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2017 Automation Geneva International Motor Show


I would record the audio, but its a bit late, and i dont want to wake the neighbours :joy:


Just saw the Verona. That exterior design is so mean! It’s racy and elegant at the same time. Don’t know about that little exhaust pipe though but the rest of it is beast.

@TheMiltos21 You do know how to design hatch backs man. Your designs look awesome!


Hurrah!, the rest of EADC’s Rally Exhibit has finally arrived! Find them nex to the Classic MBS cars in out stall :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot man :slight_smile:


No problem bro.


The Nitrex Imposer (NSF17).
Here it is.
It’s here.
Just keep reading.
It’ll come.
It’s coming.
You’re close.
The end is near.
Just be patient.

You did it.
I’m proud of you.

This is the S trim, with a small V6 creating only 334 horses. This is not the trim featured in the teaser.
Ha, 0 practicality. Of course.

This is the R trim, which is the higher end trim of the Imposer. It’s a little more powerful and boats a measly 405 horsepower with its V8 (both the S and the R are naturally aspirated, by the way.)

This the highest end, racing-intended “Blackout” trim, reserved for only the most insane drivers. It has a V8, but with a twin-turbo setup. It’s the one that was featured in the teaser and it makes 483 hp. That’s what that number was.

The S trim will have an MSRP of $40300… …um… …Automation… …dollars? I don’t know.
The R trim will have an MSRP of $45300 “Automation Dollars.” I think that’s how this works.
The Blackout will have an MSRP of $53600 dollars.
Yeah, I don’t think you usually get MSRPs out of Geneva shows, but since the car’s coming out literally right after the show instead of being a concept it’s quite necessary.
Is that too high of a price? I don’t know. Pff. Whatever. It’s half the price of the 570S anyway, but also probably around a little more than half the power. Whoops, I can’t car, so neither can Nitrex.

Wait, what is that? That, on the horizon?
Is that another Nitrex? Here to surprise us?
Yes, it is!

(I am so sorry those first two pictures don’t line up - also, it’s called the NS13 in the game because its chassis is from the NS13, but the trim is from this year.)

2000 hp is awesome yes, but i’d like to see some more performance data. He’d still be out accelerated from 0-62 mph. lol.

Oh, alright. Here.

Also some more in-depth stuff for the real elbow greasers (?!?!?!)

Not so good. Look at that weight distribution. Jesus.
Also, even at 150% markup the car only costs 1.3mil so maybe I’ll change the MSRP to be cheaper?

This it the Nitrex NS17 GTXR “Notoria.” It’s a very exclusive, one-off car, based off the NS13 supercar.
It was the reason Nitrex went bankrupt. Only six will be released to the public for purchase with an MSRP of $2.1 million dollars, and one Notoria will be given away to Niki Lauda if he wants it. If not, it’ll be sold as well.
No Notorias will be shown at the show since they can’t really be repaired or replaced, but the Imposer can be, as long as people buy the Notoria!


I thought the Veloci was the craziest car on show this year… Well, looks like you’ve just taken that honor!


The imposer is the perfect competition for the Saratoga…awesome.

yeah AMU (automation money units) is the accepted value…or you can use the gold method to work out real world pricing yada yada yada.


First is unveiled the 1.1 liter urbana powered by a full aluminium 3 cylinder engine. This trim is designed to work at its best in the urban areas, thanks to the robotized gearbox and quick parking assisted system.

Soon, the ZRP…


I cannot wait for the ZRP :slight_smile: It would be interesting who would win a head to head between the ZRP WRC and the Weasel WRC



Due to constant problems with electricity at our stand we’re delaying our motor group premieres to monday and so on.

((I have no time irl xD))


2000 hp is awesome yes, but i’d like to see some more performance data. He’d still be out accelerated from 0-62 mph. lol


i am blind :hushed:


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In terms of performance the 2 are really close, almost exact 0-100, quarter mile and half mile times and speed. You do have the upper hand on top speed with extra 500 hp though. What are the lap times around the airfield and automation test tracks?


Probably not very good.
Let’s see…

The airfield track (Is this good? I have no idea.)

And this is the time for the Automation track.

Are these slow or medium or fast or what? Help.


Its fast. Very fast.


What @Dorifto_Dorito said. Very fast indeed.


2017 Zenshi Furue

Zenshi once again gets on the stage to showcase their newest version of their midsize pickup, the 2017 Furue.

The 2017 Furue (name is the japanese meaning for “tremor”) is a facelift of the 3rd generation, which debuted in 2015. Not only does the new version receive the iconic Shinka design on the front, it also carries various major improvements over it’s former self.

The main improvement performance wise is the engines. Zenshi improved the 3.8L VL38-DA Inline-6 engine and provided it with it’s GTech-II fuel injection technology, thus resulting in the VL38-GDA, which obtained an increase in horsepower and torque, 308 HP and 287 lb-ft, respectively.
The 5.2L V8 that was used before was replaced with the 4.0L TK40DA2T Twin Turbocharged V8 engine, which didn’t really improve power figures overall, but reduced the overall weight and increased fuel efficiency.
Japanese, South American, African, and European models of the Furue now will have the QS25GDA 2.5L Inline-4 as the base motor, while American models will not.

The transmissions were updated as well. The dated 5-Speed Automatic that was used before all the way back in the 2nd generation (2005-2014) was now replaced with Zenshi’s 6-Speed AvanTec, which helped the fuel economy even further. The SM-AWS system now has a revised torque split, front/rear ratio being 45/55 instead of 30/70, improving off-road dynamics and overall acceleration.

The 2017 Furue will come to the showroom floors late 2017.


I will have to point out though, that with an engine half the size, and a car of half the weight and cost, you can go just about as fast as that.

e.g. 2003 EADC LMP Endurance 2

Only weighs 2780lbs, costs about $80900 at 0% markup, has a 3.9L V12 Turbo producing 970 hp and is only 3 seconds slower than the Nitrex Imposer and still maintains an average mileage of 21mpg. So it possible to go just as fast for significantly cheaper