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2017 Antiyita International Motor Show


Mekong Automotive will be showing the company’s first ever own-designed cars at this year’s show. The Dang-Yeu compact and Vui-Ve subcompact will be fully revealed at a special event at the show.


Has @titleguy1 been giving you advise on names? :laughing:


@Leonardo9613 Nope, but I can confirm that they are shoddily directly translated Vietnamese words :wink:


######[color=red]F[/color] [color=orange]U[/color] [color=yellow]C[/color] [color=limegreen]K[/color] [color=cyan]Y[/color] [color=blue]O[/color] [color=hotpink]U[/color]


#Baltazar Automóveis - press release

First and foremost, we would like to announce a unification in the naming strategy of our trim levels across new models. Given the good reception to the name Hydrogen in our Zeppelin sports car, the versions will now be named after chemical elements. The three spec level system will now be named as:

  • Nitrogen - base trim level

  • Tellurium - mid-range

  • Lithium - top-spec models

  • The names GT and RS for the sporty and ultimate versions will be mantained.

The first car to use this new naming system is the brand-new Quasar hatchback, which swiftly brings us to the main release.

#2018 Baltazar Quasar Hatchback

#####Credits to @titleguy1 for the photoshop

After the very successful launch of the Quasar sedan in the North and South American markets, winning several accolades and prizes, it is time for the hatchback model to be launched. This model is aimed squarely at the European market, the main buyers of this kind of bodystyle. The car will also be sold around the globe, including North and South America, Oceania and East Asia.

The car can be equipped with two different engines, in 5 states of tune, all equipped with direct injection. New to the Quasar range and shared with the Quark, the smaller engine comes as a 1.4 with 100 hp, a 123 hp 1.6 or a 1.6 Turbo with 150 hp. The other engine is the already familiar 2.0 unit found on the Quasar sedan, here in 202 hp guise, in the GT model, or 325 hp, as per the RS325 model, already shown in Detroit.

For further details, check the Baltazar thread.



Official release will be shown soon!


2017 Altrea Newman R (LZAZ50)

The Altrea Newman R based off the XAZ50 Altrea was introduced in the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon a few months back, showing the performance potential that can be found within the midsize 5-Door sedan, thanks to ZMD.

The “Newman” in the high performance version of the Altrea is a reference to a French-British test driver ZMD had that helped them win multiple races in the 70s and 80s, Thomas-Mathieu Newman, who passed away in 1995. In 1996, Zenshi created the first Altrea Newman R, sporting the LZ3 MTE turbocharged Inline 6 motor with 276 HP and 302 lb-ft of torque. The Newman R line of cars are restricted to only the Altrea and Axia sedans.

Now, being shown in the 2017 Antiyita International Motor Show, is the final version of the 2017 Altrea Newman R. It looks near identical to the one in the TAS, just with more aero elements added to the car.

The LZ4-ACE R-MTE 3.0L Turbocharged I6 engine is a lot more tamer than the one shown on the prototype, making 422 HP compared to 535 HP. Despite the 113 HP decrease, the motor still doesn’t pull punches, launching the car to 100 KM/H in 4.1 seconds and bearing a top speed of 273 KM/H. Compared to other performance sedans in the market, the Altrea Newman R is considerably lightweight for a modern-day midsize performance sedan, weighing just shy of 1640 kg.

Standard equipment of the Altrea Newman R include power hybrid leather-cloth sports front bucket seats, a ZMD designed steering wheel, and a 6-Speed Manual. Optional equipment include leather upholstery, power sunroof, and a Nakamichi audio system. it is confirmed that the Altrea Newman R will be Manual Transmission only.


Chassis Code: LZAZ50
Weight: 1639 kg
Seating Configuration: 2+3

Engines: LZ4-ACE R-MTE 3.0L Turbocharged I6
Power: 422 HP @ 6900 RPM
Torque: 373 lb-ft @ 3500 RPM

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
0-100 km/h: 4.1s
80-120 km/h: 2.4s
Top Speed: 273 KM/H

Fuel Economy: (Ci/Co/HW) 15/18/24 MPG

Japanese MSRP:
starting at ¥5,749,230 (~$51,000)


#An update from Gavin Anderson’s personal blog, A Motoring Man’s Meanderings


The Arctic isn’t our only car to unveil for 2017.

But we figured the V8 would draw more interest than a small variety of inline-triples. However, we will unveil the full variety of the Sentry Compact and there will be test drives in both versions of the Sentry as well as in the Arctic.


Zorg plans to update at least some of its regular passenger car range for this year; stay tuned…


A relevant historical Monolith vehicle, the 1991 Artisan GA760 Turbo, powered by a 7.6L Turbocharged V12 producing 535hp, effectively the same powertrain of the 1980s M130 Dakar Trucks although detuned. It also has long-travel dual coil suspension front and rear with Raid spec shock absorbers and an integrated roll cage. 400 were built at a price equivalent to $226,486 adjusted for inflation.


I don’t like pick-ups.



V12 Turbo helps.


Today on Zavir Automobili official profiles in social media…

Based on photoshop by @titleguy1 with logo by @Rk38


What was once a quiet night on the streets quickly turned into a roaring whirlwind of noise as the Sinistra Motors fleet surged toward the Antiyita International Motor Show. Hiding in the noise, if one was particularly keen with engines, was a lone crossplane V8, a surprisingly-rumbly inline 4, and the blast of multiple inline triples, screaming along as they made it to their predetermined spot.

The first two cars to arrive were the Sinistra Arctic, in SE-8 and SE-4 trims.

Not so much ‘sport sedan’ as much as it was ‘sporty-styled sedan’, the V8 and large I4 were tuned to be economical. The other major feature was the sliding rear passenger doors, easing access to the back seat even in tight spots.

But the drone of multiple inline-3 engines grew louder until at last, 10 very-similar cars roared into their assigned parking spots.

The Sinistra Sentry was designed around offering decent fuel efficiency while not sacrificing fun. While the SE-3 is mostly built for fuel efficiency, 121 horsepower going to the rear wheels is enough to have some fun if you know what to do with it. And RWD is a proven formula. Meanwhile, the GT-3 trims pack 174 horsepower from basically the same engine, also sent to the rear wheels for optimal fun.

But, the fun doesn’t stop there. Luke Sinistra has decided to allow the journalists to test drive any and all of the cars presented here.

Madrias - Sinistra Arctic.zip (51.4 KB)
Madrias - Sinistra Sentry.zip (169.5 KB)

#Special Event
Mekong Automotive are proud to introduce the company's first ever self-designed cars, the **Dang-Yeu** and **Vui-Ve**! With these two cars, we set out to prove that ultra cheap driving needn't be dull, dangerous or undiginified.
Welcome to the new standard for budget cars.

#2017 Mekong Dang-Yeu
Translation: “Lovely”

Dang-Yeu packs all the car you’ll ever need into a neat, cheap package. 5 seats, a big boot and plenty of space inside means it provides all the practicality you’d expect of a vehicle like this, yet it’s also very efficient and reliable, meaning you never need worry about cost of ownership.

Tough enough to take on rougher roads yet also stylish enough to suit an urban backdrop, the Dang-Yeu is well suited to the South East Asian car environment. It also has ample performance for use on motorways, meaning long distance trips can easily be made.

As standard, all trims come with a 6 speed manual gearbox, 16" steel rims, all round disc brakes, power steering and ABS.

LIVE Trim - from $11440
Powered by Pureon 1.2l TDi (85 hp), 0-60: 12.9s
Basic radio/CD player, heater, cloth seats, some plastic body panels

BURST Trim - from $12495
Powered by Pureon 1.4l Di (0-60: 10.3s
Basic radio/CD player with aux input and two extra speakers, heater with basic aircon features, cloth seats with more material choice

#2017 Mekong Vui-Ve
Translation: “Happy”

The Vui-Ve is the perfect choice for the first time car owner. Small yet spacious, good boot space and superb all-round visibility, it’s easy to drive and fun to own. There’s seating for four inside, with extra head room to ensure all passengers are comfortable. Plus, combined with the fold flat seats and low boot lip, this allows for large items to be transported easily.

Being a small car, the Vui-Ve is very well suited for city driving. It can be parked in even the tiniest of spaces, and is easy to maneuver. It also makes it light, meaning it’s incredibly efficient, which will reassure the money-conscious buyer.

As standard, all trims comes with a 5 speed manual gearbox, 14" steel rims, front disc brakes, power steering and ABS.

LIVE Trim - from $8034
Powered by Pureon 1.0l TDi engine, 0-60: 15.5s
Basic radio/CD player, heater, cloth seats, plastic body panels

BURST Trim - from $9996
Powered by Pureon 1.2l TDi (85 hp), 0-60: 11.9s
Basic radio/CD player with aux input and two extra speakers, heater, cloth seats, plastic body panels

The Dang-Yeu and Vui-Ve are set to go on sale in Q3 of 2017 in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, before arriving in Thailand and Myanmar in Q4 of 2017. The company intends to extend to Anikatia, Korea and Indonesia in 2018.


The fastest, most drive-focused evolution of the Rennen Angeles ever.

For 2017, Rennen unveiled the 2018 Rennen Angeles in the sportiest R trim at the 2017 Antiyita International Motor Show. Revealed on the 10th of May in Antikatia, the Angeles R was released for Rennen’s 51st anniversary. Even more driver-focused than before, the new Angeles R is designed to provide maximum smiles per gallon.

Sedan R trim in Cavansite Cerluean Metallic.

Sedan R trim in Cavansite Cerluean Metallic.

Sedan R trim in Cavansite Cerluean Metallic.

***Rennen. Perfection in Performance.***

More information can be found here.


With this post, the LaVache brand will officially be launched in Anikatia.

LaVache proudly unveils the new Ramjet RT5 R, our most radically performance oriented car yet.

It is powered by the new 4.4L V6 and equipped with two turbochargers producing 595hp. This engine will soon make its way into an undisclosed future LaVache race car. The RT5 R utilizes Nürburgring-tuned suspension with Active Roll Stabilization to maximize its on track performance. As standard it features 315/25R22 Wheels front and rear wrapped in Pirelli P Zero N1 Tires for ultimate mechanical grip, aided by a special aerodynamic package giving up to 450kg of Downforce. Two transmission options are available, a 6-speed Manual or an 8-speed IMP 885AE-S torque converter automatic.

The RT5 R can be ordered now at a starting price of $68,795.

2018 LV Ramjet RT5 R:
4.4L DOHC Twin Turbo V6, 595hp, 595ft-lb, 1895kg, RWD, 0-60 3.8s, 180mph


2018 Cornaldie Automotive Avalore S and Avalore GT 250

We at Cornaldie are proud to introduce our first car for the Asian domestic markets. We present to you the Avalore!
The Avalore will be launched with 2 variants in early January of 2018, the S trim as standard, and the GT250 as the sport package.

2018 Avalore S

2018 Avalore GT 250