stream music, video, and calls right onto the windscreen of the car, and also includes active driving assists and built-in navigation that can show you where to go live on the road right in front of you through the HUD system. For optimal sound quality, the Azure contains 28 speakers around the cabin with surround-sound for total immersion. If that weren’t enough, the cabin includes a quick-action AC system, heated seats that are electronically adjustable, pedals and steering wheel that are electronically adjustable, and an automatic engine starter linked to your key fob. Through a mode selector on the dash board of the car, the seats can be switched into “sport mode” which will raise the edges of the seats, effectively turning them into luxury bucket seats. Mounting points appear for race harnesses in “sport mode” so that drivers of the Azure can take full control of its mighty power. Of course, we also had to go with scissor doors for the design of the Azure.

Are there any unique features that the Azure has that you would like to share?

Of course! The Azure has truly been a unique and intense undertaking by Celerimus Automotive. For this design, we really focused on the essence of control and power that makes a hypercar a hypercar. We focused mostly on weight-saving features, and eliminated as much excess weight as we could. The only area we didn’t compromise was the interior, because we figured: what is the point in driving such a car when you have to be miserable in a bare-bones interior? In addition to weight-saving measures, we optimized the engine for quick and steady performance, and installed a unique 4-fin wing design that can be hydraulically lowered or raised depending on computer and driver input throughout the drive. In addition, we aerodynamically crafted this car to perfection, and our unique design provides great grip and handling throughout the drive, so that the driver can truly be in control of the power that this car offers. That is what the Azure is all about. Power. Control. Luxury.


Type: 8418 cc turbocharged V12
Power: 1555 HP at 7600 RPM
Torque: 1523 Nm at 6800 RPM
Redline: 8100 RPM
Fuel: 91 RON (Regular grade)

0-62 MPH (0-100 km/h): 2.1 seconds
Braking: 62-0 MPH (100-0 km/h): 24.51 meters
Top speed: 237.2 MPH (381.7 km/h)
Automation test track time: 1:46.86
Nurbergring track time: 6:29.85
Handling: 1.60g at 140.1 MPH
Efficiency: 12.0 mpg (19.6 L/100km)

Body: Carbon fibre panels and monocoque
Suspension: Pushrod (front). Pushrod (rear).
Weight: 3512.6 lbs (1593.3 kg)

Projected Pricing:

Celerimus Automotive.

"Perfection doesn’t have to be a compromise."


I know my post is a few hours late, but I just wanted to post it because I had already drafted the post. I apologize for any inconvenience.


you’ve got until the 21st, so you’re well in time


@JohnWaldock, @Rk38 Wrote this:

" Since we didn’t clarify initially I’ll allow any late final presentations until Monday 15th of May @ 10.30 AM UTC +8 then the rest of the show is left for the people and brands to explore exhibits, the city, parties, booth babes and of course polls for best cars in certain categories. :wink:"

(Quote didn’t function for some reason)


ah, my bad.


#Merciel 2017 Verona


“Hey remember that car company named ‘EADC’, yeah I wasnt really a fan of that name, it sounded too forced…so Ive come up with a better name (somehow making it French :expressionless: ), new lore and stuff ready for UE4! But for now heres the new Merciel Verona (Totally not redesigned for ATCC:Reborn)!”

##Merciel Verona Ciel

The new Merciel Verona was unveiled earlier this year at NAIAS alongside the new facelift of the Merciel Weasel and the Merciel Corsair. With the partnership of Mericel and Japanese car manufacturer Shinomara, Merciel will be able to bring affordable cars all over Asia! The base trim, Ciel, can be fitted with a smaller 1.3L i4 or the larger 1.5L variant of i4 QL engine family, found in Merciel Rally Cars since 2003. The interior is standard with a basic radio, CD player and Air Conditioning. The safety features found on this car as also standard, given 3 Stars by EuroNCAP, making this car very safe. Prices for the car in Asia haven’t been finalised yet, however expect prices to start from as low as $15,000

##Mericel Verona Sportif

The Sportif trim of the Mericel Verona is the more premium sports trim of the Verona. With either a larger 1.8L QL NA or a smaller 1.5L Turbo, the Sportif is also fitted with sports interior and a standard radio/satnav and Climate Control. With the more powerful engine, new vented disc brakes were added along with some new sportier suspension. However, while the Sportif is heavier than the Ciel, the Sportif is more responsive and is more fun to drive with the thicker sports compound tyres. As with the Ciel, prices in Asia haven’t been finalised yet, but expect them to start from about $23,000

##Merciel Verona Évolution

As a surprise, Merciel have also unveiled their latest attempt at challenging Erin in the World Touring Car Championship with the Verona Évolution. This new Verona will be replacing the older 2014 Merciel Sprint which had a somewhat successful season last year coming 5th overall. Merciel are hoping that this new Verona has what it takes to catch up to Erin


Been missing all the fun here, just want to let you guys know probably will not return that soon, been very busy with my things for now !


#Daily Round-Up 5
It’s been a busy week here at Antiyita for myself. I’ve been absorbing the wonderful local culture and driving a multitude of vehicles too, which I’ll be telling you about over the remainder of the week. In the meantime, there have been a few announcements made…

…first of which comes from Celerimus, who have launched the Azure hypercar, which on first glance appears to be two cars. The front seems to be a from a 1990s concept car and the back, which is very nice indeed, looks like it belongs in a RoboCop remake. I’m confused at how the back manages to be so modern and well thought out while the front is so strange and oblong. Still, it’s an incredibly advanced car with all the usual hypercar tropes, though one feature worth noting is the 28 speaker sound system. I don’t know why you need that, but there you are. An 8.4l Bi-Turbo V12 sits at the back, delivering a sweet 1555hp to all four wheels. The lap times look incredible and amazingly it runs on 91 RON petrol!
We’ll be finding out just how good or bad it is in a roadtest later this week.

In the meantime, EADC became Merciel in an usual turn of events and have relaunched their plucky Verona midsize. The looks have been improved and it now features a lovely rear light strip which I certainly approve of, while the rest of the specs look pretty much identical. It was always a good choice for those wanting a no-frills medium sedan but now it’s better looking and has a better name. How can you argue with that? The car will becoming to Asian markets later this year.

There were also some suspicious glances from the Erin booth as Merciel showed off their WTCC variant of the Verona. The livery has been very well received by automotive critics, while the team running it have made their intentions clear to challenge the British makers in the popular series.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, I got to know the new Baltazar Qausar Hatch and took it for a test drive around the city.

That’s all for now folks, but stay tuned: we have tests of the relaunched Zavir Luna Spider, the 28 Speaker Azure and very special drive in the new Sachiuri Sagitta. Bye for now!

-Gavin Anderson


Oh btw @DeusExMackia Merciel is now French…just dont ask…


@Dorifto_Dorito Ah, thanks for clarifying that. Shan’t ask any further :grin:


@DeusExMackia Thanks for the feedback on the front of the Azure! I’ll try to give it a more modern and cutting-edge look in my upcoming model. I was trying to go for a somewhat Lexus LFA type styling but with more of a hypercar feel, and I purposefully used a similar headlight style to older Celerimus models to give it that sort of “heritage feel” if that makes sense. I’ll definitely give the front some more love in the upcoming model. I think the part that is kind of strange and gives it a 90’s concept feel are the side vents next to the indicators, which I will rectify in the future! :laughing:



Although probably not a very favorable review, it’s still very helpful! :slight_smile: that’s my first car I have had reviewed so it was nice to have some of the more “practical” issues of the car pointed out to me by someone who has seen a lot of cars. It’s hard to see some of these issues purely from the numbers especially since I’ve never seen how anyone else actually makes their car on the technical level. I will definitely improve on these areas in the future! Luckily I have found out in the model I’m currently working on that softer suspension can actually be a benefit. The brakes might be difficult to fix because for some reason the front tires just seem to require much more braking force than the rear ones, but it’s very insightful to hear how that can be problematic! I will also look into balancing the brakes a bit more.


Yeah, I was harsh, but hopefully you can see the reasoning. Top tip with any mid-engined car is to make the rear brakes stronger and the rear suspension harder to deal with the back-heavy nature of it. You’ll get there though! This game is all about trial and error and getting up the learning curve.

2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed
AL Autos Official: News Update (2/9/2020): We're On Our Way Back!

Welcome to the AL Autos Booth (Recently Updated @ 10:14pm USA PST with new car to feature)

AL Autos is proud to bring a wide variety of cars with us to AIMS! The vehicles we have with us at AIMS are bound to appeal to all audiences from small but practical compact cars, to sporty sports cars, to luxurious vehicles. So without further a do, let’s do our next few reveals!

The AL Autos Luxus (Trim Shown: 588 XLE)

The Body

AL Autos is proud to present the AL Autos Luxus, a complete redesign of the AL Autos Classe which made its debut at the 2017 Automation Geneva International Motor Show as a luxury LWB sedan. AL Autos was keen to improve on the many mistakes that were made during the conception of the car, mainly, the styling. The styling of the AL Autos Classe was truly outdated compared to the rest of the luxury sedans which made their debut at Geneva. Now, with the re-conception of this car, the Luxus, we’ve made sure to bring the Classe into the 21st century: LED headlamps and fog lamps, exquisitely designed front grilles and tail lamps, and much much more.

The Performance

The Luxus has a more sensible 3.7 L Twin Turbo Flatplane V8 which produces 588 HP which is sent to all four wheels through a sophisticated longitudinal AWD system. In addition, AL Autos has ditched the 9 Speed Automatic and fitted a 7 speed double clutch sequential gearbox, included a re-worked electric LSD, reworked the Double Wishbone (F) and Multilink ® suspension system. This allows the Luxus to go from 0-62 MPH in 4.4 seconds, achieve a top speed of 178.2 MPH (286.8 KPH), and set a generous lap time of 1:23.4 on the Top Gear Test Track.

The Luxury

While you are blasting down at highway speeds, AL Autos has done everything to keep you comfortable: Premium Nappa Leather Seats, 12 Speaker Bowers and Wilkins Sound System, Polished Wooden Trim to match the theme of the interior, massaging front and rear seats, rear entertainment screens, front and rear climate control, and AL Autos’ ALConnect Infotainment System: USB Capability, HD Radio, Hands Free Satellite Navigation w/ Real Time Traffic and AL’s WorldConnect which allows the user to see what attractions are nearby, make reservations, check sports teams scores, weather forecast, and so much more!


Top Range Model (Shown): $124,494
Base Model: $95,157
Secondary Base Model (V8 N/A): $85,175
Third Base Model (V6 Hybrid): $76,138

The AL Autos Flusso (Trim Shown: 542 XLE)

The Body

The AL Autos Flusso was another luxury LWB sedan that made its debut at the 2017 Automation Geneva Motor Show in which it’s styling was a bit out of place. For the newest model, we decided to tone down the fixtures a bit from the previous model to go for a simpler yet modern look.

The Performance

The AL Autos Flusso features a downsized but still powerful 3.5 L Twin Turbo V6 that produces 542 HP that is sent to all four wheels through a sophisticated longitudinal AWD system. This is also accompanied by a brand new 7 speed double clutch sequential transmission, Double Wishbone (F) Multilink ® suspension system, and electric LSD. These components allow the Flusso to go from 0-62 MPH in 4.9 seconds, achieve a top speed of 186.3 MPH (299.8 KPH), and clock a 1:23.5 on the Top Gear Test Track.

The Luxury

AL Autos has done everything to keep you comfortable: Premium Nappa Leather Seats, 12 Speaker Premium Bose Sound System, Polished Wooden Trim to match the theme of the interior, massaging front and rear seats, rear entertainment screens, front and rear climate control, and AL Autos’ ALConnect Infotainment System: USB Capability, HD Radio, Hands Free Satellite Navigation w/ Real Time Traffic and AL’s WorldConnect which allows the user to see what attractions are nearby, make reservations, check sports teams scores, weather forecast, and so much more!


Top Range Model (Shown): $95,741
Base Model: $81,185
Secondary Base Model (V6 Hybrid): $79,186
Third Base Model (V6 N/A): $69,854

Updated 5/18/2017 at 9:30pm USA Pacific Standard Time

The AL Autos Actio (Trim Shown: 800 R)

The Body

The Actio’s body was designed to be as aggressive as possible while also providing an army of aerodynamic features. There are special vents in the front grille which are closed when going at city speeds (<50 MPH/72 KPH), but when you put your foot down and go highway to track speeds, the vents open up to not only provide more air to the engine, but to also provide an extra bit of downforce. The front lip is also an active front lip. When going above 80 MPH / 128.7 KPH, the lip angles down ever so slightly in order to provide just a tad bit more downforce. Then there is the specialized active wing for this car which reads the speed of the air passing over it and adjusts to suit the speed.

The Performance

The Actio has the heart to get your heart racing: A 4.7 L Twin Turbo Flatplane V8 engine pushing out 800 HP to the fat 315 R AL sports compound tires. In addition to this, AL Autos has integrated a Semi-Active Pushrod F and R suspension system, a specialized electric LSD, 285 F AL sports compound tires, a 7 speed double clutch sequential gearbox (Also available with a 6 speed manual) and a gorgeous titanium exhaust system so you can hear all the wonderful noises coming from this magestic beast. This recipe for awesomeness allows the Actio to achieve 0-62 MPH in 2.6 seconds, achieve a top speed of 213.2 MPH (343.1 KPH), and clock a 1:11.4 on the Top Gear Test Track. Even with all of this performance demon trickery, the Actio still manages to achieve an average of 21.6 MPG (Full Power Mode) allowing you to have fun for a longer time.

The Technology

The Actio has AL Autos’ ALDrivingProfile. This allows the driver to choose or customize how they want the car to perform: stability control sensitivity, aero sensitivity, suspension sensitivity, steering sensitivity, throttle/brake sensitivity, etc. There are 3 modes already pre-loaded into the system: normal, sport, and track. If none of these suit the driver’s needs, the driver can customize their own profiles and save it as a custom preset.


Top Range Model (Shown): $129,548
Base Model: $110,885

AL Autos would like to thank you for joining us at this presentation! Look forward to the reveal of the rest of our wonderful machines as AIMS continues!

AL Autos would also like to invite AIMS attendees and any car magazine representatives to test drive any of our wonderful machines currently here at AIMS! We have cars standing by! Find any representative on the floor or head over to the main desk located in the center of our booth!